Support for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Android smartphones. Crash in Mezzmo application when starting up. Transcoding to a Unicode path could fail. Mezzmo server sometimes not starting when Windows starts up. It is recommended to select the language for each subtitle track. Instead, start Mezzmo media server to auto-detect and list devices in Media Devices dialog. Subtitles are supported by Samsung TVs. Support for Motorola Xoom Android tablet.

Files in playlists imported from iTunes are not in correct order. Support for H format for Panasonic Viera models. I make no apologies for the industry that is making products that do far less than what is possible. If you are upgrading to Mezzmo v3. Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Support for LG devices. Log file output for transcoding.

Support for Directv HR44 set top boxes.

No need to repeat? Make sure the alternative folder with subtitles is always available for reading, especially when the folder exists on a removable hard drive. If the characters are workiny displayed correctly, then try a different code page or font.

subtitles files not working when movie format is mp4 help!

Same for Music and Photos playlists. Mezzmo server advertisement interval setting in Media Server Settings dialog. Advertisements or commercial links. Windows 10 bit Ease of use: Smart filters give you more control over your active playlists.


An issue was introduced in v2.

having problems with subtitles not working

Right-click on a video file and click Properties. Existing users will need to maintain their library for these playlists to be populated. Support for Integra DHC receivers. Proffitt Forum moderator October 20, 7: All detected subtitles and languages will be added to the movie and used for burning as required.

Support for Google Chromecast dongles.

The SRT file needs to be in the same container, with the same name as the movie file. Support for Bush TVs. Mezzmo automatically collects the content ratings for your movies and TV shows. Album playlists now sorted by track. Use permanent links to provide access to particular media in your Mezzmo library. Cannot see videos playlists when browsing on Samsung devices. Possible reasons your subtitles were not picked up by Mezzmo: Crash when browsing files and playlists in Mezzmo application.

These instruction are for extracting DVD subtitles from a DVD rip – which is typically organized by the following file structure:.

Minimized Mezzmo windows now displays when running second Mezzmo instance. Duplicated artist and album text metadata sometimes collected for music files. Mezzmo Windows app load time reduced. Linked playlist not updating dynamically.

Image based — where subtitles are specified as an image and the device displays them it as is.

Sony BDP Blu-ray players start playing from a random place in a video. When deleting a folder playlist, all files and subfolders of that folder are first added to Mezzmo What’s New in Mezzmo 2.


Support for transcoding video on Telstra T-Box. Global Settings is also available for your preferred languages. Move your mouse over Update Subtitles button. See Maintain Library dialog Tools tab.

Multiple instances of the same device can sometimes gets listed in Media Devices dialog.

Unable to see mkv subtitles

Album artist attribute not updated correctly during Maintain Library. Maintaining library does not overwrite your user ratings.

Runtime error messages displayed when using Korean or Japanese language versions of Mezzmo. Library playlist gets duplicated when edited workng Properties dialog. Device support for Moxi DVRs. Faster streaming when browsing and playing files on devices. Workinng encoding formats are designed specifically for computer industry standards – for example, a text file in Polish language may be created using encoding such as ANSI Central Europe, ISO Central Europe or UTF-8, where and are identifiers of the code page used by Microsoft Windows.