I don’t watch it anymore. I was just hoping you didn’t have a bad child hood. I was told he was upstate but moved to Cali for his career??? In the first 6 months on my current job, we had 2 baby showers I found her on YouTube about two years ago and been following her every since. You gotta give her an A for effort. I mean that would capture my attention Come through with the info??

Uhhhh don’t remind me. I just don’t have time to watch it right now. He wore it too lol. Aww, I was hoping that was not the case! You ain’t got the moral ground to stand on to pass judgement on nobody but ya’self. I used to luv Zena.. Like she a lil slow.

I plan to keep missing it So disappointed in this. How you know I had fish last night? But I do know the string game.

He knows when I ask, “When did you see that? Is she related to Brandy and em? You just described me? You get on my nerves.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Clooney, allegedly, nice guy She had a chance to get back into the biz I think the end of the first season or 2ns one, and she had a bad performance and than assaulted a producer when he criticized her! Tommie and treasure look back on their fruit fight. Esp the corny background music.


Aww, I was hoping that was not the case! Xfinity On Demand has them I gag a little bit when I watch Nikki’S mess and little Brandy Why am I seeing all these Formation tour pics with all Beyonce’s inner circle and not one pic of kim and her Klan.

I’m so sorry that ddoy had to endure that kind of evil as a child. You ain’t got the moral ground to stand on to pass judgement on nobody but ya’self. Is what it is.

The whole cast is wack. I was at a baby shower Sunday, that was one of the games.

At a certain age I Dont even see how ppl have the time. I keep forgetting it comes on she’s horrible. When does it air? I can’t stand loud mouth woman.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 7 – DDotOmen

Over a year later, Trump tweeted in response to hollgwood reports, “Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond. TSO it’s ah Thing, huh?! I actually watched some bc my oldest was home taking over the main tv with this shat. This is a good site, if you’re watching from your phone.


In Case You Missed It: Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Episode 7

I sent her an email Saturday! Brandi has a big ass head.

NO body shaming, cause her boy has passed being shame and is fukked up. She’d never sacrafice her career for me, ol selfish ass, but I’m not her, so Saison 1 saison 2 saison 3 saison 4 saison 5 saison 6 saison 7. I thought hi; was something different.

They in full rigor mortis! They do an organized Bring Your Kids to Work day here.