They are arrested, but not be found guilty if they get their licenses and do some charity work. This is threatened the terrorist group The Revengencers , who General Crozier promises on his life to stop. When Nathan learns that his ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Nightrod, has already found new love while still in a coma, he decides to return to the dating scene. Episode 11 Dethrace William Murderface creates the “Nascar-type Theatrical Hybrid Event” and takes all creative and logistical control upon himself. The episode opens in a Duncan Hills coffee house as Dethklok fans trade stories of mutilation and brutality as results from their devotion to Dethklok. TV shows i watched. As the band transform into their animal forms, Crozier is also exposed to Yopo and begins to have hallucinations of Cardinal Ravenwood as the rest of his team are killed by natives.

Dethklok are sulking until Ofdensen tells them that they’ve been invited to come to an execution of a number of prisoners, and to get to choose how they are executed. Builders are free to use it for their builds too. Episode also known as “P. When promoting a new clothing line, Dethklok experiences the brutality of negative body image, dieting, and bulimia. More features and updates coming to this app real soon. Season 2 Episode 2 – Dethlessons Toki Wartooth is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar’s lead guitar.

Every “record” is produced as a canister of water, requiring huge amounts of power and pollution. Season 3 Episodes Skwisgaar and Pickles successfully fend off the zeason using their instruments as weapons. Toki gets the news that his father is dying so he travels back to his home town in Norway.

Nathan serves seasin term as the temporary governor of Florida. Toki, fed up of being in Skwisgaar’s shadow, takes guitar lessons from a crusty old guitar master. We then see through Crozier’s eyes flashes of five planets and stone tablets representing the five members of Dethklok, as well as a figure reminiscent of Selatcia wearing elaborate bone armor, while a voice ominously says, “You are mine now.


As they perform at the charity concert, Edgar attempts to assassinate them with a rifle, but he is discovered by metalocalyps Dethklok fans who attack him.

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Offdensen proposes that Murderface produce the charity event as Skwisgaar and Toki take driving classes. Season 2 Episode 2 – Dethlessons Toki Wartooth is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar’s lead guitar.

Episode 17 Dethrecord The world economy is crumbling and waiting for the next Dethklok album to stimulate it back into order. Murderface tries to prove that he isn’t gay after the band find ddthecution he’s never eaten a hot dog before.

But it’s Dethklok themselves that are the target of the Revengencers, an anti-Dethklok terrorist group. The band decides to stage an intervention for Roxo. Episode 5 Dethfashion When promoting a new clothing line, Dethklok experiences the brutality of negative body image, dieting, and bulimia.


He ends his governorship asserting, “I leave Florida better than I found it. Pickles’ popularity soars when he gets a personal P.

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Season 2 Episode 4 – Dethdoubles After a massive shootout at a Duncan Hills Coffeeshop opening, Dethklok invest in the ultimate protection – another Dethklok. The rest of the band decides to make a vacation out of it, citing “album inspiration” as their excuse to further put off working on their delayed album. Crozier is instructed by the Tribunal to follow Dethklok to the Amazon to keep an eye on things. In the chaos, the Metal Masked Assassin ambushes Offdensen after disguising himself as a Klokateer, and throws him through a window on the at least the third floor of the hospital, but lands on his feet without injury.

Pickles gets a new PR lady head of the ” Exodus PR firm” who inflates his fame as part of a conspiracy to lure new members into her cult, who she plans to kill after robbing them blind. We provide no support for third party add-ons installed on your devices, as they do not belong to us.


Episode 16 Snakes ‘n’ Barrels, Pt. Dethklok travels to the Amazon where they learn about native brutality from the Yannemango Indians, Nathan’s ancestors.

Retrieved September 10, Dethklok’s new album is released to the world. Nathan, Skwisgaar, and Murderface stare in shock as one of the audience members is brutally killed.

Metalocalypse (season 2)

Episode also known as “Sicklok”. Meanwhile, Offdensen is being furiously beaten by the assassin, who does not kill him immediately, explaining, “I want you to stay alive as I torture you, I want you to feel the pain. Ofdensen desperately tries to protect Dethklok.

The first episode of this season, “Dethecution” was released as part of the deluxe edition of The Dethalbum. The episode contains references to the film Fitzcarraldomost notably the moving of a large boat over a mountain. Murderface plans to create a “NASCAR-type Theatrical Hybrid Event”, though he never elaborates on exactly what this will entail, he eventually has to speak at a press conference to explain, but gets nervous and Pickles gives him a “special pill” that “slows down your heart” but has SpeedAngel dusta hint of cokeand a splash of acid to counteract the low.

Episode also known as “P. It’s up to Dethklok to get the album just right and finished on time. Meanwhile, Murderface attempts to prove he can write music to the rest of the band, but is constantly interrupted by the Dr.

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