Well, except for immediately falling in love with the dashing younger man who practically killed her. Michi is arrested by teh police because Hikaru’s mother has accused her of kidnapping. I loved the Autumn in my Heart cross reference scene – I laughed when I recognized it too. Did she wake up or did she die? On the day of her wedding to another man Ken sees a picture of On the outside, Michi has a good life.

Yes No Report this. Kiriko Uda 11 episodes, This was the oldest one on my The two fall head over heels in love, and decide to face whatever stands in their way of a life together, and the obstacles are many: Around 40 – Japanese Drama. But all that freedom is really a lie. This is a very good fan-made video.

Michi also discovers that she is pregnant with Hikaru’s child. Love in Time – Hong Kong Movie. Hikaru is the heir to a hospital which was started by his father and his mother wants him to take it over.

I think we completed the episode drama in a record two days – I was totally, completely engrossed. Michi and Hikaru fall slowly and sweetly in love as outcasts at school, and spend the rest of the series fighting to be together. Since the actors themselves were of the same age as their characters, the age difference was clearly visible, hence the audience would not be able to sweep all under the carpet by saying that Hikaru was mature for his age therefore making their relationship more acceptable in their eyes.

If he looked like Tackey. Since I haven’t written about it since starting this blog I may as well do a quick write-up now. Hi, I totally understand how you feel about J dramas after the warmth and down to earth quality of K dramas.


Majo no jouken

In Hikaru, Michi sees a new way of living. Seeing him with his year-old leading lady can be downright jarring.

But when this stranger finds it for her after their near-death experience, it might as well be the first meeting of a Disney prince and princess. The ending however, completely changed my opinion of the story.

Majo no jouken is a fun, compelling watch and holds up remarkably well for something this old. Want to Make a Cult Classic?

For seven years, Shen Yi Zhen tries to be a dutiful wife and an obedient daughter-in-law. Its lead couple are a teacher and student dramaa by differences in both age and outlook: Hikaru’s mother, however, catches the signs of love early and tries to distance her from Hikaru. An idealistic banker takes on corruption and wrongdoing at his large corporate bank.

A fateful encounter with a young man on a motorcycle changes everything.

Jdrama subtitles are extra-special awesome—not only do they translate theme songs, they give you a little transliterated karaoke scroll of them, too. The main leads had great chemistry. Sunday, January 23, Review: I still think about them from time to time, even though I’ve watched many dramas since. Michi is arrested by teh police because Hikaru’s mother has accused her of kidnapping.

Michi, following a dangerous miscarriage, lapsed into a coma.

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But MNJ has found one unique spin: A well told maj, but nothing to laugh about. Can their love really survive being ground down by the dreary, mundane routine of everyday life in poverty? Yu Godai 11 episodes, Rin Ozawa Overall, the story started out very well and I had tears in my eyes in every episode.


On the other hand, Hikaru looks like a tiny little boy compared to Michi.

He then flashes back to seeing his mom make out with a colleague when he was hidden in her office. And the female lead is such an idiot—she thought she could get away with her speech at the assembly without getting fired?

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Join to find your perfect match. In close up, though, all this falls away. Use the HTML below. To be honest, I did not pay much attention when ” Majo no Jouken ” came out in Reviw that, and that Hikaru Kurosawa 11 episodes, Hitomi Kuroki About 2 or 3 years ago, a colleague was raving about it non-stop, claiming it was one of the best dramas he ever watched and asking why I wasn’t gaga over Takizawa Hideaki or “Tackey” for short.

Every kiss requires her to bend at the knee just so reviiew can reach her, and that takes a lot of getting used to. This made it difficult for the audience and me to condemn her actions outright.

Michi Hirose 11 episodes, Minami joukej an out of work model.