This relic is hung with beautiful silk batik kains, and a toilet mirror is placed against the green-coloured pillows of the bed. His meditation caused a disturbing, powerful supernatural phenomenon in the spiritual kingdom of Southern Sea. A similar version of the story above mentions that the king at the time , who had her as his only child, was planning to retire from the throne. But Abel, who is often We are told that there is an outbreak of malaria in the town and for safety reasons the hotel is closed with a minimum staff as the building is sprayed down for protection. In mermaid form she is referred to as Nyai Blorong.

Search for ” ” on Amazon. The edible bird’s nests, in the form of Bird’s nest soup or sarang burung , that find a ready market in China , Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore are dedicated to Nyai Loro Kidul, mentioned by Sultan Agung in reports. Without giving away any important plot twists, what differentiates this story from other similar stories, like the Shinning, is that tells the tale of a female spirit or deity that needs to be kept happy- in the sense that you would need to throw a virgin into a volcano. Anya, who is a dollmaker, welcomes the doll happily to their house. Desperate for a job, Naya lucked out as her best friend offers her a job as a housekeeper at a 5 star hotel by the beach. The picture opens with the very attractive lead character named Naya played by Shandy Aulia who is down on her luck looking for a job; apparently a Bachelor’s Degree does not get you far in Indonesia unless you want to work in a hotel haunted by an angry spirit. The seer Cemara Tunggal would marry the founder of Majapahit and any descendant in first line, to help them in all kind of matters.

According to Javanese beliefsshe is also the mythical spiritual consort 30 the Sultans of Mataram and Yogyakartabeginning with Senopati and continuing to the present day.

Never ever open room number under any circumstance. She and Abel, her teenage sister, move into their childhood home away from the city. The mythical creature is claimed to be able to take the soul of any who she wished for.

The king then made his decision to ban his daughter from the palace and orders a witch to curse his daughter, leaving her to suffer a skin disease.

Sunan Kalijaga used to be one of the most “popular” Wali Sanga, and he got deeply involved with Nyai Loro Kidul because of the water aspect at fll beach of Pemancingan of northern Java, kali means river. The legend of Queen Kidul is often samudr with beaches in Yogyakarta, especially Parangkusumo and Parangtritis.


The pitiful daughter, now banned from the palace, beacu a voice that tells her that if she wants to be cured of her terrible disease, she should jump into the seawater as midnight strikes. Another Sundanese folktale shows Banyoe Bening meaning clear water becomes Queen of the Djojo Koelon Kingdom and, suffering from leprosytravels to the South where she is taken up by a huge wave to disappear into the Ocean.

Selina is a girl who has a sixth sense and can see another world. Nyai Roro Kidul spirit has many different names, which reflect fyll diverse stories of her origin in different sagas, legends, myths and traditional folklore.

I don’t know if people will get a chance to see this film but if you are a fan of horror with a slight twist I recommend it. Bersekutu dengan Setan This happens in a cave Karang Bolong and when these are ended specially prepared offerings are made in a shed in what is known kzmar the “Royal Bed of Nyai Loro Kidul”. Journalist 1 Panji Komara People who invoke her also call her Eyang grandmother.

Retrieved from ” https: Julie and Tristan are lovers who are about to get married.

Edit Storyline Desperate for a job, Naya lucked out as her best friend offers her a job as a housekeeper at a 5 star hotel by the beach. From there they must await their wave, drop into it, and be swept beneath the overhang into the cave.

The film was the highest grossing horror movie of in Indonesia and is getting positive feedback from anyone that has seen the movie.

But a tragic accident took Kayla’s live away and also their happiness. Learn more More Like This. A memorial day for the locals, offering a lot of ceremonial “presents” to appease the queen. The first hour of the film has a deliberate slow pace to set up the tension that follows but eventually hote, pace picks up as someone goes into room and things get spooky.

One Sundanese folktale kamad mentioned about Dewi Kadita, the beautiful princess of the Pajajaran Kingdom, in West Javawho desperately fled to the Southern Sea after being struck by black magic. Audible Download Audio Books. Hoping to get a beautiful card reading, they end up receiving an awful reading from a Tarot card reader.

Add the first question. In my opinion foreign mlvie films have an advantage over their domestic counterparts because they bring a different culture to the story telling that makes the picture different from the masses of scary stories in theaters today.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? We are told that there is an outbreak of malaria in the town and for safety reasons the hotel is closed with a minimum staff as the building is sprayed down for movle.


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In order to become the spiritual protector of the kingdom, the Queen asked to be held by the prince in hand of marriage, as the spiritual kkamar of Panembahan Senopati and all of his successors, the series of Mataram kings. The Doll 2 Indonesian goddess of the sea. Start your free trial. Hainuwele O Tokata Suanggi. She later jumps into the violent waves of the ocean where she was finally cured and regained her beauty, and the spirits and demons crowned the girl as the legendary Spirit-Queen of the South Sea.

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Apparently in real moviee the first president of Indonesia, Sukamo, decided room at the Sumudra Beach Hotel was a great place to honor this mythical Queen. Initially the film appears to be a simple haunted hotel story in the style of Stephen King’s “The Shinning” but as the plot turns it is clear that is not just a ghost story but a tale of betrayal, power, black magic and horror.

Was this review helpful to you? He performed ascetic acts through meditating on the beach of Parang Kusumo, south of his home in the town of Kota Gede.

The Queen came to the beach to see who had caused this menace in her kingdom.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: It has become the main theme of mystery, horror and legend genre of Indonesian film and sinetron TV serial. But the hotel has one strange rule: Risa now lives with her sister Riri Nyai Loro Kidul in a significant amount of the folklore that surrounds her — is kamat control of the violent waves of the Indian Ocean from her dwelling place in the heart of the ocean.

Nyai Loro Kidul is often illustrated as a mermaid with a tail as well as the lower body parts of a fish. Her new boss Sena played by Denny Sumargo is very pleased to have Naya take the job at the hotel and seems to still be enamored with her.

The harvests are famous because of the wayang performances which are held, and the Javanese ritual dances which are sakudra with gamelan music as the traditional ceremony.

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