What is so difficult to understand in this? By the way loving the discussion. Its high time we move on and and not have to go through repeated scenes in the entire 40 minutes. Zaroon is supposed to be a hypocritical character. Things might be bad in my country but they are not this bad! And thanks for your empathy. We have had enough of him keh shaddi bhi kharaab Karney aajatey. Afia, true that Dulha bhi cast nahi hua:

We saw Waseem Abbas blustering in his by now familiar manner, and surprise, surprise, he refused to contribute towards the shaadi expenses. To do the right thing.. While the whole shaadi ki taaiyari sequence was very nicely shown, Khalid Ahmad was hilarious as the uncouth bare bhaiyya as he merrily chomped away on his biscuit and talked non stop at the same time, the whole shaadi ke card saada honay chahiyen conversation was off-putting to say the least. And I was surprised that the question of who will be the wali was not raised at all. I wonder why was Kashf shortchanged here? They probably did phone nikaah for Sidra since the dulha was supposed to be going to the States for his residency — he might have already left. If that was not enough we had to listen to them go on about wedding expenses for the rest of the half the episode.

Miraat ul Uroos -Episode 11 – video dailymotion

It is not only about Zaroon and Kashaf. Who can face problems and still try to do the right thing by the norms of society. The Fawad Khan-Amina Sheikh on-screen couple seems very interesting to me. SZ I think you do understand zaroons character but you want him episoee be changing already…lol sabr ka pal meetha! And thanks for your empathy. You are bang ddsi At times reviewers get a bit carried away.


Maybe they were in a hurry to get Sidra married? It is multi dimensional and I do not agree that the writer has created card board characters.

Mirat-Ul-Uroos Episode 11 Full

It is about women who have substance and grit. Missed you review last week. Learn how your comment data is processed. LOL I had thought about it when the whole father not being at the wedding discussion was going on in episodee episode. I feel like Fawad Khan has a guest appearance in the drama. Things might be bad in my country but they are not this bad! They probably did phone vesi for Sidra since the dulha was supposed to be going to the States for his residency — he might have already left.

Does he seriously expect her to hang around for his phone calls? I think this serial is being written to depict what a large majority of women face in India, Pakistan, Bangla desh etc.

Zaroon is a typical male of south asian origin who is full of himself and has many double standards.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 11 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

You agreed now you pay My mom went to him again and again and in the end just wanted him to be present to give me away, but he refused uros do that. Afia, true that Dulha bhi cast nahi hua: I wonder why was Kashf shortchanged here? I am glad you are enjoying the serial. Surely they could have shown her getting a job on her own merit… Like Like.

Not a bad episodein fact I enjoyed it. May be for those in US or UK it may sound far fetched and it may be easy for them wpisode see the weakness in Rafia because of her expectations etc but for the women in our part of the world, what the society says about them and their reputation is very very important. Yeah it was a waste of time to read such a bewaqoofana review Like Like.


For me this episode was a sleepfest zzzzzz, more so than even the last episode.

At least the ones we had liked the most penned down by UA in the novel. Thank you so much. Did Asmara spring out of nowhere? I really hope it just grows even more with the upcoming episodes. Good to see people are loving it, I sure hope to love it in the coming episodes.

If she is so khudhar and was able to raise her daughters on her own, knows what a jerk her husband Murtaza is then why in lords name was she expecting him to help her in any way when it came to marriage. She was still tsahan and the lecturer position was just to help with expenses.

On the contrary, many times I have been stuck dumb with the similarities between the story and my life. Chalo khair hota hai jaab magnum opuses bantay hain — veteran directors se expectations increase ho jaatay hain but we forget that it is a team effort.

Believe me I get goosebumps… I am reminded of so much!!! I feel so sad to hear anyone go through that kind of pain. Waiting for it desperately. Totally agree with uroso Ash, well said all….

Great review SZ, thanks for doing a great job as usual.