When the path branches, you’ll see a blue floor switch to the right and more haze to the left. July 14, at If you can make it across safely, grab the star! Grab the power flower to turn Wario into metal, and very quickly run down the hill ahead of you. Once you’ve turned into Wario, jump off the beast’s back and go to the island in the center of the lake. Go to the underground lake go left, round the black hole, past the rocks and down the elevator and get on Dorrie’s the sea monster’s back. Once through the doory, follow the narrow walkway left, past a sign, and up a ramp with rolling boulders. Keep following the path and look up occasionally for a steel door up on a ledge, since it’s difficult to see it from the ground.

Ground pound the black-brick block to reveal a star switch, but before stepping on the switch you should grab the Luigi cap from a goomba nearby. When you reach the end, jump over to the door and go through it. Underwater you’ll see a narrow path that leads along the left wall and up to an underwater switch. Navigate past the gaps, and jump over the gap at the end. If you have not yet completed the Cavern of the Metal Cap, the switch can be triggered using a Ground Pound onto it from the ledge next to it. Jan 19, at

If Mario ends up out of bounds before he goes the full distance, the game cuts his movement short, aligning him incorrectly between QPUs. It’ll carry you through the fifth red coin and pass hszy under the sixth just jump to get it. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. His likeness has been used in the threads as a sort of archnemesis to Pannenkoek.

Start here by going past the green cap block use it if you have fave itand take a right. Sweet Jesus, and I thought that the melee community had the crown of doing crazy skilled shit in what was marketed as a kid’s game.

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Just to maaze left at the bottom of the elevator is a red box with a power flower. Uploaded by Pizza Addict. When you reach the end, jump over to the door and go through it. TJ “Henry” Yoshi likes his sl The video gained over 13, views in the following marioo shown below, left. Stand on the switch to open the gate to the Abandoned Mine. Go up the path where they fall and take a right to where the door to the Underground Lake is. Float up there and walk through the door to enter a long hszy with an elevator at the end.


It has four arrows. When this baby hits QPU syncing speed … you’re gonna see some serious shit. Where can I buy half an a-press 0.

Swim out to the giant swimming beast and jump onto its back there’s no dang[[er. The Star will appear near the pole to the checkered platform. Just so he can complete rllling level without releasing the jump button.

Layout [ edit ] Depending on the version of the game being played, the Power Star is obtained differently. Use long jumps to clear the gaps and reach the power star at the other end of maio hall.

Watch for Rolling Rocks

We lost the cap when we tried to punch the rock and had to back track to get it. Take Wario into the level and head down the left path, following the mesh beyond the door to reach the ramp with the rolling boulders.

You can use a datch of long jumps to get you downhill faster, though once you reach the water you should stay planted to the ground. The golden star will appear on the ground floor, right in the center of the room. As Luigi, step on the star switch and run along the wall keeping the wall on your left to reach the tall steps that lead up to the platforms above.

You must login or signup first! Step on the switch while Wario’s still metal and a door to the left will open up. While clinging to the mesh mzze can make your rollig over the chasm watxh the mesh that leads to the golden power star. Finally, the platform will give you access to a ledge with the last two remaining red coins.

On January 18th, he uploaded a video in reference to those comments. As Wario, go to the Hazy Maze entrance. The most notable of these exploits was the use of “parallel universes”, faraway places where the game thinks Mario is standing in the maeio when he isn’t, which can be accessed with enough momentum. To access this area, you must have beaten Bowser in the Dark World and gotten the orlling key.


First, ground pound the brick block the checkered platform runs into to reveal another red coin. Reach the Hazy Maze the same way you did before and get the inflating power flower for Mario to float over the haze again. Super Easy Road in 0. If you fall back to the ground just repeat the steps you took to get back mqrio the checkered platform and ride it again. In Super Mario 64this is the final mission of the course. You will come to an intersection, take a left and go around the corner past the door.

Another one will appear if you kill one and then the next and so on. Grab the Metal Cap and run down the path and follow it underwater to a switch. Because of this, the term has become an in-joke describing something negative, frightening, or frustrating. Spooky Scary Fortress 0.

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I went near rockks door to the elevator to the underground pool and wall-jumped up to the ledges near the door. Don’t get hit by any rocks, because they pack a wallop! And I’ve got the route to the faling rocks star all finished, Checks the hour speed build up.

In other languages Italiano.

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In the corner of the room is a set of steps that’ll let you reach the work elevator platform above. Go through the door. Find the blue coin box in the Hazy Maze. We waited in the alcove with the Heart until it appeared.