Views Read Edit View history. A day later he tells her about his love for her but she ignores him and says no to test his patience. Varuthapadaatha Vaalibar Sangam Tamil. Chandru and Aishwarya return though and ruin Shivarudre Gowda’s plans and Chandru stated that he returned because his father offered him more money. Liberally spiced with foot-tapping tunes and modern cinematic elements, this incisive socio-political satire provides a humorous perspective of the rampant corruption in the Indian system, highlighting the consequent struggles of common folk. Camera and Electrical Director of Photography. On the day of fest, seeing her draped in a sari, he falls in love with her. The story is simple and the director keeps the audience entertained throughout the movie Bharath Bhat, Oneindia Entertainment.

Tippu , Archana Ravi. Roopika is female lead and Gururaj Hoskote music is trump card. Aishwarya’s mother, aware of their affair, warns her that this is not correct and she should stop it. President is a Indian Kannada language romantic comedy film directed by Nanda Kishore. This page was last edited on 2 January , at It has music from Arjun Janya, camera by Sudhakar and dialogue from Prashanth.

It is team work again. Lovely star Premkumar missed out Chikkanna name and it was objection from fans. The team made this hit for the film and I am part of it noted Sharan in his address. The album has five soundtracks. One night, Chandru stays with Aishwarya in her house and they see her father sleepwalking and again the following morning too.

Is that enough incentive for you? Films directed by Nanda Kishore. He later finds out that it was Shivarudre Gowda’s gang of goons who attacked him. I would expect good break from this film. Hebah PatelSharan. Retrieved from ” https: It is not my job in completion of the film. It is a remake of the Tamil film Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam. At that time I advised him to become a director.


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This ignites love in heart of Aishwarya for Chandru. Sons of our actor Sudhir are very intelligent stated Sudeep and said today Arjun Janya is doing great and he got opportunity because V Harikrishna was not able to give adyaksna songs on time.

A day kannzda he tells her about his love for her but she ignores him and says no to test his patience. Ravishanker delivered dialogues of his film on compulsion of Kichcha Sudeep and audience. Romantic Comedy Release Dates: Regional Censor Board chief Nagendra Swamy unveiled the adyksha on this occasion.

Create watchlists, check in at movies, rate them or even write whole reviews! They get into trouble having stolen it. Finally there is shine in the whole team. Keerthiraj is also in a prominent role was present at the media briefing. The facility fil, toilets, free movement of women in society, cleanliness all envisaged by father of nation are found in this film. For the title song Sharan arrived on the dais. Once he finds out that he is indeed awake, he runs out of that house.

Kichcha Sudeep presented mementoes to Arjun Janya. He decides to move on in life.

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Apart from Kichcha Sudeep the audience applauded kkannada for three persons — Sharan, Chikkanna and Ravishanker. On the day of fest, seeing her draped in a sari, he falls in love with her. Where did you watch this movie?

Five songs for the film scored by Arjun Janya was shot at Chamarajanagara, Bangalore and other places.

Brimming with happiness producers Basavaraj and Gangadhar said the whole wdyaksha is responsible for it. It stars SharanHebah PatelP.

Shivarudre Gowda wants Chandru and Aishwarya to run away because he doesn’t want Aishwarya to marry the guy he has chosen for her and he can’t stop her marriage because he has too much respect in his village. Chandru walks away listening to a sad song when a adyyaksha comes and bashes him.


According to figures that were available it is Rs. Chikkanna and Kuri Pratap comedy skit was quite enjoyable. I will be shaking for steps but people mistake it dance admitted Sharan and there was thunderous applaud. A portion of Krishna song in the film was passed by the censor board but it was deleted by the film team fearing something.

Retrieved 15 August Chandru writes a love letter to her, but wants someone to go give it to her which is when he finds Aishwarya.

They fix a marriage for Aishwarya but on the night before her marriage, she decides to run away with Chandru. TippuArchana Ravi. It is given by the people he flim. President is a Indian Kannada language romantic comedy film directed by Nanda Kishore. Archana RaviTippu. Movie Rating Based on 2 ratings.

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D Beats brought the CD to the market. Sharan Adyaksha – Making. Tarun who normally wished to be behind the scene was here at success meet says ordeals came to this film very frequently. Ravi Shankar house questioning him about the killing of his daughter Aishwarya Hebah Patel because she ran away with the guy she loved. They go to the police station and threaten the police that they will go to the commissioner.