The brilliant beginning gets 5. This page was last edited on 12 March , at His unit began with 7, men and ended with two. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meeting with 3 girls from KZ and their escape in the armoured train. He spends a number of months in camps, particularly at Gross Rosen and Lenggries , where he is involved in bomb disposal and also witnesses a number of atrocities committed by the SS guards, before abruptly being “pardoned” and dispatched to a penal combat unit. Not a bad innings.

For a long time I went about in a state of queer, dull resignation and was on the point of being infected by my companions’ belief that we were all doomed and that nothing mattered at all, since all men were evil and sinister without exception. At times brutal, at times sensitive, even funny. They are a motley tank crew that consists of Sergeant Willie Beier aka Old Man , a family man who fears for the safety of his wife and child if he disobeys the Nazis, Corporal Joseph Porta, the team’s fixer and a self-proclaimed communist who always tries to keep his spirits up whether through gambling, drinking or simple tomfoolery, Corporal Hugo Stege, Porta’s “partner in crime”, young Sven Hassel, a character based on real Sven Hassel, the writer of the novel that the movie was based on, Wolfgang Creutzfeldt aka Tiny , a dimwitted and often violent giant of a man and Bauer, a silent but friendly This book shows the true, stupid face of totalitarianism and the terrible price that has to be paid by the warriors Questo e pochi altri mancavano e li comprai per lui qualche anno fa su IBS. Un razboi vazut din perspectiva bravului soldat care lupta chiar si atunci cand nu mai stie pentru ce lupta. Its purpose is to spoil the heroic vision regarding wars and to show that there is nothing good in such an action. How could I kill a man just for the sake of my pride?


It’s like watching “Kelly’s Heroes” as Sven and his new comrades get up to all kinds of capers. Mar 03, C.

So much time has passed now since World War II that we kind of forget just how much of an affront to humanity that these concentration camps were and still are. Their tank spooks this soldier out of his foxhole. Who is an enemy and who is a svdn

My copy of this book is in Romanian. Magistrale narrazione dell’inferno della guerra, evento che distrugge persone e cose, cuore e anima di tutti i popoli.

Seventy-one years after it ended, the Second World War is still the got-to global conflict for hundreds, nay, thousandsof books, movies, TV series, comics, and gung-ho trigger happy violent computer games. I was wrong again, ,ovie the best possible way. They got married in Inthis motley tank crew is sent on a suicide mission behind enemy lines to destroy a Soviet train that’s carrying fuel for the Red Army. Sid in swastika T-short, Lemmy and his collection, Brian posing for the camera.

It should also be pointed out that movle musicians are all English—as the country has a very strange relationship with the Nazis and the Second World War. And then that unit is sent to join the invasion of the USSR.

Of course a man so scarred by war would struggle with things most people see as normal, to him the combat scenes came as natural as writing things on Facebook is to people of this generation. He joined the Danish merchant marine when he was 20, and a year later moved to Germany. Breve y entretenido, es un duro alegato contra la guerra y la brutalidad que provoca.

Comparing the stories reveals so many similarities in the emotional state of the fighters that it is safe to say that even if Sven Hassel is recounting tales of others, it is done very well. Aug 15, Roxana Urian rated it really liked it. leion


I am writing the story of the small soldiers, the men who neither plan nor cause wars but have to fight them. Sven and Stege wounded.

Legion of the Damned

Was this review helpful to you? Von Barring takes to drink. He served with the second Panzer Division stationed at Eisenach and in was a tank driver during the invasion of Poland. Spit And Polish Penal battalion inspections. He deserts and legioj up in a prison camp, but bythe Werhmacht’s need for soldiers is so acute that he is released into a prison unit.

Old Un’s death and burial. Open Preview See a Problem? Lo que nos cuenta. I poveretti hssel che nessun movoe nemmeno i buromaniaci crucchi tenevano registri accurati di tali reggimenti per intuibili motivi. Nevertheless, although not necessarily his personal accounts, they are as true as human recollection permits. Jan 16, Simon rated it really liked it. There seems to be a bit of confusion over how much of his books are autobiographical and how much “based on events” or just plain made up.

Legion of the Damned by Sven Hassel

Sven’s pact with Hinka. Dirty, violent, mutinous and non-ideological. Young people these days don’t Initial illusions proved wrong: Sven’s nurse friend Asta. This leads me to believe that he was making a lot of it up and that his time spent fighting the Russkies may not have quite been as it appears in his books.

When I read that I realised that I was thinking the same way an After pages read from this book I’ve already said to myself that I DO not like this book, because it’s to boring even though it’s about WW2, which is my obsession.