When our Facebook hits 1 k on likes, we will give out 2 free tickets to any show of the festival for the person with the funniest answer to the question “What’s the difference between a comic and a moose? First up was Metal Church rocking the main stage. In a way I would say the show was even a bit too epic with all the background tapes they had to use to reach the big majestic sound. Here Ville also plays the guitar while doing a good job with the vocals as usual. By this time of the evening on a gray, rainy day it had gotten dark enough for the lightshow to look impressive too. Once again the Club stage will be offering shows by many up and coming bands. All changes in program and schedules reserved. He’s definitely dirtier than his jokes.

Ismo is now on tour and at Arctic Laughs you can see his one-hour set for Edinbourgh beforehand! Started his comedy routines a couple of years ago after he finally realized he could put his bad life decisions to use, and he’s got plenty to share. This was certainly a welcome addition due to the sound being pretty crappy at times during previous years. Miska Kajanus is a surprising comic with a twisted way of looking at life. In their case this was only giving the band more energy to play and it gave the crowd even more special feeling to the concert. In not-so-pleasent news, American riffsters The Sword have cancelled their appearance at Tuska due to their new album recording and subsequent release being pushed back. Immortal front man Abbath and his new band will make their world premiere at Tuska on Saturday June 27th.

The sound at the Club Stage had been improved with some acoustical treatments and possibly some equipment changes as well. Johanna is a stand up comedian, an amnala actor and an improv teacher. Now for these guys the rainy weather worked great. Despite them being the first band to play a decent amount of crowd had already made it there for the party. See Tommi perform on show 15! Arctic Laughs is now over, thanks to everyone who made it happen, hope to see you all again next year!


These young thrashers are just so much fun to look at and their energy washes off the hangover one might have after the first day of partying hard. He’s definitely dirtier than his jokes.

Wanna know how he got the title? Tix link in bio.

Abbath tekee maailmandebyyttinsä Tuskassa

When going closer to the stage the sound was fine though and made the show a lot more enjoyable. Nigel Williams is British but lives in Belgium, he has been a professional stand-up comedian for 12 years. See him perform on shows 1, 8 and 11!

Whether unapologetically dissecting Finnish ideology and culture, or struggling to play the role of Patriarch in a bi-cultural family, Trent draws his comedic inspiration from my surroundings, both on stage and off. Rifling off Immortal classics, Abbath is a surefire hit within Tuska-crowd.

The main stage Radio Rock Stage is faced opposite of the second outdoor stage Inferno Stage in the middle of the festival area. Trent has been performing comedy for over 13 years.

The band was obviously happy to finally be able to do it too. This was certainly a welcome addition due to the sound being pretty crappy at times during previous years. Miska has acted in Finnish TV shows and movies.

Repost arcticlaughs with repostapp. What he lacks in confidence, he makes up for in sexual frustration. The masks gave the show a bit more theatrical aspect which actually seemed to work with the music. Why stop with thrash since it started the day preesnts well. Leo will perform on show 9.

See him perform on show 12! More than halfway through the show I started to wonder if they would play any older material at all.

Abbath tekee maailmandebyyttinsä Tuskassa

See him perform on shows 5 and robret Our crew got to the Tuska site when Powerwolf was already doing the last part of their set. See him perform on shows 10 and 14! Although due to the strict Finnish alcohol laws there may not have been as much drinking going on as at a standard Tankard show. Strong is also a good word to describe the extremely tight playing of these guys. From what I heard from several people afterwards they got a bunch of new fans by performing at Tuska, good job!


About half of the new album was played mixed together with a few of older gems.

See Trebt perform on shows 5 and 9! TAG YO MOMMA- Comedy comedytragedy comedynerd comedyinfinland comedynights comedystoreoriginalroom comedyhour comedytoronto comedycommunity comedywoman comedyplay comedyyoga comedyfordays comedycentralfest comedykings comedylover comedychallenge comedyvines comedypacks comedyaccount comedystudio comedypodcast comedyscene comedysequel comedycollabo comedyburger comedymeme comedygroup comedyopenmic souljaboy.


She wears a foil hat only when no one is watching. Just like last year Lost Society kicked off our Tuska Saturday. Well, you can if you get tickets http: After Satyricon I checked if Neurosis would work for me this time but it just sounded so dull and monotonous I rather continued being social with friends before the festival area gets closed in a pettesrson of hours.

After recovering from a very enjoyable Friday I was peytersson eager for some more good times.

Shows 2 and 7 in Sokos Hotel Presidentti will be held in an entirely dark room! In their case this was only giving the band more energy to play and it gave the crowd even more special feeling to the concert.

All 50 of our comedians! Still alive and kicking after two days of Tuska fun it was time for the last day of prewents festival.