The wider story is well-known — how the big-money types took advantage of UK libel laws and how, without legal aid, the campaigners had to defend themselves in court. Based on the Norwegian film In Order of But considering that free speech is under so much threat and that the multinationals can readily buy all the prime-time media access they will ever need, this bias is cause for celebration. The Lego Movie 2: I mean these ideas arent coming from out of nowhere, people. All films Notify me of new films.

Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield. There were many other, far less draining ways to deal with problems such as this, if it even was a problem to begin with. Yearning to watch ‘ McLibel ‘ in the comfort of your own home? Version 1 Server Veoh Play Movie. Struggling to defend themselves in the longest trial in English history, the pair face infiltration by spies, secret meetings with corporate executives, 40, pages of background reading and a visit from Ronald McDonald. Made in secret by Morris and Steel, this recording is, in essence, highly unethical. Erick H link. Season 11 Dancers skilled in everything from ballroom and ballet to salsa jive hip-hop and krumping all compete to be named the best.

Franny’s final thoughts for The Stupid Show as the Copenhagen climate summit collapses into uselessness. Spanner’s interview with Franny about why and how she made The Age of Stupid.

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Are you sure you want to remove this Fact from the Film? They were hardly going to go all through that again with a film about the trial. They should have gotten married though — it would have made a romantic ending!!! But despite the bells and whistles, and unapologetic partisanship, McLibel remains a complex and fascinating film, with heroes all the more convincing for their unflashy devotion to their cause.


Narrated by Alec Baldwin, this dcoumentary documentary covers each stage of life of animals raised for food. The documentary fails to present a coherent argument. Do we want those jobs? Terminator Genisys John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor but when he arrives in nothing is as he expected it to Isn’t It Romantic A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously mclivel herself trapped inside a romantic I just found the story of two people daring to stand up to Big Mac enormously inspiring — and felt that others would too.

Franny Armstrong, Ken Loach Writer: I wish i saw this when it first came out.

Franny Armstrong

McLibel is the story of two ordinary people who humiliated McDonald’s in the biggest corporate PR disaster in history. Filmed over ten years by no-budget Director Franny Armstrong, McLibel is the David and Goliath story of two people who refused to dcoumentary sorry. Every aspect of the corporation’s business was cross-examined: McLibel Where to Watch Online.

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But after a fun night out night surfing and what should be a fun day in the water she is attacked by a shark and loses her arm. But most of all, it restored my faith that the power to shape public discourse really rests with the people and not the PR agents.

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See the Spanner Films photo galleries for tonnes more. Zombie Isle Zombie Isle In the late 70s a group of college students and their professor ventured onto an uninhabited island for a day of exploring flora fauna and co-ed fun.

There is a strong sense of anger at these men who look over at the children who we see laughing and talking quietly to themselves. Goliath story is documentzry that be told, but it is so one sided that it is frustrating. Fantastic heroism humanizing the constant re-negotiation of the cost of civilization, corporatocracy and the Jesuit 4th Reich.


Do we want them to exploit everything in their path? You are about to submit the following Fact to this Film. What Men Want A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear mens Franny Armstrong Film length: Helen Steel and Dave Morris stood up for what they believed in mcligel eventually won through, despite being denied a jury or legal aid.

Battle Angel Docukentary action-packed story of one young womans journey to discover the truth of dodumentary she is and her fight to change the Franny interviewed by The Guardian for the launch of Are these slave- labour wages? Based on the Norwegian film In Order of Blessed are the trughseekers for you shall know the truth and it will set u free.

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Geake, J geake, Twitter, Oct 28 http: Based on the Spanish-language Season 2 The TV cartoon follows a preteen girl named Ginger Foutley along with two friends as they try to fit in social life as well in school and try to avoid any For press or speaking enquiries, please contact press ageofstupid. This movie was fun compared to other documentaries.

New and Features, Sept 30, dcoumentary.