Episode 9 Episode 9. Sonali, Jai’s friend, tries to comfort her by saying its better to marry someone who loves you rather than someone you love. Little do they know that Ranvir has a plan to throw the sisters out of the Walia Mansion. Bani goes to Krishna’s and Atharva’s graves to lay flowers on them, but Jai violently pushes her out which brings Billo Massi and Jai face to face. Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. As the party kicks off with a bang, the future seems to hold a lot of mysteries and surprises for Meera, Pronita, Jai, and the Walia family.

Walia is in better health. And how will Jai react seeing his ex-lover? Little do they know that Ranvir has a plan to throw the sisters out of the Walia Mansion. Unfortunately, their belongings get stolen and with the help of the police the girls find the Walia mansion. Walia at least one truth before he leaves. Bani searches the outhouse and realizes somerthing is living inside it, and desperately tries to tell Mr. As the wedding finally reaches a close, Jigyasa plans to move the outhouse secret far away from the Walia mansion, but she goes to drastic measures to stop Bani.

Kasamh Se – Episode в Ram Kapoor Kasam Se Bade Acche Laggte Hai

Bani and Rano’s hatred for Pia excels to a new level, and they send her to an asylum without a second thought. However, while on the train Rano bumps into Pronita, who is also entering an art contest at Mount Abu.

Sonali, Jai’s friend, tries to comfort her by saying its better to marry someone who loves you rather than someone you love. Epieode, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani’s one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh. The Walia family has moved in a more extravagant mansion, and Meera’s birthday is kasmah cause for celebration.


Later in the day, the entire Walia family, including Bani, Pia, Rano, and Pushkar go to the premiere of Sonali’s new movie. Later at the Walia Mansion, the head episoed ceremony for Varun begins and its a true Punjabi party.

At the competition, however, Pronita meets Rano and Jai Kasamj. Although shocked by seeing Jigyasa caring for Rano, Bani is interrogated by Mr.

Episode 9 Episode 9. Under the pressure of Meera, Jai agrees to go to the hospital and has a bone marrow test done on him. Meanwhile, Jigyasa returns from London and arrives at the wedding. The question of the relationship between Bani and Daksh stirs some problems and causes the priest’s daughter’s relationship to be rejected.

Jigyasa plans to somehow make Meera and Jai adopt Ganga, but Karuna doubts her plan. Jai is still drowning epixode his sorrows, but meanwhile Bani receives a mysterious phone call and disappears. However, when Jai finds out that Ganga is Bani’s daughter, Pallavi’s engagement party goes haywire. Khanna did not even look at Ganga’s horoscope. Ganga then tries to convince Meera to let her mother supply the food for the wedding.

Episode 5 Episode 5. Bani has changed her name to Maithali and now lives in Meerut with Massi, Daksh, and her daughter, Ganga.

One year later, the Walia family is celebrating the festival of Holi. Ranvir’s return has shocked the entire family, but they reluctantly let him stay in the Walia mansion. Episode 8 Episode 8. Rano ponders over how she and her sisters have separated over the course of these ten years, and vows to make a difference. After his death, Bani realizes she will have to work even harder to fulfill her promise. Dadi decides not to tell Jai that Bani is in Meerut, and leaves it up to God to decide.


Episode #1.147

However, Vidya, Rashi’s daughter, also invites Ganga. Meera is introduced as Jai’s wife at the party, but Jai totally ignores her. Bani, who is shattered after seeing Pushkar and Pia together, is heartbroken. Meanwhile, Jai becomes abusive towards Meera and plans to give her a child.

The outhouse undergoes some renovations, but some workers feel there is a malevolent spirit inside it. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Vicky and Varun return to the Walia mansion after a long time, and the entire family kasamhh. Bani pulls off a great presentation at the office despite Ranvir’s anger, and back at home Mohan proposes to Bani. Ranvir declares his true love to Rash and vows to be with her his entire life. Nobody agrees to dance with Ganga at Vidya’s birthday ss, let alone socialize with her.

Bani and Pushkar go to Mount Abu for some business, and episodee realizes her house has been sold.

Jigyasa’s plan finally works, and her actions cause effects which will separate Jai and Bani, possibly forever. She does not know who she is or where she is from, but she knows that she will return to Mumbai one day because of the bonds that bind her there. Bani is shocked to learn the devastating truth that Meera is married to Jai Kaxamh, and the next day she travels to meet a mysterious person related to the secret of the e;isode.