Drita gets shocking news regarding Lee’s release from prison and begins to realize her hip hop dreams when she gets cast in French Montana video. As Karen prepares for her book release party, she’s left to face some harsh critics from her past, while Drita is once again forced to deal with the idea that she and Lee might be in the book. Just as Renee swallows the bitter pill of losing both Junior and her Father to jail, explosive rumors surrounding Junior’s surrender run wild throughout the streets of Staten Island. Karen’s relationship starts to become serious. Retrieved February 12, Alicia is attacked in the tabloids, which leads to her pointing the finger at other ladies, specifically Renee, in the group over the information leak. Renee takes up a new hobby. Drita has her own issues to deal with, she needs to break the news to Aleeya about divorcing Lee.

Renee works to convince her son and his girlfriend to move in with her. Karen receives advice and support from a true “mob wife”, her mother Debbie, while a recording session for her audio book leaves her in tears. Retrieved from ” https: Drita continues to steam about Karen’s giving her the first chapter of her book and, when stunning revelations about Lee surface, Drita is pushed over the edge. Retrieved 25 February Retrieved March 6, Retrieved 14 January

Retrieved February 14, Karen is now promoting her book “Mob Daughter” and is forced to face hard and fast questions about her life. An increasingly troubled Renee confronts Ramona about her remark that Junior married her to get close to her father. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Renee is amped to finally get on the table for her full body makeover, but her “easy-fix” suddenly turns into her plastic surgery nightmare.

Natalie reveals what Renee has said about the girls which causes Big Ang and Drita to fly off the handle. Carla loses control of her twins and considers telling them about their father’s incarceration.


Karen finds a partner in crime in “Cousin” Ramona, and it’s clear they are a force Drita will have to reckon with.

Carla and Renee finally confront each other over Carla’s implication that Renee knew that Junior was wearing a wire.

Mob Wives Season 6 Episode 3 Full Episode – S06E03 – Hamptons Hangover

The ladies continue to talk, and things remain tense. Big Ang struggles with monkey business at her bar.

Drita decides to sit down with Renee to hash out their issues but new information shifts Drita’s anger towards Natalie. Drita has a burning desire to know whether Karen sucker -punched her at Renee’s party. Karen’s entrepreneurial seasonn leads her to throw a spa party at Renee’s house. Karen and Carla attempt to rekindle their friendship.

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Just as Renee swallows the bitter pill of losing both Junior and her Father to jail, explosive rumors surrounding Junior’s surrender run wild throughout the streets of Staten Island. Carla and Drita are convinced that all bad roads lead back to Ramona. Renee’s newest business venture takes off.

After her confrontation with Karen, Carla questions whether she can ever trust Karen’s intentions. Big Ang and her son discuss their growing family.

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Drita seeks out inspiration for her book, as well as Lee’s blessing. Karen Gravano returns to Staten Island. Meanwhile Karen grows upset when her daughter is brought into the feud between her and Natalie. Carla is worried that her husband, Joe, has suddenly become distant and is stunned to learn about his whereabouts when she finally confronts him. Meanwhile a new mob bust rocks Renee and the rest of Staten Island when five more men are arrested as a result of Junior’s cooperation. Archived from the original on February 18, Karen and Drita continue to feud.


After her near-death experience, Renee decides to plan a “Celebration of Life” party, but things get ugly when party goer and mob loyalist Big Ang attempts to get Karen and Drita to make amends. Ang is content with her life but wants to be a mother again.

Drita and Ang later tell Carla the information. Ang holds an early Thanksgiving party for the girls so that Renee and Natalie can make up.

In the final reunion, never-before-seen footage will be shown to the women as they get ready for a final sitdown. But when a new girl threatens to disrupt their newfound tranquility the group is faced with some difficult decisions. In the aftermath of Renee’s “Celebration of Life” party, Renee takes up her issues with the ladies’ violent behavior and sets out to confront Carla. Brittany replaces Natalie Guercio Note: After Renee storms out of the bar, headed back to Staten Island, Carla is left alone with “team” Karen and the shenanigans continue.

Meanwhile, Carla prepares for her husband’s return from prison.

Big Ang talks to Natalie G. Delisbows Ang hosts a Christmas party but drama engulfs the party. Drew sits down with the wives to discuss the altercation between Love and Carla. Retrieved February 28, London backs his girlfriend but Storm, Karen’s boyfriend, steps in with his views on the word “Rat”.

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