All times are GMT In my opinion the support was thorough and quick. While I don’t agree with his style of maintenance, the overall build is pretty cool. So this is more of a how has your experiance been. Each of these was tested using the same set up as my previous reflector tests, using a 3’X3′ grid with a spacing of 3″ in the X,Y direction. The fans are extremely quiet, consume very little electricty, and probably improve LED longevity further. CoralVue and Maxspect were quick to respond, and helped me figure out the cause. This feature simulates the sun rising and setting over the horizon of your tank.

FTC regulations require that we inform you that we were given this product for review, but our opinion of a product is never affected by how we acquire them. Find More Posts by roblox There are alot of bad reviews out there about them. The spectral distributions were measured using the Licor LI spectroradiometer. Posted Jan 16, Maybe someone else tested them at more depth with 70 or 40 optics, but I haven’t found them yet.

It sucks because the Mazarra looks sweet. The first was some missing screw holes in the ball-joint arms. There are some unhappy customers on RC. Originally Posted by Aquaphytic. Love the Maxspects personally. I think the brackets are designed mmazarra rimless tanks in mind.

Skip to navigation Personal tools Log in. So keep the opinions or experiances coming for what you noticed for light density, was it spotty, does a 24″ wide tank get 24″ of light etc. All times are GMT I have no experience whatsoever, but the Maxspect have some interesting advantages: I asked on the Maxspect facebook page what was going on only to have my posts deleted within seconds.

Find More Posts by James Robert. I used to run the same tank with watts of T5, and grew beautiful Acropora colonies.

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The onboard controls are handy if you choose to forgo the wireless controller. The problem with T-5 is as the bulb gets old, you get more algae growth. All I had to do was adjust the light rail to line mazara wires up with the old anchors. Search Site only in current section. I have prepaid for a P series. Specifically, there is an increase in the number of LED fixtures providing a more fuller color spectrum with multiple channels of control, allowing the user more freedom in custom tuning the light output.


The main rails attach to each other via smaller rails inside. However, you could easily modify your aquascape to deview with the limited spread.

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I think 2 modules per island would probably suffice. Originally Posted by saltlifefan Maxspect par is extremly poor. But you are stuck choosing one intensity level for each channel, and will need to rely on an appliance timer.

Well, I guess I feel alittle better knowing I am not the only one. A wireless controller allows for infinite control of the 6 lighting channels to create a wide range of color combinations, along with programing in special effects such as clouds and lightning.

A 3-D surface plot showing the actual PAR values recorded A contour plot viewing the surface from the top showing the distribution The spectral distributions were measured using the Licor LI spectroradiometer. My tank runs 8 points cooler at 75 degrees with the Mazarras.

Find More Posts by wallies. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Sooo all suggestions im open to looking into and am looking forward to hearing back from you guys. I feel confident I can do the same with a similar wattage of LEDs. The ability to adjust angular orientation allows for better control in directing the light output.

Mazarra Maxspect – http: Maxdpect only did it light up the space around the tank, it also blinded my 1 year old daughter from her viewing angle.


The modular design allows maxspcet the addition of additional LED modules, on a support frame that is adjustable to fit a wide range ,axspect aquarium sizes. Fortunately, the wire suspension uses the same ceiling anchor as my old light. The controller provides 4 dimmable channels, and each controller can control 16 LED modules. The other cool feature is the ability serifs swap out individual LED chips with a screwdriver. Now I run some low light corals and some dendros.

The data was imported into Microsoft Excel for analysis and the data was plotted to display the light spread and intensity at various distances. Starting with only 3 modules, I opted to use degree optics for improved spread.

I prepaid for them as well through Salty Supply and they were told mine shipped several times but Maxspect USA couldn’t or revies provide a tracking number. Mazarra Maxspect Radion – http: In my opinion the support was thorough and quick. Suffolk, Long Island Posts: Table 1 presents a list of the LED lighting fixtures reviewed in this article.

I think the Mazarras really shine with the wireless controller.

Find More Posts by mrbadfish. N ew LED fixtures continue to be introduced into the hobby.

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I run a 4′ long, 2’x2′ widexhigh tank. Originally Posted by James Robert. Power draw was measured with a Kill-A-Watt meter. Therefore, you can slide the outer rails to the correct length, and tighten the screws to clamp down on the smaller attachment rails… Easy as pie.