Looks like the same comment about change can be extended to Ho-jung, who has come back to Korea unexpectedly — and with a new boy to boot. That was the moment I ragequit. Thanks to Seo-young’s educational assistance, Sung-jae has successfully entered college. Being unsure about a 50 eps ride is never a good place to be. Partly, it was also because at 50 episodes, My Daughter Seo Young was a big commitment, and I could think of many much more interesting places to spend those drama hours. Looking forward to the next episode. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Sandy December 21, at 3:

Kang Woo-jae Lee Sang-yoon , the eldest son of the Kangs, returns home after being discharged from the army. Do you have the full recap for all the episode. Drama starts of with the usual drama, family problems. Seo-young keeps her marriage a secret from Sam-jae and falsely tells him she is going to the United States for long-term studies. I find they have no chemistry. The harpy Sun-woo, though, is, and Woo-jae demands to know how she found out and why she told his mother. Gala December 20, at 6: I think 30 eps would be enough..

I love this drama to pieces!!!! Why didn’t I know Lee Sang Yoon before? Sang-woo hauls her to his side for a picture, and Ho-jung tears up at the unexpected gesture. Uh, yeah, nothing cramacrazy say there.

Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young

The gentle tenderness in his gaze, as he holds her face in his hands, then leans in to kiss her — just, awwww. In the midst of all the angst, her yiung, innocent good temper appealed to me extra.

To make this a special moment, the twins would officially hold a second wedding ceremony with Sam-jae present together with his children. SY deserves for what she has created, WJ may of been a sap previously for being a nasty — but would you of done the same if you found out that your marriage was based upon a lie!!


Well it same goes to me. It makes dtamacrazy sad because I am totally in love with Hojeong already and her sweet, naive, puppy-like self, especially because I saw a couple of spoilery hints through my fingers in your review that she is the endgame for Park Haejin and not that annoying chaebol med student.

Papa Lee tells him to be quiet so he can watch his program. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side. oyung

Aigooo… why so dramatic all of a sudden? Not to mention the fact that it might be the only thing to save it from sinking financially. On the upside, I appreciate that Show gave us a lot of happy all-around, with lots of feel-good stuff sel leave us in a warm, dramacray haze.

Was hoping for more eps of them getting to know each other a lil bit more because everything just sped thru like a rocket! We’ll see if this works out.

Please include email so I can mail you the links. Darmacrazy become complicated once more when Lee Sam-jae returns to live with them and causes more trouble for Seo-young.

It recorded a peak viewership rating of After realizing all of his efforts for her and in combination of her desire to have her family back, the Lees reconciled in their past troubles and are okay with each again.

Woo-jae is still desperately trying to contact Seo-young, and he draama from Yeon-hee when he calls the firm that Seo-young resigned as of today. The steps that Sang Woo takes towards falling in love with his wife, was truly one of the most satisfying things in this drama, for me. Deep down, he always believes Seo-young had a good reason for lying about her own family, and he also does not want to lose her if the truth came out.


Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young | The Fangirl Verdict

vramacrazy The donkey is running dughter his carrot Had no idea what was said, but the actors made clear what was felt. He is really like a piece of wood!! Agree with you and am psyching myself up for the heart wrenches to come after all the rosy life setup. Ho-jung herself becomes increasingly worried after realizing Sang-woo left Mi-kyung for the sake of his sister’s secret, but with that exposed, she fears Sang-woo would leave her.

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Thanks thanks… hope we can read the mini-recap in few hours from now…. Notify me of new posts via email. It better end nooooow so we can see Seo-young and Woo-jae rebuilding their relationship.

Dreading to watch until 10 because I know I’d have to wait a week in agony before I can watch the next eps. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Not as unequivocally a positive experience as with One Warm Word, but it was still enjoyable in parts especially parts named Drwma Sangyoon and Pak Haejin.