Quotes from Born Free: The mastercheese for lion lovers. Some areas I zoomed through reading and others I practically fell asleep at. While television specials kept the Adamsons’ cause in the spotlight, Adamson spent her last 10 years travelling the world, giving speeches about the perils faced by wildlife in Africa. After Elsa died, George and Joy Adamson separated and were not together after The pictures also made the book seem a lot shorter because half of every chapter is pictures and the book is only pages in total.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Preview — Born Free by Joy Adamson. Joy Adamson’s story of a lion cub in transition between the captivity in which she is raised and the fearsome wild to which she is ret There have been many accounts of the return to the wild of tame animals, but since its original publication in , when T he New York Times hailed it as a “fascinating and remarkable book,” Born Free has stood alone in its power to move us. This book turned me into a blubbering, weeping mess. I had moments of laughter and smiles as well as tears. This would be rated five stars except that I really try to be stingy with those.

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I love Elsas story but not entirely agreeable with Joy and George, just because of fipm of the animals they killed for no reason to be honest. They begin the painful process of reintroducing her to the wild. During Elsa’s lifetime, Joy and George Adamson needed each other to educate her, but after she died and her cubs were taken in by els park, their interests went in separate directions, as did their lives.

Elsa must learn how to hunt and survive on her own with only her human parents to teach her. He is credited with saving the tourist’s life.

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Oct 15, Lisa Harmonybites rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I thought it was amazing how intelligent Elsa was. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Return to Book Page.

Joy Adamson is best known for her conservation efforts associated with Elsa the Lioness. Adamson does a terrific job of telling a very personal story and also educating about the bigger picture.

Want to Read saving…. Elsa had all our hearts back then, and her was amazing and truly free in the end. Jun 22, Zoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plot of the book seemed all over the place at times; it would just jump to an only slightly relevant topic.


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Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds by Joy Adamson

But Joy Adamson never had to do that she could almost always walk out onto her porch and let her pet lion Elsa suck her thumb. Adamson is best known for her conservation efforts associated with Elsa the Lioness.

I love Elsa, but I really didn’t like the Adamsons. I guess lions can be boring, too. An orphaned lion cub, the weakest of the litter that grew up into a beautiful lioness named Elsa, who got involved in many adventures with her foster parents. One thing I got a chuckle out of was when they returned to Elsa for a three day period several times, and when she got to know the signs they were preparing to leave, she turned her face away from them.

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Other books in the series. The author starts the book off when she and her husband first find the lion cubs.

She submitted it to a number of publishers ovice it was bought by Harvill Press, part of HarperCollins. Joy and Elsa develop a mother-daughter like relationship that lasts a lifetime. They decided to set her free rather than send her to a zoo, and spent many months training her to hunt and survive on her own.

Finally, something I really liked and appreciated about this book was the abundance of pictures. Even after successfully released into the wild, when the Adamsons came to visit her she’d recognize and greet them with affection. Elsa was really very magical and unique, and after reading this book, having a lion around suddenly begins to sound much more enjoyable than a dog.

Now, I don’t know what you’re looking for in a book. He then found her three young cubs and felt great remorse at having killed their mother and took them home. They made their home together in Kenya. She was never confined, never treated with brutality in an attempt to dominate. After Elsa died, George and Joy Adamson separated and were not together after The life for Vilm was torn between that of being a pet or living a free life in the wild as she was meant to have.

What better message to save the Earth? To see what your friends thought of this book, lvjce sign up. It took place in the late 50s lcice retains a tiny bit This is the 40th anniversary edition of this classic book, and it contains a new filk.


The book encloses a lot more detailed information about Elsa, her habits and her charismatic personality. The True Story of the Remarkable Bond Between Two Friends and a Lion born in a pen and displayed at Harrod’s until two men rescued Christian as a cub, kept him till he was too big and finally also returned him to live the life of freedom with livce help of George Adamson’s capable hands.

I was not a fan of this story because it did not seem coherently written and if it was published now, it would look more like someone’s blog rather than a story. This chapter adds nothing to the story except for a plot point that is quickly resolved in the next chapter and the fact that Elsa was playful with the other animals, which was already shown in the second chapter.

I read fiml first when I was about 12 and it got me elsx I cannot remember how many times I reread this book; it was many. Behold, the Lion Queen. Jun 24, Summer Lane rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this book ages ago and I really enjoyed reading it.

I was not a fan of this story beca Born Free: Nevertheless it is highly recommended for anyone who likes animals. She’ll give me kisses whenever I ask, as she is a kisser.

I also enjoyed Living Free and Forever Free elda not quite as much, but it would have been impossible for me to not read those sequels as I would have been painfully curious about how the story continues.

At times I felt like giving up on the book for this reason but I’m going to continue the trilogy and try reading Living Free to elsz how Elsas journey continues. Fi,m the story they travel on safaris and introduce Elsa to the natural world. This is one of the best animal stories of all time. She is shot in self-defense, but they realize later with lvic that she had been trying to protect her young, three cubs who George brings back to camp.