Found Reddit through his first highlights and I tried to stream my first ever game on the 28th of January, but I failed badly. Here is the giveaway video, may have actually been a few days before my first game 11th September https: Now you’re one of the coolest guys I know: After that game I decided to keep on playing Reddit games, and I still am. But, I stuck around on the Reddit watching highlights and recorded rounds. I guess you could say I was a Graser fan, because I discovered UHC from him, but it wasn’t direct from his highlight videos. I played games and met my best friends through here.

I met smellyking with whom i played quite a bit even though everyoner hated him or something. I used to be a part of the SCB Community, and it had a forums page. I became addicted to the gamemode, and watched any season I could. With a new computer on the way and a lot of creativity and motivation in my mind, my future in the community looks really hopeful: In late April, I decided to make a reddit account and see how things would go. This person who introduced me- jameslikesrap. Yet one of them said “You’re not on the reddit, screw off” or something, and that got me motivated Mindcrack Season 3 montage by MOP, which later lead me to Burning’s Mindcrack montages along with the player montages from Crimson, which eventually lead me to the reddit in April

Somehow, I became friends with GreenDoomsDay somewhere along the way and he introduced me to noir I start watching, get addicted, and watch loads of it.

From this point on, I was xraying. I returned to Reddit earlier this year and I got my first Reddit kill and then another 4 kills out of probably the 20 games I’ve played since returning. Nothing good in it, so I get my tools, and begin xraying.


Minecraft Uhc On Air Season 8

At this point, I still haven’t teamed with anyone, and I still hadn’t really talked to someone in ts. I watched like, episodes, then realized he had started over, so I skipped to the new world, and continued watching. Cynical is an Ultra Hardcore Then Ambition came along and I didn’t really meet anyone from there that I’m still friends with.

That group then did a recorded round, which I was invited to but I couldn’t record because my computer is poop. I now jhc play reddit as much but i do play badlion, more hard players with melee type of gameplay.

Cube Ultra Hardcore Season 9 Death Montage скачать и слушать песню онлайн

I was playing IronWolf and a person asked for my Skype and said want to play uhc. Paradise porn film izle online bedava.

Thanks to anyone who read it all! I spot a channel called BrickPlays in my recommended channels section on my subscriptions page.

Cube Ultra Hardcore Season 7 Death Montage

He invited me to a private teamspeak where I met all of my present day friends. Not sure how I didn’t bore myself out of Minecraft with those. Thanks guys for being my amigos: I was never really motnage to Pippiter. Bedava porno benzersiz eylem.

Minecraft uhc on air season 8

Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode ,ineplex created by Guude and the group Mindcrack. Ring the bell to join the DerpClub! Well, you had to bring a laptop for some subjects and some people had this curious block game. That was either March or Aprilcan’t remember.


They changed it after though. GreenDoomsDay was kind enough to teach me the ropes of this community like how to use friggin Teamspeak like a boss and how to join UHC matches. I then made friends with camaro, nielson, Einsteinreplica, and some sason, but the same soon happened with them.

So I had heard of ‘Mindcrack’ for a while and at the time a very long time ago lol I thought mindcrack meant the gamemode without health regen and I searched for it without finding it somehow not stumbling across any mindcrackers channels or uhc. Kind of like the Cube! This season we’re playing on teams of two, Red I specifically remember my first game I died to suffocation in my first game ever I found mindcrack around episode of the zisteau tower incident and watched mindcrack till I came across eximius.

I played for kontage minutes taking no damage and won by default.

You can read it below. During one Kurt video he mentioned some Lorgon guy.

I went to the american school that I wanna go to till i graduate now during my “summer vacation” of sorts.