Boat trips can be booked from travel shops throughout central Heraklion, as can excursions to various places of interest. You will always be given water when you sit to order something, and might well be charmed into sitting for quite a while in any of these worthwhile establishments. Handakos, a busy thoroughfare since antiquity, is an attractive place to walk, shop or rest. Greece in Early English Travel Writing, — It houses important examples of early Christian artifacts, stonework and decorative objects of Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish origin. You will find plenty of life around the wide space in front of the cathedral , dedicated to the Patron Saint of Heraklion and one of Greece”s largest churches, completed in a cruciform shape with twin towers. He showed interest in literature and was a member of a literary group called Accademia degli Stravaganti Academy of the Strange Ones , which was founded by his brother and fellow writer Andrea Cornaro , who wrote in Italian language. During the Turkish Occupation it served as a mosque and called Vizier Tzami, when a minaret was added, now gone.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Greece in Early English Travel Writing, — In May , the Basillica was host to the First International Conference on Ethics and Politics, featuring speakers from all over the world. The church suffered damage in the battles for the city and needed thirty years to be rebuilt. The plateia square here takes its name from this church, rather than the great cathedral. Francis, which was destroyed by the earthquake of

It”s a good place to find thyme honey, raki the Cretan clear spirit from among shops selling everything from selections of Cretan music to the finest cheese.

Other rooms offer evidence of the island”s most recent warfare and the day Battle of Crete in is powerfully evoked. In Kornaros became an administrator, and during the outbreak of plague from herakliom he worked as a sanitary supervisor [2]. Kornaros died in orjust before his contemporaries, William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. In the last hundred years alone, we have seen huge changes, which can be quite easily followed, in buildings and streets that reflect the changing fortunes of Crete.


At one time, people believed that the statue had supernatural powers and, every May, religious rituals were organised in its honour. Handakos, a busy thoroughfare since antiquity, is an attractive place to walk, shop herxklion rest.

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Knossos flourished for approximately two thousand years. The fortess was originally built by the Venetians and called Rocca al Marebut is now known by its Turkish name, Koules. Nowadays it is always interesting, the hub around which Heraklion revolves.

Cookies Policy Site heraklion. The world famous Heraklion Archaeological Museum was built between and on a site that had been occupied during the Venetian Period by an imposing Cineja monastery of St. The plateia square here takes its name from kornarks church, rather than the great cathedral.

Some of these buildings are still standing, some are still in use, and the Venetian roads continue to give Heraklion its shape. It had large palace buildings, extensive workshop installations and luxurious hetaklion cave and tholos tombs.

Walk slowly through the Agora, the Market Street that runs alongside a shopping boulevard calledafter a Cretan uprising. To give some background, it might also be called the Morosini Fountain or, Liondaria in Greek or, more properly, Plateia Eleftheriou Venizelou, after Venizelos, Crete”s greatest man of state.

This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat It is decorated with columns, Venetian family coats-of-arms and a headless male statue, brought here from Ierapetra. The son of a Venetian-Cretan aristocrat and a scion of the noble Venetian family of Cornarohe was born near SitiaCrete in You will welcome its cool, dignified interior xinema may begin to feel the great age of this city in its venerable walls.

With its huge dark hallways and cells, the fortress was also a prison to many Cretan rebels and those who broke the rules imposed by successive occupiers of Crete. You will read about and see evidence of the siege of the city that lasted 21 years and ended with its capture by Ottoman Turks and the start of a desperate epoch. The restaurants outside the museum offer shade and fine foods.


It is all that remains now of an important mediaeval entrance kognaros the city.

The Museum houses archaeological finds from all over Crete. Vitsentzos or Vikentios Kornaros Greek: Business and pleasure combine here, and it is the place to meet for whatever purpose or no purpose.

The Loggia was awarded the Europa Nostra first prize in for the best renovated and preserved European monument of the year.

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In it was inaugurated with lavish celebrations. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. There is a panoramic wooden model of mediaeval Heraklion, or Candia as it was called by the Venetians after its Arabic name El Khandak in one room, beautifully detailed, with push-button spotlights picking out the locations of many important sites of worship, defense and government.

Titus” Cathedral, an impressive sight. The present-day structure kornarow the result of further renovations after its almost entire destruction by a strong earthquake inand later work which followed in At the far end of Daidalou, you return Heraklion”s famous Lion Square. Plateia Kornarou lies at the top of the market, with a lovely Venetian fountain of its own, the Bembo Fountainprobably the oldest, and it bears some very good decoration, although it has ceased to fount.

During the Turkish Occupation it served as a mosque and called Vizier Tzami, when a heraklino was added, now gone.

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There are some tourist traps, but all are friendly and offer good quality. Together they had two daughters named Helen and Katerina.

These are among the longest city walls in Europe. The cause of his death remains unknown.