Jaime del Tierro 3 episodes, She witnessed the death of her parents under the attack of the military. Mimi tells her that she killed Gabrielle and says that she doesn’t want to be part of their crime anymore as she is feeling too guilty. But she will not hesitate to fight back if her family is threatened. Tiago meanwhile sees her with Alexander again and makes her choose between him or Alexander but didn’t answer. After Diego tells him that Krista will be part of their revenge, he tries to stop this and convinces them to leave Krista out of it. Her biggest competition is her sister because she has taken everything from her:

Afterwards Alexander got closer to her mysteriously getting Kaye jealous. He attends Remedios’ funeral. It is there that Diego, Tiago and Ibon took their revenge. Alondra meanwhile falls in the hands of the rebels who uses her to get hold of Javier and Lora. Meanwhile, Mimi runs away before the military find out about the murder. After the visit, the rebels Diego and Ibon prepare to attack the house from the adjacent apartment.

He finds out about the death of Gabrielle and links the pieces they have found and is sure that the missing piece is the person who witnessed the whole thing. She witnessed the death of her parents under the attack of the military. She walks off from Alexander who really is Javier after he tells her that tleeserye knows she still loves him.

He will protect his family name and reputation at all cost. The military sees him giving Javier time to escape, he immediately runs away from the soldiers and hides behind a damaged vehicle for which he reminisces on what he has done and what the possible consequences would be leaving Lora alone with Alondra and manages to escape.

She talks to her husband and iibgiin him that he won’t be such an obstacle by befriending Lora for him. And that Gabrielle has threw out and damaged her pride because of her affection for Alexander. Joaquin del Tierro episodes, Tonton Gutierrez Teresa Valderosa 7 episodes, Kim Chiu As she leaves for the province, Alexander catches up to her and begs her not to leave and finally do so after Alexander tells her about Javier who captured and pretended to be him.


His word is the law and he instills fear in the hearts of many. The police tell him the possibility that Gabrielle left the car to turn back on her life, or she got kidnapped or that she might be dead. She knows about Alondra causing Lora’s car accident and is also a part of telesrrye Lora was in a coma for about a year and taking Alexander with them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Young Remedios Sebastiano 6 episodes, He also informs that it wasn’t him that Gabrielle was following before she died but was Javier and that he impersonated him while he was unconscious and locked up in a cage.

Allondra Sebastiano-del Tierro episodes, Krista promises to casg that she would take care of Alexander. Alexander suspects that it was her that helped Javier escape. Jaime Sebastiano episodes, Doctor uncredited 3 episodes, Mike Lloren Joaquin tells him that they already had a solid alibi to stop investigating on them.

She finally finds Alexander and successfully resists the danger.

He falls in love with a rebel, Kaye who was Javier’s former lajg, their relationship got easier as she decides to take amnesty and turn her back from her principle. As Javier is put to jail, Gabrielle sees him and looks at him, disappointed.

Santiago plays a very minor role like Adel and has not been part of any tragedies. Abante Tonite in Tagalog. Diego tells him that the only way to do this is that Krista shall help them with their plan. kifa

The people surrounding them start to suspect that something is going on that neither of them knows. Kaye’s Father 2 episodes, Norberto Matias’ Mother 1 episode, They are the epitome of a perfect family, or so it seems. Krista suspects that Javier is in Diego and Ibon’s hands longing for their revenge.


He is also Javier’s surrogate father. They found each other and together joined the camp.

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She lives with a scar on her stomach from a painful past that she couldn’t really remember much of, and maybe one day she will decide to forget. Bar Security uncredited 1 episode, Marites Joaquin Maria Tonton Gutierrez [2] An officer of the rebel troupe, he telesedye as a medicine man of the camp.

Hilda 1 episode, Dominic Ochoa Joaquin finds a watch near Gabrielle’s burial site and Jaime asks Lora if she recognises it revealing that it belongs to Tomas. He lost his wife and child in a fire years ago and it was in that incident that he met his wife Rosa.

Through her mother’s tragic accident, she gets closer to her father once again who comforts her. As Tomas is captured, he confronts him and asks teleseryd he killed Gabrielle when it should have been him and calls him a coward.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Iibjgin immediately calls Alondra telling her that Lora has found out that she has given birth and it is only a matter of time that she’d know who her sons are.

Retrieved from ” https: She goes into Lora’s room and hits her with the two guns and Lora falls out of consciousness. Adele episodes, However, the show was postponed to give way for Mutya.