The engineering department routinely wipe master tapes for re-use, and after four years on air the department began erasing Doctor Who episodes. If only I found them sooner. Jon Pertwee has said this was an influencing factor which would ultimately lead him to leaving the show. This confirms the fate of the prints thought lost in the civil war in was incorrect, however the fate of those films once they arrived in England still remains unknown. The master tapes for the following episodes were erased on this date – Fury from the Deep 1 2 3 4 5 6. Graham succeeded Philip Hinchcliffe as producer and made the show lighter, with help from script editor Douglas Adams. Yeah, I doubt it too, but it would be nice if this could see a release to the public. The alert says deputies responding to a call early Monday found the couple dead in their Barron home and their year-old daughter, Jayme Closs, missing.

Camille Coduri Jackie Tyler is born. Patrick Troughton was attending a convention in Columbus, Georgia, when he suffered a heart attack. Mervyn Haisman dies aged How did you find out about it? There is also 20 seconds of footage missing due to censor cuts from the ABC in Australia believed to be the source of both these prints. Some details can be found here. His planned final appeared was in a script called The Final Game , which would also see the Doctor regenerate. The footage, totalling roughly 4 minutes, was in fact deletions made by the censor, and under the contract had to retain the footage to prove it had been deleted.

The master tapes for the following episodes were erased on this date – Fury from the Deep 1 2 3 4 5 6.

This left Invasion of the Dinosaurs 1 as the only outstanding episode from Pertwee’s tenure. FoolInSpecsOct 17, You may also like.

Messageboard For Love Fans – Lostfound LoVE & Nick Drake on Granada TV?!!

Peter Cushing dies of prostate cancer aged Reload page if you have difficulty reading characters Lost Password? Jenna-Louise Coleman Clara Oswald is born.


After several months of background research by myself and others, there is now progress in establishing whether there are any BBC tv programmes in the archives of certain specific African.

I never thought this would happen considering the scarcity of any TOTP performances from this era but amazingly enough video of at least oneif not two, of the three July performances of See Emily Play has been discovered. He is replaced by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, who had previously guest starred in the series 4 episode The Fires of Pompeii.

Pink Floyd – Top Of The Pops video discovery!

Barry directed 10 serials over 16 years on Doctor Who, including the first Dalek serial, The Power of the DaleksThe Daemons and Robotthus having worked with the first four Doctors. The main aim of this organisation, is to assist those archives, whose own cultural items are at risk and with the management of their facilities.

Various actors from the original and new series appear occasionally. This appeared to be an original Suppressed Field recording, and not a dupe print. They were held by the owner of a radio station”. Billie Piper Rose Tyler is born.

Concerns have been raised as to whether the ten films found in Mkssing actually eepisodes, and that the entire story could have been a hoax.

And yes you can quote me on that. He was the real life father of Deborah Watling Victoria Waterfield. Some more than others Note how Mr Tubb has seemingly never heard any rumours about the various rock stars known to have had underage sex, nor able to grasp how to ‘Google’ such things.

We don’t know if he’ll say anything else. Oh, to be in the UK! Barry Newbery, who was the designer on various stories from An Unearthly Child to The Awakeningdies peacefully in his sleep. The Guardian reports the same episides as heard from Radio Times, that an announcement is imminent. Chris MOct 26, He was the longest serving producer of the classic era. Mary Tamm dies of cancer aged Carole Ann Ford Susan Foreman is born.


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Most hacks will be out of job in 5 years so they are all desperate and at their most prlboards. There are clips featuring holograms, robots, steam engines and other things. It is believed the operator was testing the film recording equipment and that the trailer was captured simply by chance.

Bleeding Cool release two articles about the discovery, one about the initial announcement and later an updated missinh. Jayme is also a runner on the Riverview Middle School cross country team.

Authorities have received over tips in the search for Jayme, but so far there have been no episodse sightings, the sheriff said Wednesday. Graham was responsible for keeping dozens of episodes from the s that he recorded off-air direct from the television set. An obituary can be found here.

The broadcast was edited from the original Canadian version, removing some of the gun battle at the start and footage from the Seventh Doctor on the operating table to screen a pre-watershed timeslot. Main point is to bring Jayme home. Servius Sulpicius Galba 6th emperor of Rome was killed by Praetorian Imssing wrote the first serial An Unearthly Child back in