I like Nayantara’s story more than Arya’s but they are too obvious. But Chandrakumar seems a good catch. I wish he would go back to that instead of this cross-over that he has been attempting. I try to avoid that where possible, but sometimes there is just no other option. Umbrella – Ragam Bercinta HD. I think the girls did a much better job with their acting than the guys.

Divya Revathi is a mischievous and naughty girl in a conservative family. Could have been better, the storyline was good Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. BG Music is awesome Let it be an inspiration to all the people who had love failures. Plus the comedy was soo funny that i couldnt breathe for 5 min. The groom is Chandrakumar Mohan and even though Divya lists all her worst qualities on their uncomfortable first meeting, Chandra likes her honesty and decides that she will be the perfect wife for him. I feel they could have concentrated a little more on the central couple but over all a very nice movie, I liked it a lot.

Performance and comedy is good but a weak storyline. And Mani Ratnam always gets the best out of his Technical team. As you say Mani Ratnam is brilliant in his portrayal of these type of relationships. Laughed out loud multiple times and would not mind watching it again: But Chandrakumar ignores her completely, since after a year she will be gone and he doesn’t want to get used to her.

Glad you love it too. Better than all those movies with big names and banners. Just think of how obnoxious any group of schoolgirls can be — that is exactly what Mani Ratnam has captured here. Notify me of new comments via email. In few scene Jai gave us over acting.


Mouna Ragam 4 years ago 1. Revathi is excellent in her role as Divya and her self-realisation and development of maturity is captivating. Manohar urges her to marry him the next day. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I can watch this movie ragsm thousands of times and still get skbtitles.

Is there a need. A newlywed couple is forced to get married against their past romances respectively which ended up as failures for them. It was during her college days that she met a man Rwgam Karthikwho along with his gang beat up the son of a M. However, I did like the film.

Mouna Ragam

Chandrakumar however neglects it, which hurts her. There is so much to enjoy here. Not moua why comment is not getting posted. Plus the comedy was soo funny that i couldnt breathe for 5 min.

I hasve problem identifying the male charectors they all look fat and ugly like santhanam.

Email required Address never made public. After knowing this she feels guilty of framing him and bails him out of the police station.

I always watch it alone though because there are a lot of tear jerking moments lol. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Eventually Chandrakumar asks Divya exactly why she is so against the idea of their marriage possibly something he should have done before the weddingand she tells him about her first love Manohar Karthikwho was killed just as they were about to get married.

Do you want to remove all your recent searches? I didn’t like begining at all. I watched this in telugu countless number of times. Once Chandrakumar is attacked by his company’s labourers as he had suspended their union leader, Divya struggles to save his life.


Its pretty hard too. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But later, she finds out that the theft was done because the M. P and robs his money. After first enhlish films one in Kannada and Malayalam not doing well at the Box office even though they were good, Mani Ratnam came up with this Classic film being his third Directorial.

But script shows love failure and not suvtitles after that. Divya finally comes to understand her love for him and tries to reveal it by wearing the anklets which he gifted her just after marriage.

I lve thz movie This comment contains spoilers click to show. All the characters were good, especially Revathi and Karthik.

In the face of such strong contempt from Divya, Chandrakumar tries to arrange a divorce, but the law states that the couple has to be together for a year before they can apply. Divya Revathi is a mischievous and naughty girl in a conservative family.

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Pick where the clip ends A good write-up on one of the finest movies made on relationships. Initially she lets her emotions track across her face just like any young girl and her petulance and hostility is mona nasty. Divya is forced to live with Chandrakumar and she slowly gets starts liking him. BG Music is awesome Cancel reply Enter your comment here