The unit passed the usual set of “torture” discs that I fed into it, with one minor exception – it has a minor variant of the “chroma upsampling error. And in the totem pole of exclusive and revered audio manufacturers, Linn is right up there. It is not what you buy, but what you should proffer as a solution to those pesky types who ask you, the Local Audiophile because they distrust most retailers , ‘I want a home theatre but the ball-and-chain will kill me if I turn up with a rack full of hardware. The built-in amplifiers are probably under-powered for reference level listening, and the speakers are a little too boomy and dull for my taste but more than adequate for low level listening and do bring a reasonable degree of excitement to action movies. Linn wanted to offer a “no compromise” lifestyle system – something that sounds as good as “audiophile-quality” separate components, but at a fraction of the size though sadly not a fraction of the price and which looks good as well. The unit is in excellent condition, supplied with original remote and manual. Feb 8, at 5:

From the goldplating of the terminals to flexibility of setup options, the Komponent speakers can only be described as absolutely lush. In other words, it’s probably equivalent to a 20 watt stereo amplifier when driving two channels at once. From left to right and top to bottom, we have: Magnetic charm The grille is elequantly finished and mounted on magnets so there are no unsightly holes or lugs showing on the speaker when removed. Whilst this reflects a “purist” attitude that would be consistent with Linn’s philosophy, it does reduce the usefulness of the unit to the lifestyle target market. Opening scene tests audio sync. This sub can be securely mounted fl at against the wall for a thoroughly unique look.

Tests ability to load complex menu. The actual technical specifications read:.

And if Linn thinks I’m gonna be swayed by the likelihood that most Classiks will end up in custom install systems with big, illuminated, Crestron-style master remotes, they’re wrong: The layer change speed on this player is impressively fast, typically near-instantaneous with only a very minor interruption in the playback even on known problematic discs. Indeed, some manufacturers seem to revel in the fact that their equipment sounds good but looks ugly – as if daring their customers almost invariably male to test the “wife acceptance factor.

I also tested the player subjectively for audio synchronization by playing the usual problem discs such as The Wedding Singer R4 remaster 2 and Matrix R1.

The review unit did not seem to have any region zone markings. I also evaluated the player’s Dolby Digital and dts decoder as well as digital output playing DVDs on a variety of configurations.

From reading the forums I think this is fixable though I only use it as an amplifier and haven’t watched a DVD for years. Besides, the teletext buttons are not implemented in the US version of the unit which was the version I reviewed. Trim detail and terminal covers are in soft-texture paint and the overall build quality is faultless.


There is also a matching loudspeaker package consisting of “Unik” bookshelf speakers and the “Afekt” subwoofer.

Linn Classik Movie/Komponent system review

The Linn Movie is relatively understated in design, but does come with the same solid feel and offers a sophisticated blue display. And there are plenty. The design, both aesthetic and industrial, is a league above every other ‘lifestyle’ system I have looked at and in many respects better than many big-name high-end speakers too.

Even though Linn could have gotten away with treating kovie Classik like a closed classikk, the designers did opt for adding genuine universality.

Typical audio and home theatre gear seem downright ugly – who wants to live in a house that looks like the cockpit of a Boeing or the mixing desk of a recording studio? This is no power-house AV receiver, but together with the Komponent system it manages a sonic grace and airy clarity at normal listening levels that is very rare in such single-box components.

If you are not sure which end of a spanner to hold, in most cases Linn dealers will deliver and setup the system for you as part of the service. Apart from that, the player has decent video output quality, however, I noticed a tendency for low level noise which looks like a textured pattern on the screen when I connected it to the projector via both S-Video and composite video.

I would recommend using high efficiency speakers, and not listening to DVDs at reference level! The Komponent speakers are designed primarily for close-to-wall positioning, and I can’t argue with that. Designers should realise by now that modes confuse people.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Conversely, you will never forgive Linn for making the remote non-illuminated. The system as a whole is quite beguiling, balancing a distinct character with a mix of fine detailing and audio clarity.

Yes, my password is: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Here’s a bit more info: The controls are push-button with a seven-segment LED display, and it too comes with stainless floor spikes and floorprotecting metal cups.

As the pending noise abatement order meant wall-mounting was not an option for this test, there is an inclination to slip it under a table or large chair.

The limn design, and many of the features, are repeated in the centre channel and the weighty rear surround speakers. It comes in twelve boxes and has got more brackets, nuts, bolts and screws than your average B and Q warehouse. Make a call to check out the area code and number are correct, too Name and address including postcode Valid e-mail address DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct.

The build is equally exemplary, being a large, heavy truncated cylinder with internal drivers and upward firing ports. The built-in amplifiers are probably under-powered for reference level listening, and the speakers are a little too boomy and dull for my taste but more than adequate for low level listening and do bring a reasonable degree of excitement to action movies. For many years, the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable was the record player to buy, and even now an updated version of classi, LP12 is still manufactured today some will say it is the best turntable money can buy.


The unit has a reasonable set of input and output connections, with the major omissions being component video output and coaxial digital out.

Okay, I think that’s done, thanks. Last edited by a moderator: Paypal or bank transfer Location: Whatever might bother you claesik two nearly identical arrays of buttons will soon be relegated to the so-what?

In other words, it’s probably equivalent to a 20 watt stereo amplifier when driving two channels at once. There seems to be a definite market for “lifestyle” systems, probably due to factors such as an increasing trend towards people living in smaller homes and cosy apartments with no space for bulky “audiophile” sized equipment and a genuine desire for electronics that look “good” and blend in more with the overall interior design.

Unfortunately, for the best part of 3k, it’s mighty short on connection options, frugally powered at just 75W per channel and stoically 5.

LINN Classik Movie/05 in Silver Finish [Expired]

For example, the remote control has a TV mode which allows it to operate your Classikk such as change channels or teletext functions. Subsequent presses of the button provide time remaining, chapter elapsed, and chapter remaining displays. You will be up and running in minutes. Placed in open space the sound is highly focused with fine detail and positioning but lighter and cooler than ideal.

Manuals – Classik Movie 05 – LinnDocs

Not only does the Classik accept an external stereo line source – there’s no phono stage, so you would need one to use LPs with this – the unit also has inputs for an external S-video source in plus TV and VCR SCARTs the US version gets phono classiothere’s a tape loop, optical digital output should you wish to use the Classik as a DVD player through another processor, six-channel analogue output to feed a more powerful external amplifier, and full connectivity for a Linn Knekt multi-room system.

Its whacky shape means the controls are all but inaccessible and the push-button and display operation is far cleverer than it is effi cient – give us a couple of old fashioned knobs for gain and roll-off any day. I don’t like the manual very much either.