Logged be5t4r Chingu Keong: Most of the time it maintains a decent showing but in the waning part of the series it will lose its magic. Ini adalah keberuntungan, saat ini tidak ada drama yang bisa menjadi juara, yang benar – benar mengalahkan drama lain. March 21, , Actress Han Ji Min has debuted for 10 years, and the image in the heart of viewers is growing abundance. It presents a surreal drama experience and yet the romance development for the main leads is pragmatic and memorable. How they maneuver the movements of the conflict without making the protagonists looked so annoyingly pathetic is strategically done which made me admire the writer of the story. Dan lagi, semua orang bekerja keras, jadi aku merasa tidak ada beban sama sekali.

This is the first drama I saw with reincarnation plot in full swing. I saw all the faces of love tackled bravely and painfully in this love story. We all feel that the Park Ha is not patient blindly, more creative. It threads on the princess-dark-knight love tale and maintains the bliss of the romantic narrative. Akting adalah pekerjaanku, jika kamu ingin memberi alasan, maka itu akan menjadi beban. Mainly at the filming set, as a senior, I have to strive to lead everyone to concentrate on filming.

Sepertinya kamu tidak lagi terjerat dengan peran yang kamu mainkan, dan bisa menghadapinya dengan lebih terbuka. Siapa bilang cewek cantik tak boleh gokil? Dengan kata lain, tanpa persiapan apapun, melakukan kesalahan besar, bahkan mungkin menyerah sejak lama. Saat koreo,biasanya posisinya ada dramma tengah,jarang dia di belakang.

HAN JI MIN (한지민)

Did you miss your activation email? Bukan hanya faktor keberuntungan semata. The approachable framing of the love and life struggles makes this drama a comforting chronicle due to its vivid sketches on how common people fight their ways to claim the love and life they deserve.


Tetapi tetap mendapatkan gajinya selama bekerja, walau cuma tiga hari. It gives a painful reminiscing of how after losing a cherished love, it makes us contemplate on how a lost love is a reminder of how beautiful things can change painfully in a moment, and there would be no way for you to prepare.

Goddess of Rose Han Ji Min. Kdrama fandom can all agree that a string of Korean romance dramas usually trigger the KDrama addiction. Benchmark rom-com dramas such as Attic Cat, Full House, My Lovely Samsoon and My Girl are forerunners of perennial kdrama elements like cohabitation, couple bickering, and rich-boy-poor-girl story premise.

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It will make you recollect the good old times when you first passionately and recklessly fell in love. In one of the photos set, Han Ji Min wore a red rose wreath on the head, looks like a rose goddess.

Best Korean Romance Dramas You Should Have Watched By Now

I just want to break through the boundary of my acting through a film. This drama might be coated in chocolates and marshmallows, but it provides a tangible encouragement especially to women watching it.

It is one of the quirkiest-so-pleasing-to-watch-cast-ensembles. It is euphoric on its strong notes and contemplating on its sad tones.

Be prepared for a mixed emotion spin as you frolic on this enslaving k-drama spectacle. Ketika keluar dari kisah cinta semacam ini, apakah kamu menemui kesulitan? It is beautifully imagined and crafted.

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Ada kalanya, saat syuting satu adegan hanya aku saja yang merasa puas, ini menjadi standarku ketika aku melakukan proyek film yang lain. These seasoned themed dramas spark the popularity of most actors that are still active today. It efficiently maximizes the staple government intrigues and character motivations to balance the frustrating love line. It marks lessons on patriotism, life, career and friendship.


The humor and the love triangle keeps the engaging run topped by the eye candy relief of the flower boy filled cast. Although set on a melancholic tone, the dynamics of the cast and the lively humor cushioned the viewers dfama well given its inevitable tragic ending.

I love how Korean dramas are tailored in bringing fans to different worlds. Debut selama 10 tahun. It draam the depth of commitment and the pain it comes when loving someone truthfully. It is not your perfect drama technical and script wise, in fact there are a few labyrinth-bound story plots and out of place conflicts, but then again the sweet moments and the humor are overpowering so you would hardly notice the lapses. Bahkan dia pernah ikut kompetisinya, tapi kalah gara-gara dia jatuh di babak kedua.

Soo Hyun termasuk orang bertangan kidal Kamu seperti seorang ibu yang dikelilingi oleh bintang – bintang kecil, apakah kamu merasa tertekan? The other dark apprentice is also oozingly hot orchestrating ruckus for City Hunter.

The kssalahan friendship of the lead girls cover different faces of relationships that make or break a person. Ketika mulai berakting, kadang – kadang ada tekanan.