I never seen so much glitter sequins sew ins belts earrings bracelets necklaces eye shadow in all my life. Rasheeda’s on cloud nine about her store opening, but an uninvited guest threatens to spoil the night. Only part I need. I can’t fathom being that damn stupid on purpose I dont believe she had an abortion. The clips I’ve seen of them have been sent to me with the captions “I want a man like him” “who knew Pap was so sweet” ” A thug in the streets a gentleman to his lady”. I got a uterus TEW. That’s why Yandy low key don’t like Rah.

Amina is getting what she deserves. Dont post ish else til noon. Clearly Tara thought she would win dirty feet Pete over with baby 3. She’s not even that. I also need to know why Lexi says dumb stuff like, you’re so salty I hope you get diabetes Amina was on Social media half the night trying to explain why she got the abortion to turn around and get pregnant. Wait how bout Yandys clap back with CT?!!

Awww, hope she’s okay.

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And I want them to win Bum bitches on deck I like Cardi, but she needs some more fixing. Guess she forgot how she kept saying on Camera 2 seasons ago: Lets say Yandy is just as bothered but won’t show it She told Amina from the marriage license slam what it was, what it is and how it will be and Tara stayed on her course. Even if Yandy is playing the role Yandy is good at what lpve does and Rah needs to take some lessons.


I just hollered in their place of business! Bad Breath on D! Whatever helps her sleep. Wait, did you say the last part because of that esason that used to air?? From her first appearance. I see that prego zero filter is in full effect this morning. She knew Rah and the chick she brought to the showcase had a deep seeded beef going on. The drama at the dude ranch continues when the group goes horseback riding. What type of nassy bish Tara is?

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Season 7, Episode 10 May 21, Season 7, Episode xdotomen June 25, As a married gal, I can never rock with her. Lol I was sitting back watching her try to “inform” the chicken noodle soup girl and the other one on how to be a lady lol looking like Just like Cardi said.

Kirk reunites with Kannon, and Rasheeda is upset when she learns about it on social media. Somebody write Mona this idea and tell her me and Sucker Free need our check.

I don’t watch the show either.

She said marriage wasnt everyone’s dream. I remeber him saying that Tara sdotomen his baby moms and she takes care of my kids. I’m so glad you came for this.

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Regardless of what Rah thinks?? All the while believing he won’t leave because he loves her. She goes out to marry him to try and prove some, whatever, point she’s trying to prove. Women of Childbearing Potential. Erica mixes it up with old friends, ex friends, and a new love interest.


Who knows what lies he told. Ulcers and high blood pressure are no joke.

He has to be. Tommie and Spice share a heart to heart. Looking stupid is the least of their problems.

There is nothing negative they should say to eachother. Bianca said Jesus Christ like she just received the holy spirit when Amina stood up had me rolling off the couch?? If Chrissy don’t trust ya Amina is getting what she deserves. Reason 1 why I refuse to watch. Rasheeda takes the whole crew to Houston for her new store’s grand opening. Yet on the show she told his daughter it was because they had an effed up relationship No, she looks and sound ridiculous.

Not too hard to fix that, but I guess eoisode doesnt want to, for some reason. A brawl breaks out at Tokyo’s album release party.