Mede8er will now build a Jukebox database. If YAMJ is having a hard time finding details on your media files, the first thing you want to check is the naming conventions you are using. Maybe I’m being thick which is usually the case! Right click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. Prepare your Movie Library. The generation of the web page, step 4 , is done after all the media files have been interrogated. I’ll also let you in on a little secret at this point:

Yet what I have learned has allowed me to use YAMJ in a very effective way to manage media files on a media player. You will end up with one screen with episode icons on it. YAMJ does a good job of finding the correct content if you stick to the correct file naming convention. Although we’ll show you the exact details later, there are four things you need to decide at this point:. You should now see that the media player is simply a repository for media files and a place to store the YAMJ-generated web page. Don’t worry too much if your configuration isn’t identical to this.

That will clean out any unused files from the Jukebox directory after the run. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Seties ClarkJan 26, Also look on the tps section of the X2 series.

It should then correctly identify the media file. I hope some of this will be useful, even if your configuration is not identical to mine.

Then go into the newly created file and change or create only the parameters you need and they will override the defaults. What about the skin choice? Many thanks in advance, Sansini.

Thanks for the reply, OK if I ignore the YAMJ part of this for the time being, can you please explain how I can see individual episodes of a TV series when they are on the favourites page.


The forward-thinking hacker will note that this parameter can be used to point the PCH to a different, remote location when you push PLAY.

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You will see a ton of words tamj this section. Make sure the ‘root folder’ with the Movie Collection is write enabled for the Mede8er.

Of course this mapping is only necessary when you want to run YAMJ, it is not necessary to have any connection after the jukebox is built. There is a lot more you can do with. Re select the Movie you have edited in Y2M and the Metadata will be updated.

I used the very latest version much newer than the recommended one and it worked perfectly fine.

NFO file into the movie folder 6. Note that some of the official documentation refers to this file as “library. Y2M will now copy all the images into the correct folders automatically. Jan 11, Messages: I think you will learn enough to make YAMJ work in many different situations. I have not seen this discussed elsewhere so it may be peculiar to my installation but I suspect it is caused by a slow network connection.

Thanks x 1 List. So in this case, all we have in the Taxi Driver I am not going to say a lot about installing YAMJ because there really is no install. Replace Mde8er by the desired code that you can also find here: I have never seen this error when I connect to my PCH via copper. Page created in 0. As mentioned I can see them when in Media Explorer serie not in favourites.

If YAMJ does not run correctly or the YAMJ-generated web page does not function correctly, there was likely an incorrect configuration used for the location of the source media files. I am very impressed with yadis, it also found wall-e without issue. Once there, change directories cd to the YAMJ directory, wherever you installed it. Wipe your Jukebox folder completely, or at least all the. Jul 25, Messages: It will only work on files that are new and will not go out to seres web or create new html files for media that it has already seen.


NFO file into the movie folder. Serids you are not satisfied with the scraping result of any movie we suggest you check that the movie was correctly named and you can also yajj a nfo file into that particular movie folder.

First, the steps labeled as 12 and 3 are actually iterated for each media file although there is some parallel processing of these steps. See the next tip also. You can get all the details here but this important file is used to point Mede8et to two of those locations we decided above.

You can also change the nmtroot path in the same mece8er.

Open it with your favorite text editor e. The easiest way to handle this is to re-run YAMJ with the -c switch on the command line. Feb 24, Messages: Now save the file and exit.

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There are also some tips for naming television shows on this page. Did you miss your activation email? YAMJ goes through the library with no issues. Please don’t PM me but mexe8er on the forum. No, create an account now. Did you already did a forum search on series? Yet what I have learned has allowed me to use YAMJ in a very effective way to manage media files on a media player.