What ever has come out of his early life are either revealed by Sri Mahaperiavaa himself during his discourse are by some of his close devotees of that period. There is no hint about Ganapathi Anna and other brothers and sisters Sivan Sir and so. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I hope I could meet them during my stay. No doubt the effort to recreate the life of the Great is laudable, but the result should not become less than desirable when made without relevance and knowledge. Swaminathan and please continue. I would like to request on behalf of all the viewers who want the serial timings to be changed by 8. Please make all arrangements to meet with Vijay TV and tell them in a sophisticated way that you can help get a better serial.

The Crafters Tent March 23, at 8: Firstly thank you for the collectively set of links of this amazing serial. Normally the wife should be on the right hand side of the husband when the namaskaram is made whereas here the wife is standing to the left hand side of her husband. Anyways as Shirdi Sai Baba said “Mahan draws his devotees to them and they choose us based on our good in many births. It is meant to portray the Life of Mahaperiyava, who is Parameswara Himself, who incidentally also happened to be the head of the Mutt. So there will always be an element of dramatics in this. With tears thanking him so much. Here are the details Ramani.

In fact Bala Periyava himself was willing to go through the final script once made ready and offered to correct wherever necessary and give additional info from the Mutt and access to Mutt records. But one must understand that there is no proper detailed biography of Mahaperiyava.


All of you are well read and well informed periava devotees. I mahaangaluk felt that they were asked to suddenly finish this within 50 episodes It is better to not to touch this divine and sensitive subject, without eoisode knowledge and sincerity.

This is a audio talk by Mr. As examples, young Swaminathan performs namaskaram to the 66th Peedathipathi like a woman, the 66th Peedathipathi himself is shown doing pooja to Lord Nataraja standing the left of the deity. I really appriciate that team eoisode doing this show. Mutt people not allowing the parents to meet periyava after he took sanyasam. Koothur Sriram March 3, at 9: It is so sad that they rushed through the last couple of the weeks of the episodes and finished the same abruptly.

It is meant to portray the Life of Mahaperiyava, who is Parameswara Himself, who incidentally also happened to be the head of the Mutt.

Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum Serial Concerns

Shivaraman and Ganesa Sarma had already talked to this producer and raised all these concerns…. The director is totally unaware of the subject. Any attempt would only fall short of what it is intended for. Panchanathan Suresh March 25, at 7: This show will be watched by impressionable youngsters who will cherish what they see. Epidode is a great service that you have started by compiling the episodes in archives as they get telecast.

It seems, somebody has given that suggestion. Mahesh is, how they will handle the current Periavaas scenes. We really love the title song – the music and the rendition by Sri.

I would thank all once again. Please please, dont stop this. Hi, I want to watch all the episodes of this serial.

I am also of the opinion that they should have consulted some close assosiates who were with sri Mah periava. It is very bad and because of this i am not happy with Vijay TV. Parameswarn has given darshan to Kannapanayanar and not that Anushtna Brahmin Bakthar.


Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum Serial Concerns – Sage of Kanchi

He surely has the great mahaan’s blessings to even don this role. So there will always be an element of dramatics in this. We have many customers complimenting for the serial and a select few who have deeper knowledge giving us constructive criticism.

I mzhaangalum with Sri Ramaswami.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Guhan Chandrasekaran June 1, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home. Please do watch on Mahaperiyaa’s life and teachings.

If I am able to meet this team, will spend some time to share all our concerns and also offer some assistance to perfect the fundamentals. Pls keep up the great work and we all pray for Mahaperiyavaa’s blessings. Makes one wonder about the motivation for the project. Thanks for adhisayngalum links for this serial. Now we would like to point out adhisayagalum flaws which need to be corrected, if possible. Since our community is always a soft target, they take us for granted.

Mahesh, have adhisaayangalum the content of the show disturbing. I am watching the same episodes again and again from youtube. At least going forward, they can give a better adherence to the true story line and correct what they have missed.