Attachments – Tracker, Grenade Launcher, Akimbo. Teams must have at least three Players present in order to start a Game. When a Team calls for a Time Out, they will be allowed to speak with their Coach for 2 minutes beyond the allotted time for Game and Class creation. Equipment Rules – Championship. All Championship Matches will be Best of 7 Games. Teams may request that a Game be replayed or that a Match be postponed.

Players and Coaches may not direct vulgar language at a Player, Coach, or Spectator. There is no Entry Fee for participation. Advanced Warfare Pro League in Season 3. Headsets must utilize a standard 3. Before the start of each Regular Season match, both Teams will be allowed to designate one player on the opposing team who will not be permitted to host a game in the match. Teams will be seeded for the Championship based on the final Regular Season Standings.

Bots are not permitted in any Game. Search and Destroy – Skyrise. Players must provide their own controller, micro USB cable, sfason, and earbuds. Therefore, Players shall be considered Spectators when they are not competing in a Match.

Teams with fewer than 3 ready Players at the end of a 15 minute delay will Forfeit the upcoming Game. Turbo controllers allow Players to press a button that results in aeason Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press the same button multiple times. Regular Season Standings Tiebreakers. Post-Match interactions between opponents must be limited to acts of sportsmanship.

Esportspedia is a competitive gaming wiki. Attachments – Tracker, Grenade Launcher, Akimbo.

Headsets must utilize a standard 3. Coaches may not taunt an opposing Stanxings or Coach. Search and Destroy – Solar. Xbox One is the official console for the Pro League. Search and Destroy – Detroit.


The opposing Team must then accept or reject the opportunity to Host that Game s. If a Team claims that this occurred when it did not, they will Forfeit the Game. Players and Coaches may not engage in unsportsmanlike physical contact. Each Team will be scheduled to play each other Team once during the Standjngs Season for a total of 11 Matches per Team.

MLG CoD League Season 3

Spectators may be made to move, made to leave an area, or removed from the venue, at any time, for any reason. Players and Coaches may not throw anything seaspn the direction of an opponent. Teams may request that they be allowed to concede victory of a Game. After a Player is traded, they may not be traded again for 7 days. Players may only stream their Games on MLG. Teams should contact a Pro League Official if they encounter any problems setting up or playing a Match.

To report the Match results, Teams must report the Match Score, or Button Macro controllers allow Players to press a button that results fod their Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press multiple buttons.

Retrieved from ” https: Pro League Officials will not approve the postponement of a Srandings unless it has been requested in response to connectivity issues. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

MLG | CWL Pro League

Online National Championship National Championship. If the Pro League Official is able to confirm that this has occurred, they will determine whether or not the affected Round will be restarted and, if it is decided that the Round will be restarted, which Players will compete in the restarted Round.


Technical Foul Rules 1. These Teams must meet this requirement before they will be eligible to begin competing. Teams with three Players present will be forced to start a Game at the end of a Grace Period. Managers may submit a request to change their Team Name at any time.

The maps for each game mode are as follows:. All Players must agree that the Host is reasonable seaspn the start of a Game. Players may not use a Keyboard or a Mouse. It will be the 3rd installment of MLG’s new league system.

MLG | Call of Duty Pro League Season 3 | Competitions

MLG reserves the right to deny the use of anything suspected of providing an unfair competitive advantage. Uplink Games must get through Overtime before a tie can be declared.

When a Game is replayed, the Host is not changed. The following should be used for all Championship Matches, instead of General Rules 8.

Some information after November may have been adapted from Gamepedia. If the extension is not permitted, the non-ready Team will Forfeit the Match. Views Read View seasin View history.