Meanwhile, Kirari helps to design male clothes and she asks Seiji to be her model. Fanny Bloc as Misaki Sayaka. Mavi Felli as Kasumi Kumoi. Kirari Korekushon ” Japanese: Hiroto is out in the streets of Kirari’s hometown! This article needs additional citations for verification.

Kirari and Erina enter a quiz show. Giancarlo Martino Theme Song Composition: Isabelle Volpe as Kilari Tsukishima. But why is Kirari not able to do it? The magician reveals himself as Arashi. Aoi says she is retiring as an idol, and receives an explosive goodbye from her idol friends. At the celebration, Fubuki soon recalls how Kirari had technically given her Mya-san. An actress comes to Japan from America.

Alessio De Filippis as Seiji Hiwatari. Since Kirari never had a boyfriend before, she cannot interpret her role properly in kirarij pure love drama. If you watch 72 min. But Kouta really sees Naa-san as a best friend As a cat, Na-san was rejected instantly during an idol audition.

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Meanwhile, Kirari’s mother kidarin the Tsukishima family portrait looks very familiar, like a certain actress Patrizia Mottola as Kota Kazama. Even though she always passes the rounds, Hiroto and Seiji soon intervene, saying that this MoMusu audition is a fake. First you need to download shareaza thats a downloading program and than go to http: Masaharu Okuwaki ep 1 Episode Director: After failing to find a place to live, Kirari suddenly meets an old lady, who lets her stay for the night and invites her xub a kimono competition.


A familiar cat comes back from Na-san’s graduation, and holds a severe grudge against him. Fubuki claims that Kirari does not have the potential of revoluution a perfect sb. Kirari’s dad opens up a new cafe using Kirari’s name.

However, Kirari’s unclear and strange mind of being an idol results in a rejection of her modeling for Rainbow Cosmetics. Jeong-Min Bae as Kilari Tsukishima. Kirari and hikaru want to create their own perfume, but can’t come up with any good ideas. Izumi, rivaling Kirari, will enter the competition as well.

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Luk Internacional Spain Licensed by: Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Episdoe to confess to him! Masaharu Okuwaki Series Composition: Kirari attempts to find many ways to convince her father to pursue a career in the entertainment world but fails.

Luna confesses to Kirari that she is Kirari’s mother. Kirari is satisfied with the results, but Fubuki wants a re-match. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: This article needs additional citations for verification. I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Kirari to Tensai Kuizu Batoru!!

Cappucino claims him in 3rd place. Kirari naturally chooses Seiji, but she doesn’t know why her heart pounds for Hiroto. Blackwood is having a great start, but there is trouble ahead But, Arashi plans to take Kirari’s first kiss and to change the drama.


Erina joins in unexpectedly. Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Where can you watch kirarin revolution?

Watch Kirarin Revolution Episode 5 English Subbedat Gogoanime

To Kirari’s dismay, her father is against the idea. The opening theme songs are ” Koi Kana “, used in episodes ; [7] [8] ” Balalaika “, from episodes ; [9] ; and ” Happy “, from episodesall of which were performed by Kusumi.

Specter-Buster is at Work! Kirari and Erina enter a quiz show.

Kirari’s insecurity about the kiss in the drama interferes with her other idol activities, but with Seiji’s help, she finally gains determination to go through with the climatic scene. Nobumasa Sawabe Toshihiro Nakazawa Publicity: Where can you watch Kirarin revolution episode 47? Yoshihiro Nagamori Animation Director: Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Hisayoshi Izaki as Manager Shakujii.

Izumi, recently hired by Higashiyama, suddenly kisses Hiroto in front of a big crowd during a relay competition. You can watch it on twilight-paradise. Manga Jul 8, Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Merge this question into.