As they flee, Dally blows the sister a kiss, which turns the sisters and their tower back to normal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Later when returning to Emelka, Yugo, Alibert, and the others are attacked by the time villain from 12 years ago, now revealed to be a Xelor named Nox. Being an Ecaflip, he loves to gamble and invites the gang to play a deadly game. Ambiances voice Jessica Bell The boy, now called Yugo, believes himself to be an ordinary boy until he discovers that he has the ability to create portals. In overtime, all plays have unlimited charge in their equipment, making the final point all the more hectic. The two brothers fight Nox and briefly overpower him.

They arrive and find that Vampyro is using Eva’s body as a vessel for his true love, Shadofang. The group manages to fight them off, but know they will return as they always have. The team find themselves on the Wabbit Island and need a ship to continue their journey. Elely yells at the guards and the king for threatening him and offers him her hand in friendship, which he happily accepts. Le retour de Pinpin 19 Mar 8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Great animated TV series for kids. Percedal keeps trying to ask Eva to marry him, but keeps getting interrupted every time. Yugo and the team meet the governor of Breta, who’s so outrageously self-centered that he’s bringing the whole place down.

Le retour de Pinpin

The nine of them decide to hold a little contest retoir see who will get the kiss from Percedal, which ends up being pure torture.

The debt collector later comes by and gives him the tragic news that the island Noximilien’s wife and children are on was flooded with no survivors thanks to Ogrest’s Chaos.


Meanwhile Yugo, Percedal, Remington, Grany, and Rubilax find themselves trapped in a hell-like dimension inhabited by Shushus. The glow is coming from a mysterious cube; the Eliacube. Percedal, the twins Flopin and Elely, and Evangeline, who is 9 months pregnant, are living a quiet life out in the wilderness, which Percedal likes since he doesn’t have any god powers anymore.

Yugo and his friends sail towards Qilby’s Dofus. Two Movies click here to visit.

The Brotherhood of the Tofu

Once full dw life, it is now bleak and desolated. With Goultard’s wisdom, Dally finally begins to learn how to become a true Shushu Guardian: Audible Download Audio Books. Read more in Terms of Use. Please update your bookmarks. Nox’s plan to drain the Tree of Life has been set into motion.

But when they arrive, Amalia suddenly disappears. Le retour de Pinpin 19 Mar Yugo, Amalia, Elely, and fake Ruel arrive at the Sadida floor wherethey meet the Demi-God of the race, revealing that she doesn’t want to fight, but to talk. Freeing Dally, the group flees with the aid of one of the sisters, who believe that they got what they deserved and is sorry retoyr what they did to Dally.

When her friends are turned into zombies, Amalia has to to save the valley with the help with from a bamboo planter, Pandiego de la Vega. He turns back to his original self, a magistrate named Wagner.

Tristepin de Percedal (Pinpin) – Wakfu

Oropo is about to open the Hyperzaap and use it to destroy the gods. Ruel, who was passing through town, teams up with Yugo and defeats the beast, which turns out to have pipin an Iop possessed by a demon trapped in an item, in this case, a sword known as a Shushu.


Percedal gives Remington a hard punch and Granny a hard kick, launching them into the sea. Yugo then calls out Brkamar’s greatest gobbowl player, The Masked Gobbowler, and challenges him to a game of gobbowl for Kriss’ life.

“Wakfu” Le retour de Pinpin (TV Episode ) – IMDb

After six long years, Percedal finally asks Eva to marry him, saisoon she happily says yes to. Soon the singers are attacked by a masked Voice Thief, who steals their voices. Poo refuses to talk, so Percedal shakes him to make him drop all his items. So click on the chosen link, close any pop-up advertisements, and press play.

From time to time the source files may retouf been removed and the link won’t work. It merges with Rubilax, turning into a monstrous demon. The adventurers set sail on Black Ink’s ship for the final leg of their journey, and Qilby, Adamai and Grougaloragran discover the Zinith ship. With Yugo imprisoned episods Rubilax and the rest of the team turned into ghouls, only Evangelyne can get back Percedal’s body. His research turns into obsession; his body begins to wither from malnutrition, his movements become more erratic, and his mind becomes unstable.

They have a map the group can buy, but are unable to sell thanks to the Black Crow.