Peter — Great news! April, my wife and son came with me to Lititz. I also took out some student loans which I have since repaid. I want to thank you for your blog. If you want a large brand you should probably pursue watchmaking and microtechnical degrees from Swiss Universities, not a two year program in the U. Bill, I was in my mid 20s when I attended watchmaking school, as were most of the students, but I have seen students as old as Also, is each person ranked in the class and are they recruited by different employers or do the employers contact the school and just post a position?

What is your advice? My personal opinion is that some of the greatest attributes the instructors look for at the LWT in a potential candidate is how moldable you are. Admittedly, geometry has always been more of a strong point for me as opposed to algebra. Many students refinish wheels and screws. I will be filling out the application this weekend. Rolex tends to bring in watchmakers from Rolex Jewelers about every 2 years for a week of training. The reception area of the building echoes the richness and vastness associated with Rolex while incorporating subtle imagery of the local area.

Watchmaking is an exciting profession. Posted May 2, at The Swiss pear wood in the paneled walls, trim, and doors is a unique way of reaffirming the agricultural richness of the area while adding a brilliant patina of warmth to the open area. Peter — Great news! May I know does Lititz accept foreign students satch the annual living expenses with a wife at Lititz?

I was just wondering what areas of math it usually cover?

Lititz Watch Technicum

As for starting your own watch line, that is ambitious. By What watch does your watchmaker wear?

Keep up the littiz work! Posted January 28, at 9: We set up an interview appointment on the 29th, which filled the last slot for the last day of interviewing. You need to be able yechnicum communicate well both verbally and on paper. I absolutely love the complicated watches that I have seen while searching the internet and I would love to one day tecbnicum something like these.


Im woundering what it all would take to get into the school im 20 and have simple experince in watchs but would like to pue sue watchmaking as my career and am willing to go where ever the job could take me. As for the potential. Posted May 15, at 1: Is there opportunity to be independent or is it best to be with a jewelry store?

I will be filling out the application this weekend.

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Would you mind explaining what the starter watch is? I make plenty to support my family. Professionalism is number one on their list for potential candidates. I am really interested in appying to the program and have submitted an email inquiry on how to apply.

LWT is looking to train professional watchmakers, not hobbyists, and professionalism is the main thing it takes to get into the school. High efficiency lighting is essential for the detailed work being done below and is controlled by daylight sensors to assure uniform lighting levels, incorporating newest technologies with classic design elements.

I am 36 yrs old, and am just concerned about my age, the passion and the drive is there. Yes there are women, maybe 1 or 2 out of the 12, but often they are the best students. Of course, I remember you.

watdh Bill, I was in my mid 20s when I attended watchmaking school, as were most of the students, but I have seen students as old as They really like to see that you are anxious to learn. Posted May 19, at 2: Which leads me to my next question: Posted August 12, at 9: This has been very inspirational.

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If you are an independent you might want to specialize in vintage watches or restoration. Posted May 1, at Your email is never published nor shared. Jobs were easier to come by in than they are now. I worked part time in the evenings at the Mercedes Benz dealer in Lancaster in order to partially support my family.


Do you know what their admission test consists of? In addition it is common for students to design their own click mechanism, or balance staff. I have loads of work. Also, I was wondering if you could possibly provide a basic, commonly used equation in watchmaking so I can get an idea of degree of algebra may be required. I know its been a few years since you attended but you have the general info on how the process works. Posted May 19, at 1: When I was at Lititz, and I believe today as well lutitz school watch is the culmination of the micro-mechanical portion.

As for work, you just have to find what you can. I am interested in this field when I first heared in BBC radio program. Do you personally think that this would help if I get accepted at LWT? Post a comment or leave a trackback: Posted July 11, at 8: I will be relocating to that area in summer of The imagery of our building design includes traditional shapes, features and materials of barns in the nearby area combined with innovative characteristics and architectural elements.

During your training, was using a loupe or eyeglass attachment loupe mandatory or could you use any form of sight aid?

The three-dimensional roof trusses above the repair studios adds a sculptural artistic quality to the space. The school is not easy, you are expected to work for 8 hours a day on tedious, monotonous tasks, but it is worth it.

I arrived in PA a little bit early so I could take some to find a job and that really did help.