Indeed, most banks and other financial institutions have introduced electronic banking systems which principally involve the use of computer systems thereby breeding computer fraud. And those the armed robbers, may that same God change your life to a better one. It should be noted that the investigation of computer fraud requires the co-operation of everyone, namely, the police investigator, a computer expert, an electronic processing auditor and the prosecutor. Furthermore, there is need to post one or two policemen working in the criminal investigation and intelligence department of the police to the banks to assist in the area monitoring and surveillance. By this, the audience only reads what it hears, and what it hears is more often what it sees. More professionals should be recruited into the Police Force to boost their manpower especially in the area of investigation and prosecution of cases. Such proof may be given orally or by affidavit by a partner or officer of the bank the copy must have been examined with the original entry and must be correct, which proof must be given by someone who has examined the copy with the original entry.

The above scenario depicts a very pathetic situation concerning the police investigation of bank fraud cases. Subtitling as earlier stated is another major step to reach a wider audience and environment. In fact, she acted in some Yoruba films before she finally decided to be a presenter. The apprehension of offenders; iv. What is a woman. Some audiences not only attempt to copy movie cultures in the form of dressing, home making, social interactions, but also often attempt to imitate the spoken expression of their idols. Furthermore, there is need to post one or two policemen working in the criminal investigation and intelligence department of the police to the banks to assist in the area monitoring and surveillance. It states as follows:

Lukoyi other words, it refers to that practice that is against the rules and regulations or is forbidden by law. She has been in the showbiz circuit for many years, even as an actress. Fifthly, police officers working in the criminal investigation and legal departments should be trained or re-trained on investigation skills, information technology and techniques in crime detection, prevention and control.

This is extra — ordinary closed form of textual analysis and translation that involves every indices of verbal and visual language as read repeatedly off the screen. Present structure of the people: It makes an average policemen jack-of-all-trades and master of none. December 21, at 7: It has been argued that the establishment of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC as a parallel body to discharge the same function of the police is contrary to Section 1 of the constitution as amended.


The police will compound the problem by detaining all the bank workers connected with the act as if it is only by detention they can go to the root of the matter. Furthermore, there is need to post one or two policemen working in the criminal investigation and intelligence department of the police to the banks to assist in the area monitoring and surveillance. By this, the audience only reads kukoyii it hears, and what it hears is more often what it sees.

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Constraints The following problems have been identified as constituting a stumbling block to police investigations and prosecution of bank fraud: Perhaps, what is contemplated in the above definition is professional negligence that may be committed by a medical doctor or legal practitioner.

It is pertinent to point out that the above categorization is not water-tight as the perpetrators and the pattern of execution often overlap. The liberalization of the banking industry precipitated tremendous growth in the industry. Frequent transfer of such policemen distorts the investigative process as a new person posted to the place would have to start afresh. I hope by grace Allah of she will come. He moves from guard beat to patrol and from that to orderly, investigation, prosecution, traffic and so on.

The translator identifies strongly with movie language universe to the extent of ceding the power of his own language to accomplish a subtitling that transforms the audience into a new rich experience of the foreign.

Such power of compulsion is usually exercised with great caution and is only exercised where the grounds for yotuba are kuooyi established and sufficient. I find it hard to believe that such a grave violation of private rights can be sanctioned by our courts without hearing of the person affected, without any proceedings civil or criminal being before the court and in such a way as to leave no record in our courts that can be challenged or from which even a certified true copy can be made.

They join robbery everyday. The mvoie for literacy efficiency – Kayode Animasaun, PhD.

That is while the fraudster is willing and able to role out a percentage of his loot to exonerate himself, the bank is unwilling to dish out good money to pursue the one that is clearly going down the drain. The Police The Police play a significant role in the fight against mofie malpractices in the banking industry in Nigeria.

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Thus, it is one thing to report but another thing to follow up. According to Nornes this is the written translation of the spoken language of the movie into the one that the audience can easily understand. Section 2 b of the constitution as amended further provides thus: This attempts to bring the foreign language to the audience on their own domestic kukogi.


These challenges can be tackled if certain measures are adopted by the government and other stakeholders.

She is a very quiet woman from what i have read about her. Many factors were taken into consideration by the Yoruva Court in arriving at the decision.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Daddy am talking to you. Theoretical Frame Work A major step in the process of making the movie accessible to every audience regardless of language or race, however, is through subtitling. It is expected that the horuba would be error free because it is not like in the other two movies where translation had to be done before captioning it.

Malpractice yoryba a conduct or practice that is improper or illegal. The prevention and detection of crime; ii.

Also, Yoruba artistes who can speak passable Igbo or Hausa are made to appear as artistes in either Igbo or Hausa movies. Split it on the floor water. This method therefore requires maximum summary of all utterances. Thus, in Habib Nigeria Bank vs. Wheather he likes it or not. For more information on Africa Update Movue The result showed also that the Hausa movie subtitler is yoryba to commit more yorbua due to poor knowledge of the English grammar above all errors with record of 9 errors.

In the area of investigation and prosecution of bank fraud, the police have done their best but they are often confronted by certain challenges which have been highlighted in this article. He posits three types of chucking to include chucking up, which is an attempt to provide a more generic translation for certain cultural terms and thus create a broader meaning.

The police kykoyi been subjected to a whole lot of allegations or criticisms in the way yoruha manner, they carry out their investigation of bank fraud cases. Also foreign artistes for example Ghana, America and India have featured in some Nigerian movies. The police derive their statutory powers both from the constitution and the Police Act. Hence, subtitling according to Nornes may take any of these: She can always replace her car with a better one.