Though our cinema industry caters to the population of a small geographical area, it produces an average of 70 films a year and boasts of internationally acclaimed directors, script writers, technicians as well as actors of superior calibre. Used in nagaswaram, Chakyarkoothu, Bhajana and Ottanthullal along with other dance instruments for talas. The Vettathu tradition changed various aspects of Ramanaattu including the method or style of acting, the background music and so on. Art forms based on musical rhythm. Kathakali is a classical dance form of Kerala, demanding long years of training. Various art forms are also performed on the banks of the River Bharathappuzha. The pitch of the music rises and the dance reaches its climax.

Most of these preparations are coconut-based, and non-vegetarian foods are not used in any of the preparations. To the Trivandrum stables he incorporated a menagerie and kept tigers, panthers cheetahs, deer, bears and A festival of colours and tuskers held every year, the Chinakkathoor Pooram is held at Sree Chinakkathoor Bhagavathy temple, Palappuram in the district of Palakkad in north Kerala. Kalamezhuthu, a ritual art in which the pictures of Gods and Goddesses are drawn on the floor using coloured powders, is another system of painting prevalent in Kerala. The answer lies in the very soil of this land. In some places it is considered as entertainment program, especially during the Onam season.

Theyyam and Thira are two popular ritual forms of worship of North Kerala. For hours together artistes play chenda faultlessly and without compromising ,aruthamma the laid down rules. This style is propounded by Ittiraricha Menon who belonged to the village Kalluvazhi near Vellinezhi in Palghat district and hence the name.


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In some places it is considered as entertainment program, especially during karuthammw Onam season. It resembles the shape of “ural”, a kind of pounding stone and is made out of a hollow trunk with a shrunk middle portion.

Nagaswaram is an instrument that provides musical background to poojas and functions like weddings. Specialities Kaavu Theendal defiling of the sacred grovehoisting of festival flag without rituals, kozhikkal moodal covering of hen stoneIt is also referred to as nanduni, nanthunni.

Sopana Sangeetham is considered a traditional genre, ethnic to Kerala. Peruvanam Pooram is noted for its antiquity and is held at the Peruvanam temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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It is a stringed chordophonic instrument. There are a few changes in dress, instruments and songs in the performance by two communities. This instrument is made from the wood of certain trees. It was built by Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma, the ruler of the former Kingdom of Travancore who was a social reformer katuthamma poet and musician.

Going by the language, contents and numbers, one is wonderstruck at the amazing and rich cultural diversity of the period. King Manavedan wrote Krishnageethi based on the renowned poet Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda. Luffy is a spirited, energetic and somewhat dimwitted young man with a very big dream.

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Kuttappan were the others who held the post of chair. Though Patayani is performed in a number of other temples in Kerala, the one held at Neelamperoor is entirely different from others.

Apart from being a component of all Muslim weddings – what it is most well-known for – the Oppana is also performed on the occasion of a Maarkkakalyanam, a Vayassariyikkal, and a Naalppathukali. There are 12 Sargas cantos24 songs and 92 slokas. Some of these decorated structures made in a competitive Lord Shiva, the deity of Akkare Kottiyoor temple is considered as a swayambhoo lingam self-created idol.


Both the festivals culminate with Mangalam Kali is a folk dance performing as entertainment mainly performed during marriage functions.

Mary, this church is a renowned pilgrim church of St. Kudos to the State Archives Department for the yeoman service! These palaces reflect the life style of the people of yore.

His first Guru instructor was his uncle Rajaraja Varma. Effigies of ft high bulls are built and are brought to the temple, accompanied by musicians playing the chenda traditional percussion and Ila Thaalam cymbals.

If palaces elsewhere had been signs of opulence, in Kerala they exemplify our architectural skills. It starts with the elephant race and the ceremonial flag hoisted on the day of the pooyam astersim. A metal instrument used for bhajans.

Aranmula Ponnamma The language has to be more than years old. At the beginning of the charanam, there is a round of percussion with the Chenda, and the pallavi the thematic line of a song, usually one cycle long and repeated twice is rounded off with a