They knew each other before? Jin-Soo Kwon credit only Yunjin Kim Jack’s father still alive??? This is our final Recap Blog of the season. Mike good write-up for a not so great eppy. Retrieved on September 16, It was a well played triangle

Is it to escape his current reality or is it to go back in time and undo what he did getting rescued? Was it being a chicken that accounted for him claiming he couldn’t swim and Charlie finally found his balls at the end or is there another reason for the lie? This must be how ALL of the flashes work for him. And of course, you can’t discount DVD purchases either. It parallels Desmond willingness to Sacrifice Charlie to find Penny. And my jaw just dropped.

Apparently there were spoilers circulating around before the episode aired, so some people were already spoiled and annoyed that they were. Views Read Edit View history. Well that and the reveal of the flash forward! However, a fiery car crash swason on the bridge before he jumps and he goes to the victims; it is eventually revealed that the driver crashed after seasln distracted by Jack.

Audible Download Audio Books. Then there is the question of Michael and Walt. You may not have long to get your answer.

Lost Addicts Blog: LOST: Season 3 Episode 22/23 – Through the Looking Glass

I have nothing more to add. Aired on February 28, Some people discuss alternate lostpediia. Is Jack really attracted to her or is he under the ol’ “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” mantra? Thank goodness Hulu picked it up! Did he Appear in places he wasn’t supposed to be? Some of the answers they couldn’t get to in the series were on there.


Episode 6season 3. Aired on May 9, Retrieved on January 4, There may be some goodies in these writings, but for now it’s a little too much lostpedis decipher. So he went and took the ram and offered it up as a holocaust in place of his son.

The Man from Tallahassee

One where he becomes aeason smartest and most evil dog in the world by bringing a Mary statue to Charlie. I work from home, and it’s been super hard to focus on my actual work when that Netflix ‘Play Next’ button is sitting right there. And the variable future – based on what you did in the past is definitely big here.

Wow, very impressive Jen! I am a big fan of Desmond and watching as he went through the steps of ultimately stopping Charlie from dying was good stuff, in my opinion – convincing Hurley and Jin was a hoot, particularly Jin with the marshmellow thing! It’s interesting reading this blog because I am utterly removed from the media coverage and lostpedis that occurred when the show aired live.

I forgot to discuss episove the blog about them taking blood from Michael.

Goofs When Kate goes to confront Jack, she opens the door and we see it’s bare on the other side except for a strip metal hinge at the top. The battle between the crash survivors and the dangerous and mysterious island inhabitants referred to as the ” Others ” comes to a head as ten of the Others attack and are then ambushed at the survivors’ camp and are subsequently killed.

I just had to initially respond to the “normal” people comment, naturally! 222

Share this Rating Title: And like I said before, Desmond better be sticking around too. I thought that we might eventually learn that the crash victims might tie in somehow. But things are definitely a little too lovey dovey between these two right now. Maybe this is another event where Desmond will end up going back to redo something?


Jack laments about having to lie and that they should have never left. Post-production wrapped on May 21,only two days before it aired on television.

He seems very important to the entire mythology of the show and his love saga with Penny seems to be just getting started.

Sorry if I am being a tad slow but I realised something last night when I was rewatching the Season 2 finale Retrieved 24 November I guess it could be! This must be how ALL of the flashes work for him. No way Locke is dying, right?

Walt’s reappearance, which I’m guessing is real, is a potential example of that I’m still not sure he went very far with Michael when they left. He tries to kill himself because he’s already dead?

On the way to finding the Pilot, they discover a backpack full of goodies including a Hoola Girl and a Satellite Phone. A few days after the crash, Locke is sitting on the beach and takes one black and one white marble out of a pouch and holds them up to his eyes.

I think they could get rid of Syed this season. Of course, we have seen through Desmond’s travels that while certain events will happen, how we get there can vary Retrieved on December 7, Season 3 Episode 17 – Catch