Photo by Beth Perkins. Living people American freelance journalists. Stalcup reviewed his very detailed records of his phone conversations with Gray and found that the New York Magazine reporter had not uttered one word indicating that the piece would be part of a conspiracy edition. This tragedy has been in my thoughts since it happened, but what has haunted me has been the realization that a deceptive narrative was spun before my eyes…and was accepted as fact by our media. America is not the country it used to be, and with their work, these journalists have contributed to the current state of affairs. Then the NTSB produced a movie showing the aircraft blowing apart, with the main section climbing several thousand feet, then falling with all four engines in place. Borjesson says she and Stalcup included only information they could document and verify. In fact, the top of the tank remained relatively flat, indicating that no bomb had exploded over it.

It was through that source I learned of the undeniable technical evidence for a missile shootdown. He called the NTSB and the media, but says he was unable to generate any interest in his findings. The only electronics in the fuel tank are fuel quantity probes, which Boeing showed during the official TWA Flight investigation can withstand direct short circuits from voltages of 3, volts or more without creating even the weakest of sparks. Share this Rating Title: Not only does he ignore the evidence, he misrepresents and then dismisses the eyewitnesses. Books [ edit ] Editor, Into the Buzzsaw:

Yes, the FBI, CIA, and much of our government thinks the average citizen is actually dumb enough boorjesson accept this ridiculously implausible and unsubstantiated conclusion.

Borjesson added that if New York Magazine ever wanted to do an issue on whistleblowers, that that would be more appropriate, because six former members of the original investigation who appear in the documentary show how the investigation was corrupted and present hard forensic evidence indicating what happened to the airplane. Mixing them in with Stalcup, who is a credible source, taints Stalcup by association.

Both of these scenarios were considered and dismissed by the NTSB. Gray provides no reporting highlighting these facts and then places Stalcup in questionable company with two problematic sources who neither address the subject of the article nor offer credible alternatives.


This is a logical leap backed up by nothing, least of all any bomb signature damage pattern on or inside the center fuel tank. Regarding the eyewitnesses, Lance writes: He believes he uncovered the smoking gun: Hit Piece Element Two: It is a vague description that gives the impression the eyewitnesses only saw something up in the sky.

Books [ edit ] Editor, Into the Buzzsaw: Share this Rating Title: The damage they do to civil society and the social fabric is easy to see.

Their families were destroyed. Gray said it was for an issue on conspiracy theories. Uncontained engine part entry holes riddled the right side of thewith one part embedded in the tail section. I followed the ever-changing story and knew something was wrong. But there was no mention by the pilots of any missile smoke trail coming up and only two going down. Hit Piece Element Four: This documentary on the TWA air disaster provides more than enough evidence to cast doubt on the official investigation and the ludicrous explanation that was made up out of thin air to explain why this fully loaded airliner ended up in the Atlantic Ocean.

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On October 28,Borjesson sent an email to Gray with the subject line: Reporting on the run-up to the Iraq war is another well-documented case in point. Her husband was at JFK International Airport, putting their year-old son on a plane to visit relatives in France, and an exhausted Borjesson climbed into bed for a nap.

Taking a harder look at the journalism landscape in this country, particularly coverage of major controversial stories about powerful individuals and institutions could be an instructive exercise for those who find hit pieces and deleteriously bad journalism rare. When Stalcup read the headlines, he immediately emailed Gray, who told Stalcup that he had no control over the headlines.


If it happened more often, we would hear about the consequences, at least in the hallways of traditional journalism. I created a petition to see about opening this investigation back up. Apparently we’re to believe that a faulty wire caused the central fuel tank to explode. Did he read her article? Rarely, if ever, do they hold themselves or their colleagues accountable for their own questionable work. On 19 Julya had been parked for four hours at JFK airport, while its airconditioner pack heated an almost empty center wing tank CWT ; making fuel vapors even more volatile.

How a Hit Piece Happens | TWA Flight

Stalcup thought the interview went well, particularly given the answer Gray gave him when he asked Gray directly about the conspiracy label:.

In Junethey were joined by some of the family members of crash victims in filing a petition asking the NTSB to reopen the case.

Dan Rather, Christiane Amanpour and Ashleigh Banfield were among the high-profile broadcast journalists who spoke publicly about this. This ongoing duplicity works for kritina. Only the FAA replied, with nearly 2, accident reports, including many with uncontained engine failures and fatal crashes of s.

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How a Hit Piece Happens

Pilots of Eastwind Airlines Flightdescending to 16, feet, were nearly head-on and observed the as it climbed towards them in the clear air. Reporters and media critics endlessly point to corporate control of the news, dwindling resources and a host of other issues making good journalism on important issues more and more difficult to nes.

February 22, BU Carpenter: Please sign and share! This hit piece is emblematic of the deterioration of rigorous standards and practices in American journalism today. He is the only credible source in the piece. Every reporter who does chooses to do so, often with impunity.