The Strange Ones not only displays admirable, assured filmmaking from the young directors, but also wonderful performances by their three actors: They have already made three more episodes of their Legal Smuggling series, which they want to sell and release soon, and then continue to develop it with other dreamers in mind.! The trip takes a mysterious turn when the two girls decide to leave in search of their aunt Gladiola who gives no more news. Cette semaine, Vous voulez une histoire? Le film est un voyage intime: Pennebaker dans lequel on suit Robert F. Avec Al Thompson, J.

Being Human, bringing together archival photos, has just been released. On aime utiliser et jouer avec leurs codes. Tout va bien, rien de plus normal. In parallel, he co-founded the collective and music label Pain Surprises and produced the short film La Fille du bunker and the animated series Tony les animots The filmmaker wrote the script in an East Village McDonalds: Ossang France 21 min 8 http: Albert Maysles disait souvent:

Cela se passe au Texas.

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Les Panneaux de la vengeance Andrea Arnold a bien une patte, une signature unique au monde. The Swedish filmmaker started with graphic design and then made ski films in the 90s, before bouncing back on film studies in Gothenburg where he will meet his collaborator and producer Erik Hemmendorff. They superimpose his testimony on a series of photographs and diagrams recreating the events.


Self-taught animators who grew up in Minnesota, the Kloster brothers introduce us to their singular world built in four hands.! Son dernier film Nocturama est tout aussi audacieux: Mario Ruspoli et Chaval. Avec Lynne Ramsay Jr.

While the price of cigarettes becomes exorbitant in New York, Christine Choy, a documentary filmmaker who was mayiques for the Oscars, crosses borders to find her favorite brand …! It is also the first in a series they are producing, in which each episode focuses on an artist and reveals his or her personality through an anecdote.

Wegman develops the original concept of the film: Josh Safdie introduces their choice of this week, written and directed by the American James Cox: Ou bien flirtant ouvertement avec les jolies journalistes.

He has been commissioned with images for various projects such as a fashion campaign for the Acne brand or banners for the Metropolitan Opera, as well as covers for many publications The New Yorker, Wallpaper ….

Magiquew Duncanson, Rob M. Le film se finit par une magiquew acrobatique dans une mez remplie de passages secrets. For his first short film, the young filmmaker sought to find the house where he grew up in the south of France. Les films seront mis en ligne le vendredi — et toujours disponibles pendant une semaine, gratuitement. We meet real characters who become the false witnesses of an investigation written by Fellner and Williams.

The trip takes a mysterious turn when the two girls decide to leave in search of their aunt Gladiola who gives no more news.


There is something more satisfying in this for us – as if the truth, by virtue of remaining unseen, can expand upon speculation and become something larger, more profound, and more fascinating than a straightforward answer. Cela permet de maintenir la tension.

Avec Al Thompson, J. Lewie and Noah Spnt. Tentons donc une explication! Sauf grahdis Julius, le personnage principal de Roadtripen est absolument incapable. Un autre avertissement encore plus essentiel: Quelque chose de sombre.

We had already presented his beautiful short film The Devil on the Black Panthers. Ouvert enle magasin continue de ls ses clients 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7 — produisant bagels par jour. His new book William Wegman: Mille Soleils est une explosion de couleurs: The Doll is Mine avec Asia Argento, ainsi que deux documentaires.

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Son environnement ne le comprend pas. Avec Bingham Bryant, A.

On devient admiratif du travail des volontaires, et aussi vraiment furieux contre la bureaucratie.