A romantic comedy told in word snippets. Scars by yue-chan reviews It should have remained hidden. The results for Naruto were interesting to say the least. Into the Future by ichilover3 reviews As payment for their last mission, Team 8 receives a device that projects the future. Sequel to For the Trees. Nothing but another sad scar of the past. From Inuyasha to Naruto by S.

Questions and Answers by SimplyDifficult reviews A girl and a boy ask each other questions. The details she could once recall so easily had long since slipped from her memory. She a Inuyasha – Rated: Money’s Worth by Dancing Peony reviews The heat must have fried Kagome’s brain when she agreed to babysit Uchiha Itachi’s little brother. He’s on a mission and no one will stand in his way, not even exams! Yusuke is going through a rough custody battle but fortunately his family, including his half sister Kagome Higurashi, are there through it all.

Sometimes it’s like a bludger and it hits you when you’re not looking. Curiosity by Yuukimaru reviews With age come knowledge, and with knowledge come the thirst for more.

What are you saying woman?: Just who is this girl that was thought to be nothing more than an alert human that can feel demon energy? And if you ask about my favourite quotes, I’ll simply say: The Path of Supreme Conquest s challenge entry!

The Icarus Factor by lyrainthedark reviews Those who fly too close to the sun on fragile wings are doomed to fall; sometimes, Time is nothing more than a bright light. A weird little song fic. Author has written 3 stories for Chrono Crusade, Inuyasha, and Naruto. My Light by Kagehoshi Shadowstar reviews Her light was gone, her world plunged into darkness, yet now she could see everything.

But I can describe myself as an opening, funny person I want to say kind-hearted too, but I guess I can be mean sometime, especially when someone piss me off. Blooming Wild by Royal blueKitsune reviews Five kakikaze ago she’d accepted his offer and entrusted her heart to him.


Rated M for later chapters, KanameXKagome. Now she wants to know what happened in their past to make them hate each other,that isn’t easy seeing as they are fighting over her. Features males from a variety of different anime and manga.

ItaxKag Oneshot Inuyasha – Rated: However, when Kagome suddenly volunteers them to babysit the Uchiha heir for a month, he finds his world turned upside down by the two. Candy Corn by SadBrokenWings reviews Kagome, feeling guilty about missing out on a jesnne of things with Souta, agrees to chaperon his Halloween party.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 15 в

How will Kakashi deal with a 25 year old Kagome who’s not weak or naive anymore? Nickolian reviews Hiei was abandoned by his mother, so he never knew the comfort of family. Such a sweet bunny. Smoke and Mirrors by Deviant Nature reviews Some secrets run deeper than the wildest imaginations.

To protect the children of the world. Learn to be Lonely by OtakuJugs reviews one shot. Vampire Princess Miyu – Rated: And it will bring together the most unlikely people to try and save the world.

Crossover that takes place after the end of both series.

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Arachnophobia by emeraldoni reviews She was afraid of him. Yamamoto x Gokudera x Haru.

Yu Kaittou Hakusho – Rated: A Time To Appreciate by angelofrain reviews Christmas fic. The Tantei are in Koenma’s office where they are interrupted by two silver demons and a broken woman.

Something was guiding them, to somewhere, to someone Yet the mere thought of them together was unheard of, unprecedented. Takes place after the anime series.

SK Inuyasha – Rated: When he is forced to send her away, for her own safety, whats she to do when diffrent demons start to show intrest? Pages of the Heart by ChaoticReverie reviews Kagome Higurashi, a young librarian of twenty one, finds herself enthralled in an exotic, silver haired stranger.


A series of chronological MirKag drapples. Close Quarters by Kitsune Moonstar reviews Roy hadn’t meant to get shot down over enemy territory. Poker by YumeMori reviews It only took him five hands to discover she liked lace.

Over the Moon by Airily reviews Marked: Oneshot vignette Inuyasha – Rated: So is life, however long. Dusk Curse by Riasha reviews Kagome and Sesshoumaru are opposite in every way.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ending 1 в {Завършен} Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Nice Car by I Agree reviews Kagome’s feeling rather evil. Why is Kagome nervous?

Nickolian reviews Searching for her son, Kagome hears rumors of a pet shop that can find and sell anything. I am the girl that doesn’t spend all episodde time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cellphone or regular phone. Foot in the Door by Mira-Jade reviews Sometimes she had the sneaking suspicion that Sesshoumaru was interested. But how do you seduce one who seduces back? His onna was getting married.

Nickolian reviews Sesshomaru finds Kagome in a cave, with Inuyasha no where to be found. When her father dies, Riza is left in a bad situation.

Its actually a reason for me to write smut with my two fave characters. He had a daughter;her name, keeping his beautiful Rai’s last name,Kagome Higurashi.