If this is the case just buy another camera. If some one can tell me how to post a file on here I will post the procedure for the XG series. It’s something simple to try. I just finished shooting a roll and I took out the film. Is anyone familiar with this issue on the x? I can advance the film lever all the way, to cock the camera. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher.

I can advance the film lever all the way, to cock the camera. It’s worth a thousand words. Are you a Minolta Photography Expert? Or throw it out; or save it for parts. Changed batteries but can not move the film advance lever. You can trust that a camera you buy there will work unless they said it doesn’t on their store and they will take returns for sure. I would be so very thankful if anyone can help.

And advande cameras all makes that you find listed on eBay as ‘doesn’t work – don’t know why’ turn out to be something just as simple. Other batteries looked the same to me, but weren’t.

The camera has been in storage for many years and I’ve recently pulled it out in hopes of starting to use it again however, the -x370 release button isn’t responding. If it recocks and you can shoot then it is not a capacitor but the more expensive broken gear.

But as Greg states above, “The problem with electronic cameras is they get to be unreliable after so many years. RadioSmack doesn’t carry it. That’s what I’d recommend doing. x-730

Minolta X-370 – Film-Advance Lever not providing a full stroke…

I shoot the camera to take a picture. These need replacing after about 15 years roughlyand are easily accessed though well hidden. I was just excited that I could do this on my own. Thanx for confirming the issue for me. A similar issue that most people don’t know about, involves a Lithium battery used for memory backup in the Maxxums. I know this is months later, but this same problem just happened to me and I’m so glad I found this thread Okay, now why do I have several year-old consumer grade cameras that are always having problems?


Help Files Camera and Photography Forum. When you first put the film in, attach it to ztuck winder, and pull the lever to advance the film, it doesn’t advance. More Print this page Share this page. Right after I did, the camera came right back to life! If so is it all exposed? That and the Maxxum battery deal, are two of the most popular ‘newbie’ queries on the Minolta groups.

I manually turned the motordrive socket with leber fingernails. Send it out for repair and maintenence. Anyway hopefully X owners can now rejoice. If so it can be released by moving the take-up sprocket manually.

By PointBreak in forum Help Files.

And then i was playing with it by using a useless film, to try out double exposures and stuff, and when i was trying all that with the back open i noticed lwver the shutter didn’t release after advancing the film but the lever wasn’t stuck, after cocking it a couple of times it workedso it worked after a couple of tries, mostly with the back closed, so x-30 thought it might have to do with the backplate not putting pressure on the film i’m an idiot, ya.

The time now is You can also try screwing down the top fastener with a rubber stopper, or pencil eraser. When there’s no film and you pull the lever, the winder turns, but with resistance, such gilm actual film, it doesn’t budge.

Something they all need eventually. I am having the same problem with two Minolta Xs and I have absolutely no idea how to solder.


I was just wondering if there was a chance of you or anyone else on this forum having a video showing the process of replacing a capacitor to give someone with no experience a little hope for fixing their cameras? Came un-stuck by itself. Also, Walmart and most drug stores have a big change bag that they could do it for you. I bought this at a thrift store today to see if it worked.

SOLVED: The film advance lever is stuck on my Minolta – Fixya

Hi fmerlin, If you have film in it you may need to etuck the film to free up the advance lever. My conclusion is that these Minoltas were cheaply built. I was freaking out because I’m in the middle of a photography assignment and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish the assigned number rolls of film.

Without using much force, it wouldn’t move. Thank you so much!!! Results 1 to 11 of Please tell me if you think leevr fix will address my problem: If some one can tell me how to post a file on here I will post the procedure for the XG series. Other makes have similar issues, and scattered others of their own, on a comparable timetable.

Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! Want Answer 0 Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. They are similar but not the same. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher.