This drama looks amazing: As for Yoona, i have to say i see an improvement, although another actress would have done a better job. He watches from a distance as she cries alone, waffling back and forth on whether or not to go over to her. Jin the backseat driver: First, I can understand a little bit of why the ratings may be a little on the low side. Are they just allowed to slap people like that? But destiny stepped in and separated them, and both moved on with their lives. Instrumentals can help set the mood just as well, at least in my opinion.

I don’t mind rewinding and going back to those super zany scenes. If new actors and even idols are getting lead roles, why can’t a good actor be a lead actor? Love the Hong Sisters!!!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this drama ever since I heard the Hong sisters were doing a new one. How about a billion won then? Leina May 6, at 2:

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I hope the framacrazy go up higher. Rramacrazy tries to shake her off, but she apologizes profusely, telling him to just hit her instead, mockingly hitting her head against his fist.

Scenery school,library,restaurant,bus stop shows the s setting. A scene where Inha offers his blue umbrella to Yoonhee while pretending to get over his feelings for her. Also Dong Wook did charm her a bit. She puts spit on her wounds to help heal them -which is totally something I can see my grandmother doing.


Only a few people watch Indie Films. I have to say i was extremely sad last night after dramacrazg some comments about love rain because i just couldnt get why people were being so negative, i thought the first episode was really good!

I can understand the small dip in ratings after the first episode, too. By zzainal Started August 10, D On a different note: Love Colbert and Jon Stewart too!! She is sweet and likeable.

I really appreciate your detailed explanations for certain korean puns, or meanings or cultural references which we would understand if literally translated. I will cross my fingers for higher ratings and will wait impatiently for this show. Hwang Bo Ra Supporting Cast.

Some dramas use metaphors and other symbolisms. Sure, it isn’t perfect, when did people expect perfect? Click here to learn more. Her role here is dtamacrazy plain and dead, she is just there being pretty and pure, wish she had more emotions – hoping her future role be more alive.

That’s the time when Inha-Yoonhee relationship starts to be established in the drama I can only hope I can share some of my thoughts and opinions and maybe even change some raim minds?

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Until the subs come out, I’ll dgamacrazy these recaps to look forward to. I think JSG can act and is good. I should be studying for my finals instead I keep refreshing dramabeans for my “breaks”. It’s such a shame that only a few watches this drama in Korea.


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Remember everyone, there is a lot left, so don’t waste your drqmacrazy stressing out how each single episode is being rated. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I agree with people who say she doesn’t have much screen presence. I love this drama!

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I’m so loving this drama!! Korea’s got very strict hierarchy though. I’m glad to read a good review from dramabeans considering how negative loce previous posts were before the airing.

I was laughing throughout the review! I’m enjoying watching JGS and Yoona, they are so sweet and oh so innocent. She agrees to do so, and turns to go, but he stops in his tracks when he hears her ringtone. She totally calls him out on being a fakey lovve, and starts shouting out the truth for the reporters to hear.

Love Rain Episode 19 May 30th,