These types of watches contain an internal weighted rotor which rotates inside the watch to keep the mainspring properly wound. If you go read about the company itself, you will also find out that this is a company that has been making nothing but cases for a very long time. Versa Enzo Double Watch Winder. This wood watch winder has a few settings for speed, ranging from soft to strong. With their ability to emit very little in the way of sound as the watch is wound, watch collectors from all across the world have come to rely on this motor type. I recommend it for the lazy and forgetful — like me!

This winder gives you four options for turn duration and three options for direction per watch. The pillow accepts both small and large wristbands; using the pillow lengthwise will allow you to set larger watches. Automatic watch winders such as the Diplomat serve to keep your watches accurate even while not in use. I think this is a well-made winder. Undoubtedly, the best option would be to purchase a watch winder that makes intermittent turns throughout a 24 hour period. Unusually fine, handmade craftsmanship. This dual powered watch winder is affordable with numerous features to allow you to wind your watch appropriately.

In the world of watchwinders it’s exactly the same. However, as you will quickly discover, many of the watch winders featured in this article will have variable settings allowing you to either decrease or increase the TPDs. This watch winder features an LCD display, chrome knobs to adjust speed and rotation, and additional storage to store up to three more watches that can be locked with the included key. The watch holder clicks into the turning mechanism to ensure a secure grip on your watch as it spins, so you are guaranteed to get your watch wound by using this device.

The sliding cover protects your watch from dust and scratches, and is easy to move around to take your watch out. The battery within this product can last over a year. Thanks for checking out the site – and make sure to come back again!

The winder has 4 settings that alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise for varying lengths of time, with rests between each rotation time. Plus, it stands up like a tower which means it takes up less room on surfaces it is placed on. The little watch boxes are incredibly stylish, with a domed window to watch your watch as it rotates.

This winder looks fantastic. It was delivered in perfect condition and was easy to set up with directions that were clear, concise, and comprehensive. Home page Categories Shop by category.


The pillow accepts both small and large wristbands; using the windfr lengthwise will allow you to set larger watches. Both dials can go the same way, or they can rotate in opposite directions simultaneously.

Leaving them idle for several days at a time often causes the watches to slow or stop completely. One of the knobs control whether you want the mabucni to rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional, according to what your watch needs.

The case itself is a 7 inch long tube that easily fits in most luggage bags, and can run on battery power or the included AC adapter. The Diplomat travel case runs at turns per day, and has the option to spin clockwise, counterclockwise, or both.

This winder features a TPD speed ofand it rotates clockwise, counterclockwise, or a combination of both depending on what your watch needs.

Top 10 Best Automatic Double Watch Winders Reviews 2019-2020

This box features a faux leather exterior with a clear glass window to view your watches. The advantage is that I can fit two of these winders in the same space as the Heiden Quad winder that I returned.

The materials that this watch winder is made out of are also designed to be long lasting as well as fashionable. Instead, the Rapport watch winder mimics the motion of your wrist by swinging your watch on the pedestal. The four modes of the Diplomat are varied enough to take care of nearly every automatic watch model out there. If your watch requires a very specific amount of spins, you can program the watch winder to do that for you.

The LCD touch pad allows you to customize how you want your watches to spin, and for how long. I definitely would recommend this item.

The reason for this is that the main spring of the watch will remain wound at the same torque keeping accurate time for your favorite watch. I looked through pretty much all watch-winder manufacturers online, and this winder is the only winder that is reasonably priced and has an elegant finish that goes along with my Rolex.

Buy JQUEEN Double Watch Winder With Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor 2day Ship online | eBay

Our watch winders come in a variety of beautiful finishes, so it is easy to find a style that will complement the decor of any room it is placed in. By and far the most prevalent motor type that top-rated watch winders have come to rely on is the highly touted Japanese Mabuchi motors.


This handsome looking single watch winder is made from wood and leather that accents any watch perfectly. There is an LED light that lights up reveiw watches, so you can see even in the dark what watches you are putting on. The case looks very classy and has a very nice leather feel to it. This is big enough to take up a considerable amount of room on any surface, and would not do well on a nightstand.

Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder. With the ultra-quiet Japanese motor, you can even put it in your bedroom to work while you sleep. Unfortunately, there is no option to have it switch between the two. In case of a power out, using both may be recommended to maintain your programmed settings.

The LCD display lights up every time a knob is touched, and will stay lit for ten seconds after you have released the knob.

An LCD screen lets you see exactly what you are setting, and the different settings for your turns-per-day are also clearly visible. Again, dependent on what your watch needs; too many turns will result in over-winding your watch which reduces its lifespan.

Magnificent piano finish, luxurious velvet interior, ultra-quiet, high-quality motor and multiple sophisticated modes of operation. The unit as a whole is also fairly inexpensive, and the power base can hold up to 12 watches simultaneously. Undoubtedly, the best option would be to purchase a watch winder that makes intermittent turns throughout a 24 hour period.

This dual powered watch winder is affordable with numerous features to allow you to wind your watch appropriately. I am very pleased with the product.

The importance of a good motor inside the watchwinder

If you buy mitor through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. Of course, you can plug this unit into a wall as well using the included AC adapter. There are a few watchwinder brands which use Faulhaber from Switzerland, but this brand is less known in the market. Known defects are motors which completely stop, rotors which vibrate and increase of sound level.

Best wooden single watch winder.