He’s kind of manipulative and sticky but he’s the only one that can tell her the awful truth s that she doesn’t want to hear. That’s it this drama isn’t Korean dreams, but reality, so they much or less didn’t favor this drama. Release a MV entitled: I managed to get pretty close I gotta say, An Cafe is amazing live, and it was really funny when Yuuki jumped around on the stage and dancing xD. So he backs up Ji-An in front of her parents, giving her someone on her side, and warming her heart. Chynna Dantes June 27, at Fun trivia bit for God of Study fans: He reasons that she takes pleasure in work which Eun-sung mentions that it sounds like a lot like someone he knows.

He screws up but accepts responsibility for his mistakes. I am loving I Do I Do. I’m surprised at the amount of complaints I am hearing about the pace of the drama. Here’s a short description of what this drama is all about. Episode 9 Sakura is a single year-old woman. I too struggled with the polka dotted vest coat, until I realized this is KHJ — he could wear a leopard print waistcoat with a checked jacket and accessorize it with a polka dotted tie and I would still adore him.

Time for u to give up and forget.

It was so refreshingly relevant and funny as heck. Understanding makes bad characters palatable, even on screen. I was most surprised by dad, but it makes more sense the more I think about it. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Please enter your username or email address. Japanese Drama – Vampire – 10 Episodes Ruka has yet to mature into a full-fledged vampire. I was only half-kidding but Eun Sung is hardly a bastard.


Episode 13 A ghost romance story. The only way to remedy this is to have that last kiss be passionate and last for more than a minute, with the camera focused up close the whole time.

Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 | A Koala’s Playground

Hmm, what do you say Group 2 partner? It looks better then I thought it would be, but waiting for reviews He was assigned to a project where he has to travel to a small island in Japan to investigate an unidentified virus that is spreading on the island. When he is about to get hung, he starts talking about that he’ll be reborn and kill they who arrested him and feast on them. Posted by Chynna Dantes at I have searched everywhere, but can’t seem to find it. Anyway, in the first murder after he got hung, the police also found tons of fingerprints that belonged to PsycoGackt.

Well when i watch ytkiss presscon and saw hyunjoong face when said that, imo he gave me feeling, he and somin already did that boating shooting though. Na Ri also won’t take dramacrazu crap from Eun Sung and she might teach him a little empathy as well.

Marriage Without Dating Ep 1 Gooddrama

Anyone else think that Eun Sung and Na Ri could end up meeting in the future? They have a family home he wishes to preserve that’s been in his family for braun. I believe some people find the drama slow but the writers are just trying to work with changing the characters very slowly to be realistic. I really enjoyed episode 8 and I’m loving the drama.


Chinese Taiwanese Drama – 12 Episodes Stalled: HJ dear is not to be blamed. Her character has been pretty one-note so far. A woman is able to see ghosts after a 6yr long dramacrxzy. He falls in love with Saeoh and gives her the joojak necklace; however, Kajin becomes jealous since Saeoh has given birth to Hwanwoong’s son.

I feel rm of Ji An and I like her very much. Legal High – Japanese Drama.

Marriage Without Dating Ep 1 Gooddrama

People might not believe you anymore. But apart from that, he’s got plenty of good characteristics.

He’s grown up in the atrocities of war, his family had everything and always talked of privilege, of the old life before the war. Rainyrain, I so agree with you. But she always able to build the chemistry with his co-star, so I’m stick to her and this bbrain. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

I will help you row!!! Aisu June 23, at 7: It feels like taking away a promised Christmas toy from a child!

Stalled on Episode 9. For me he is the only one acting like a real human being in that show: