I know any day, In the new dawn, We will meet again, A dream city Navya is upset with Mukti for having posted an advertisement for Abeer’s adoption. What do you think? He also offers to perform for free and requests the organizers to cancel their contract with Manik. Nandini and friends are startled to see Manik playing guitar in the music room, they are ecstatic to see him alive. Jealous nandinimurthy ‘s excuses are cute like her Nandini meets Manik and consoles him.

Love begins by taking care of the closet one. Harshad taunts Alya for living her life as guided by Manik and Dhruv. Bhai questions Alia’s passion for music. Agitated with Maddy, Mukti decides to hit him with her bike, Nandini stops her. This ia Just a fanpage Maddy enters when it’s the singer’s turn in the performance and saves FAB5.

Em laughing lyk crazy Add Image S2, Ep4.

When Manik and Nandini say nice things about each other for the first time It’s all about finding the person who will be standing there wiping your tears away,holding you in their arms after a fight We love them but that doesn’t mean that we need to interfere in every matters of their life Har har clip mein banday ko dekhna zaroor hai hahhahaha Very cute little pani family Nandini meets Manik and consoles him.


Maddy saves Nandini from an accident, Nyonika threatens Harshad for his involvement. The FAB5 team has finally united. Maddy is irritated by Ustaad’s decision to not let him pursue rock music. My intention isn’t to hurt anyone I am just giving my own point of view Nandini reminds him about his promise to support FAB5.

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A gentleman has the attention of many but his eyes looks only for ueh lady Maddy torments Nandini by singing Manik’s song. Maddy loses to Manik in the guitar solo challenge.

So bautifull niti Taylor nititaylor parthsamanthan mannan MTV vootorginals kyy4onvoot pani Manik returns and is upset to witness Maddy on the stage. Dhruv yaqriaan his friends that FAB5 has been banned from O2. Always lovely to watch such beautiful performances. Then in pic While Alya, Dhruv, and Mukti are busy discussing their future, Madhyam is approached by a businessman who wants him to sing in one of the upcoming episoe.

They decide to take revenge on Maddy. Manik’s birthday celebration is Nandini’s attempt to reunite the FAB5.

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Maddy enters when it’s the singer’s turn in the performance and saves FAB5. When offscreen meets onscreen I am one of them! Add Image S2, Ep8. Maddy taunts his grandfather by telling him about his mind boggling rock music performance. Add Image S2, Ep5.


Harshad deletes Maddy’s records from the data room to pull him out of election and Nandini finds his records.

Navya heh the capability of Sahil and Kiran if they want to adopt Abeer. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2 Episode Love begins by taking care of the closet one. Every moment is made glorious by the light of love Mukti and Alya convince Maddy to join them in the jam in session.


Add Image S2, Ep9. Ahem ahemmmmm kyunnnnnnnn kyunnnnn It’s about them who make you.

Nandini sends messages to the team mates to inform them about Manik’s birthday celebration which puts them in a fix. Dhruv explains to his friends that the Band’s success was Manik’s dream.

Brown overlays credit to their owners!!! Laugh a little louder. He episoed to have all arrangements done and will arrive with a stunningly decorated palanquin.

If they both do this just for the sake of scene This Just A Fan Page!!