Early scenes were shot on film and have a bright, colorful glow — Mendoza gets the joyful anticipation of the wedding day absolutely right — while the endless night sequences, deliberately murky and ashen, were lensed digitally with the versatile Arriflex D The story is set in Guagua, Pampanga a decade after the eruption of Mt. Hype can be good, sometimes, but in cases like Kinatay, where the buzz mainly circulated around the exploitative aspects of the film, said film can and will implode. Peping Maria Isabel Lopez Peping rides in the van with his boss, a police captain, and colleagues. The film identifies us with a young man who is “intiated” into a world of corruption and murder – by a bunch of unscrupulous policemen under the command of a heinous father figure that I found unforgettable. If there’s one thing about widely marketed Filipino movies which should improve dramatically, it’s sound–I absolutely loathe the annoying synthesized staple background music being forced upon us each time the characters are set to spew their spit with their loud, hammy dialogues, or whenever someone is about to cry. Leo as Alan Paule Ping Medina

Experiencing this in a theater gives the audience a claustrophobic environment where we empathize with the experience of struggling of the character. Along-side a cast of talented actors and urban Philippino settings, the movie feels fresh and consistently realistic. I mean it doesn’t take much to do better than a mainstream film in the Philippines, but this just hurt the image of independent films of this country. Julio Diaz as Kap. Two elderly women bear the consequences of a crime involving their respective grandsons. The movie in itself makes you feel like part of the action with hand-held cameras instead of cinematic abstractions. Produced by Rodel Nacianceno.

HumanoidOfFlesh 6 February Hype can be good, sometimes, but in cases like Kinatay, where the buzz mainly circulated around the exploitative aspects of the film, said film can and will implode. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. While his conscience objects, Pepoy agrees, but while the work involves scaring a few small time hoods at first, things take a grim turn when he’s asked to tag along with Sarge John Regala and Vic Julio Diaz as they collect a debt from Gina Maria Isabel Lopeza junkie streetwalker who turns tricks under the name “Madonna.

Sarge throws a bucket of water to find Madonna still alive. But few directors actually bother to heighten music or sound as the most important aspect in a film. They blamed the unsteady video and the lack of light in about half of the entire film. An Equation in France release of a Swift Prods.


There wasn’t much blood on the men either.

There is absolutely nothing going for this film apart from the above said scene. It’s story is told in a very realistic manner.

Call it four dimensions of terror. She was sitting with her back against the head board, baring her full body except the face with a fully naked man, with his back on the camera, forcing himself on her mouth. Elsa saw the blessed Virgin Mary who had changed her life and caused a hysteria in a poor isolated village. He heads back to his seat and says he had lost his appetite.

As the first reviewer of “Kinatay” noted, the sound plays a major role kinafay the film. The young man is not “forced” to do anything, he may withdraw and tries to do so but finally cannot resist. By making the summarry of Madonna nonstop and interspersing with the curses of the police officers, the audience feels equally threatened, abused, and angered.

It is to be a long drive and at every turn hesitance, tribulation and fear could be sensed in the boy as he is forced to become a man overnight.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The “shower scene” at the end, for me, is one of the defining moments in movie history. Or at least Cannes should start changing who decides kinztay winner. A couple years ago, the Academy went and changed the rules on how the animated shorts are nominated, opening the process to members of other branches, which may explain why the ballot is one of the most conventional in ages, including none of the experimental stop-motion, hand-painted, or degree techniques seen in recent years.

At the expressway, a police car is in pursuit but eventually overtakes and arrests another driver. Unfortunately, many viewers critics included are already blinded by digital spectacles. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: How ordinary it is for modern viewers nowadays to see a film just because the movie has good visual summarg. He’s more serious than Noe.


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It was all sound effects with the camera focusing mainly on Peping. There are only a few people who after watching a film goes out to say that the film has superb score or background music.

Kap orders him, Abyong and Rommel to buy food and liquor, as the unidentified boss ‘Gen’ still has a meeting. With Peping, we become passive witnesses to crime and become deaf to the cries of the victim. And sad to say, the message of Brillante Mendoza has to be heard loud and clear: Even the famous critic Roger Ebert dismissed “Kinatay” as the worst film ever screened in Cannes, even going as far summmary saying that he wanted to apologize to Vince Gallo for saying the same remark about his “The Brown Bunny.

Please click the link below to receive your verification email. After lunch, they go their separate ways. Lauren Novero as Boy Chico. That awards season, Paltrow crooned at the Country [ A simple curse in the middle of the night already gives us the creeps–what more if the curses and screams are confined in a compact vehicle, a remote house in the province?

At the end, it leaves the viewer “hanging” because its ending can only offer implications. It must be exciting for them just as I am excited seeing people ride elephants or camels or summarj speeder like Luke Skywalker for everyday purpose. The striking quality of the sound of “Kinatay” is definitely its profound sense of realism.

Most of these foreigners probably have not even seen a tricycle or a Philippine jitney in their lives. I can’t understand how it did so well at Cannes. His phone rings so he makes an alibi of urinating and returns to the van. But few directors actually bother to heighten music or sound as the most important aspect in a film. Edit Did You Mkvie I found the story kkinatay unbearably testing my morals, asking the not at all theoretical question what I would have done in a similar situation.