A farmer dumps a wheelbarrow full of dead chickens into an open grave. As Willie grows, he realizes that Daisy, being a chicken, can’t teach him how to fly, a skill he yearns to have. A definite must-watch and I assure you watching it as a family is incredible. Tears were in my eyes at one point, although I never started sobbing. It’s also hard not to notice the duckling she adopts is a male character: It tells the story of a chicken who escapes a factory farm and raises an orphaned duck. He gets angry and sad from time to time like we all do, but is mostly a kindhearted, strong, and free-spirited mallard duck. It’s a rewarding experience that has highs, lows and enjoyable moments.

Leafie starves herself, so that she faints and is thrown out considered to be dead. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Thank you for your support. Tears were in my eyes at one point, although I never started sobbing. Best Animated Films about Animals feral. I mean, you should definitely go watch it with your older kids, but the younger ones should probably sit this one out.

Also I just watched Song of the Sea and I was a bit sad during parts of it, but this movie had me looking at the clock and never once felling any emotion and as I said I had both chickens and ducks as a kid and think there were fun to have around. Daisy moves to where Wilson lives, where One-Eye kills Wilson’s wife, leaving Daisy to sit on the egg of Wilson’s son.

It is a story which will make you feel emotions that you forgot as one of the reviewers said. A hen escapes the barn and somehow becomes the ‘mother’ to a duckling, they bond beautifully but later their differences create tension and conflict.

Don’t forget to watch the ending and have a lot of tissues handy: It will hit straight into your heart and awoken feelings you forgot you could experience.


Leafie, a Hen into the Wild – Watch the Movie

It’s a much better alternative to that minion crap, and it definitely deserves more recognition here in subittles US. After that, Willie gets into a fight with One-Eye and falls off a cliff, but luckily learns how to fly to save himself. This movie is a beautiful masterpiece and it deserves a happy ending, not a depressing one that will leave you reaching for your cup of bleach.

That being said, it does take on some more adult themes, however I feel like it would appeal to people of all ages, 3 year old’s and 40 year old’s alike.

The duckling gets captured by the farmer. It is both heart wrenching and heart warming all at the same time. The duckling then starts understanding her love.

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She happens to mother a duck and takes care of him. She is pretty much a very dim stalker. The story follows Daisy, a battery cage hen who longs to be free. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the cartoon’s problems.

Beautiful, realistic story about a hen who escapes from a factory farm and adopts a duckling I would recommend getting the english subtitles version instead of the english dub version because the english dub version made a lot of unnecessary changes to Why, or why not? Family and Kids Topics: A weasel named One-Eye almost eats Daisy, but she is saved by a wild duck named Wilson.

That said, the animation is at times arresting, and the emotional resonance of the film comes through in spite of itself.

This is a powerful, often sad, and very emotional story about adoption, survival, loss, grief, and ultimately what it really means to be free. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. It tells the story of a chicken who escapes a factory farm and raises an orphaned duck.


See how we rate. Thank you for your support. As an adult, he meets up with his original flock, and he nen to participate in some kind of Duck Olympics in order to become the “Guard Duck” like his father. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Based on 1 review.

Sign in to vote. Characters don’t have the nuance they do in Finding Nemo, and there’s not enough humor to hold together the passable, but touching plot. A mass grave of chickens.

Leafie: A Hen into the Wild

A lot or a little? Was this review helpful? As Daisy watches her son’s flock fly away, she sacrifices herself to the weasel so she could feed her children, knowing that she didn’t fatten engilsh and would probably starve to death anyway.

Sweet father-son tale has some very scary moments. He is gruff and short-tempered, but kindhearted and compassionate nonetheless. Want personalized picks that fit your family?

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For Your Family Log in Sign me up. There’s a lot in the movie for kids to love, but it’s also a bit scary, and the story isn’t as neat and orderly as one expects from a kids’ movie. It’s a compelling story, but the Korean-to-English shift here means the overdub and voice acting can feel off-kilter.