I also benefitted from it: Edited at I’m just an ordinary girl. I’ll keep practicing though. If you would like to share downloads, please lock the post. The more i learn about them the more i’m in love with them, all of them, not just ryo.

I went back and watched ExE this past weekend because of your sweet post. Of course it has to be here! Or please enable direct messaging for non-followers on your twitter account so I could DM you: Then, LIFE makes me fall in love with k8. Thank u so much for the link. Could I also get in on this sub-sharing kindness of yours, please? I loved the way you expressed that. Holy moly, you are really hardworking!!

☆ The Kanjani’s Eden ☆

Of course it has to be here! Browsing All Articles Articles. They are asked to point out three good things about the other members.

It’s a long concert and you also do bonus discs, so that’s just a lot of work to do when 8EST is out. If I could watch it in the theater, that would be great. This song gives me the strength to face them all.

Articles on this Page showing articles to of Oh, I’m glad that my reviews helped. I feel kind of sorry for the song because it was the 3rd ballad of the 3 songs in 3 consecutive months run they had. Hmm, I think 8uppfrs lot of people get stuff from jpopsuki or jpddl. I love to watch j dorama.


Haha, yeah, I actually had this list of “best of” moments probably after I wrote my Heat Up!! Browse the Latest Snapshot. First of all sorry for my poor English. Do not share uploads of upcoming releases more than one week before the official release date.

This song is like an antidepressant for me. Find out what their answers would be. And sorry for posting a request post I just love good music and good performances, and these highlights inspired kahjani8 to try again and look for the rest of these albums and if i can afford it, purchase a couple as well.

☆ The Kanjani’s Eden ☆

Eito and Eighter mean so much to me, I had so much fun at Tokyo Dome for 3 full days! I’m glad you enjoyed the PS. I really want to watch the 2, especially Excite because it’s the only concert with Uchi in it. And Subaru is Subaru of course, he always sings full of emotion, but it’s controlled not over the top, love love love it.

Lastly, I really enjoyed your reviews. The only reason I buy concert T-shirts is because I can wear them here without caring because no one knows what it’s about.

Seriously, these pics are making my heart beats faster I’m sure i still have to comment on most of your other post but let me say thanks here: Also, I was happy that Tsubusa ni Koi is your favorite ballad single. None of my friends are into Japanese artist. It will always be one of their best ballads. Emg did lose a colleague to the tsunami, but while she wasn’t a Jyannis fan, I still thought that I might add that last message just 8ulpers this post was about K8 and so close to the anniversary.


And Yasu, i used to cringe at his voice but somehow starting from this countdown concert he just improved heaps vocally.

We’ve got to be thankful to whoever thought about all that promotion. The categories were cute and quarky, and i agreed with just about everything you have up there. I want the baby and Tacchon too!!! We didn’t even realize what it was until we saw it on the news. That scared me to death. I think it was pretty successful! And I have one Dye D?

8UPPERS Concert Pt 2 Hardsub – 山 + 風 = 嵐

A list of previously advertised communities can be found here. Embed this content in your HTML. I thought that has to be one of if not the best k8 performance counting group, solos, units.