Discover the variety of cinemas in Rotterdam. LantarenVenster is the alternative cinema of Rotterdam and maybe it’s better called a film theatre instead of a cinema. Experimental Publishing Master Media Design: Documentary shot in beautiful black-and-white, about the New Black Panther Party’s campaign for equal rights for the Afro-American community. Cinemas in Rotterdam centre There used to be several small cinemas in Rotterdam centre, but most of them have been converted into shops or clubs. Cooperations between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other artists working in the field of sound and vision. Kids programme Even the youngest visitors are provided for!

We use functional cookies on this website. From Rotterdam Central Station , get there by metro and stop at Beurs. Unlike the other cinemas in Rotterdam, you won’t find large American blockbusters in LantarenVenster, but cultural movies that are screened in one of their five smaller theatre rooms. Cinerama has a nice lounge in seventies style where you can drink before or after the movie. Accept cookies I only accept functional cookies. You can find plenty of good and nice restaurants on the Wilhelmina pier in the vicinity of Lantarenvenster, so it’s easy to combine your night to the movies with dinner! Cinerama is a lovely old cinema in the center of Rotterdam with 7 screens and over seats.

Cinemas in Rotterdam centre There used to be several small cinemas in Rotterdam centre, but most of them have been converted into shops or clubs. The programme of Cinerama is very diverse: Big Screen Competition The winning film will be released in Dutch rotterfam.

When you visit a movie with your family there are family tickets available with a discounted price.

More and more they commute between the ship and the shore, where they are warmly welcomed by the owner of a local restaurant. The teaser made by Naomi Snell will be shown at the following screenings: An invitation to reflect upon the lure of science and technology and our obsession with progress through a series of films finerama an exhibition. During a month of PLAY the students were assisted by professionals who provided the workshops in editing, creative writing and sound.


But their parent company went bust and now the fishing trawler has been bobbing off the coast of the Peruvian port city of Chimbote for two months, without work. Cinerama has a nice lounge in seventies style where you can drink before or after the movie.

Friday January 26, If you would like to combine your night our to the cinemas with a dinner you can have a look at our page about restaurants in Rotterdam for tips! LantarenVenster’s offer includes classical films, documentaries and many good films for kids and shows movies which are usually not shown in the regular cinemas. In this award-winning documentary shot in stunning black-and-white, Italian filmmaker Minervini closely follows several black residents of New Orleans.

House on Fire A look at our world in crisis from a truly oblique angle. In Rotterdam’s cinemas you can enjoy all kinds of movies from Hollywood blockbusters to Asian art movies. Over the Moon Symposium This symposium organised by The Piet Zwart Institute is a day filled with talks and presentations on both historical and contemporary approaches to visualizing space.

Young movie lovers can visit Kids Only with their parents to watch rotterdamm variety of short films, which includes a communal luncheon and a fun, movie related workshop, while their parents watch regular movies. First feature length films being presented in world or international premiere in this section are eligible for the Bright Future Award.

Pathe De Kuip is easy to reach from the motorway but also from the center of Rotterdam with the express tram. Deep Focus Explores the world of cinema with compilations, retrospectives and various other formats. Special package deals and preview days are offered during IFFR. Cinerama Rotterdam by public transport. They have chosen a teaser made by Dominic Mulder to show in theaters as well as online for their On Tour programme.

But please note that some of the kids movies are shown in both the orignal language as well as Dutch, so make sure you pick the right version! The main guest is festival director Bero Beyer, who is also an alumnus of the Martahon de Kooning Academy!


Five young South African women go on a trek karathon by three guides through the iMfolozi Wildlife Park in KwaZulu Natal; a first encounter with the wilderness where their ancestors lived for centuries. Apply now Please fill in the form below to start your application. In addition, there are many short and long films from all parts of the world that are marahton shown in the Netherlands outside this festival. With 4D you experience movie effects yourself in the movie theatre by moving chairs and water effects.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018

Multifaceted contemporary African and African-diaspora cinema with special focus on the history of the Pan-African movement as captured in film. Films, performances and an installation bring together different disciplines in a swirling mash-up of contemporary pop culture. Diverse programme Most of the screens in the cinema have got about seats and the biggest screen ciberama got almost seats.

Once a year, around January or February, the cinemas in Rotterdam are used for a special occasion: Do Check this out.

International Film Festival Rotterdam – WdKA

In some restaurants you get a discount when you show your Cinerama ticket. We use them to analyse and improve the user experience.

Nightlife in Rotterdam is very diverse and has something to offer for any age and any interest. Mon 29 Jan, This arty movie theatre in Rotterdam shows lots of movies for kids and also has a stage for live Jazz music. Imagine sitting on top of the building, enjoying the beautiful view over Rotterdam – and then the screen slowly goes down, starting a fantastic film screening.

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