Those rogues of your coIony. Anu, take a Iook. Yesterday, she was introducing me.. I am ready to become Aman for saving Anupama’s Iife. Your brother-in-Iaw is there to take care of me, isn’t it? Hey, why are you just sitting here? First do, what you have come for.

TeII me, what is the amount? Madam, we had sent the washing machine.. And this mentaI disorder is caIIed schizophrenia. I wouId have died. This interaction of Anupama and so-called Aman covers several things and has several facets. Just a minute, just a minute, a photo pIease! But we found out that there was no one there.

I have seen a girI for you. How can I expIain this to you, my chiId?

Come on girIs, come and have something. And whenever we say such a patient.

Where do we have to subtitlds Mother, do you want to meet him? I had promised you. Both John Abraham and Priyanshu Chatterjee have done well.


Madhoshi -English subtitles

All is well for Ria until one day on a college mishap Ria Aman does not Iove me. I never knew Anu wouId create such a scene. I am going out day after tomorrow. As Ishaan, a music producer who has commitment issues with the women in his life, feels a connection with Gauri, his next-door neighbor, he begins to learn the importance of relationships.

PIease expIain it to her. Shweta International [India] English. This room was fuII of Iife. Hey see, our item has come. Son, I want to be proud of you.

Madhoshi -English subtitles

And the chances to get weII are aImost zero percent. See, it is the twenty fifth anniversary.

How is that possibIe, chiId? Are you done with it? ChiId, you are stiII sitting this way. Are you hard of hearing? Do you know Anu?

I don’t bIame you. Yes, I wiII see it. And that too for three days? I don’t want to go. After that she saw Aman. Arpit, this is Anu. That subtitels this guy is, pIease come and meet us.


Madhoshi () () with English subtitles (closed captions) and transcript

We are fine papa. There is a Iimit to earn money. WiII you have some coffee? He does not Iove me. This is my younger brother, Battu.

I am bIaring the horn since when. I have toId you earIier too, that. KindIy Ieave this pIace. What kind of insanity was that?

What he does and what finally turns out due to his endeavours is the remaining part of the story which is completely unbelievable.