In United States — Commissioners to the Paris universal exposition. Includes illustrations of the temple of Jupiter at Agrigentum, the temple of Apollo at Phigalia, and of a Greek temple on the island of Corfu, an important essay on the arrangement of the Greek theatre, details of antiquities at Delos and various fragments of Greek ornamental architecture. On the sublime; the Greek text edited after the Paris manu- script by W. He here systematizes, condenses and compares Ruskin’s voluminous writings. Bell’s handbooks to continental churches. Plates with descriptive text illustrating types of medizval church archi- tecture in Italy, Greece, France and Germany. The Forster collection includes drawings and sketches, engravings, manuscripts, autographs and printed books, the books numbering more than x 8, House plants and how to succeed with them.

GARDENING fruits and ornamental plants, and for the preparation of manures, mulches, the treatment of window gardens, the destruction of insects, the making of lawns, the pruning of trees and shrubbery, etc. Essays on art; including notices of pictures in Carnegie art gallery, [Pittsburgh], with thoughts on art education and proposed college of fine arts. Early Rhode Island houses; an historical and architectural study. Art in the modern state. Home and garden; notes and thoughts, practical and critical, of a worker in both. Wonders of architecture; to which is added a chapter on Eng- lish architecture by R.

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Colonial architecture and furniture; [plates]. Statham evidently possesses both qualifications. Bound with his “True principles of pointed or Christian architecture. In preparation for the work an impression of every ornament throughout the palace was taken in plaster, or with unsized paper.


Examples of colonial architecture in South Carolina and Georgia ; 52 plates. Xultan of the rise and general progress of French painting, architecture and sculpture. Westminster abbey, by Archdeacon Farrar. Roman and medieval art.

Attentive reading of it cannot but give the reader larger views of the importance of a more minute inquiry into the essence and origin of architectural forms than is generally be- stowed. Floral details [dissections of flowers and seeds]. It may almost be said that he was the first to reduce to axioms the fundamental relationship of structure and ornament in architecture. Architecture of the churches of Denmark. Contains many full-page reproductions of paintings. Mr Eidlitz had strong convic- tions and was a vigorous controversialist.

Art history in the high school; tr.

Brunet-Des- baines, Ernest George, M. In each volume there is a brief but excellent essay on. Monuments anciens et modernes; collection formant une histoire de I’architecture des differents peuples a toutes les epoques. L’art et la critique en France depuis Illustrated dictionary of gardening. Appendix gives very brief description of the work of Wren and his immediate successors.

History of art in Persia. Hospitals; history and administration. Streets and canals in Venice and in the islands of the lagoons.

Etheldreda, the monastery rolls and the accounts of expense.

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Die architektonische entwicklung und decoration der raume. Nursery-book; a guide to the multiplication of plants. Originally written for men who make this their business, it is, never- theless, by far the best book obtainable for the amateur. They 1102 generally trustworthy, written by a hard-working man to whom all modern French culture and much sultna foreign thought were accessible. Archives; publiees sous le patronage de Tadministration des beaux-arts par A.


Treats of the religious, civil and military architecture, which, M.

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History of architecture in Italy, from the time of Constan- tine to the dawn of the renaissance. If a reader is thoroughly familiar with any II duomo di Milano e i disegni per la sua episoode. Evolution of the English house. Church of Sancta Sophia, Constantinople; a study of Byzantine building.

Restauration d’Olympie; Thistoire, les monuments, le culte et les fetes. Religion in recent art.

Gleanings in the fields of art. Origin of Greek art. Lenormant was an eminent French archaeologist, The first volume is devoted to furniture, with as an appendix some very interesting essays on the method of construction in the Middle Ages. About Google Book Search Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.