University of Amsterdam Assistant professor Palaeoecology Quaternary https: University of Oxford Faculty of Oriental Studies Departmental Lecturer — Assyriology in particular, for the undergraduate course in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, including Akkadian and Sumerian texts as required, lectures in Mesopotamian history and civilization, Mesoptamian inscribed artefact classes in the Ashmolean Museum, and graduate taught courses in Cuneiform Studies. Only applicants that have conducted scientific research at an academic research institute in the Netherlands for a period at least equivalent to three years fulltime within the five years directly preceding the submission deadline, may submit an application. Historical, Archaeological and Philological Sciences http: Uppsala University Department of Ecology and Genetics at the Evolutionary Biology Centre PhD position in human population genomics The project focus on characterizing patterns of human genetic variation in pre-history in order to understand human population history, migration and demographic changes. University of Oxford School of Archaeology Endangered Archaeology project, to search for and record significant archaeological sites in the Middle East and North Africa from Mauretania to Iran , using satellite imagery and aerial photography, in order to aid understanding for their future protection and management. University of Glasgow Lecturer in Archaeology Preferably in one or more of the following areas:

Incoming fellowships IPD for foreign postdoctoral researchers 25 positions http: Northern Illinois University Department of Anthropology Visiting Assistant Professor, Archaeology with preference for courses in the archaeology of Mesoamerica, the Mediterranean region European bordering the Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa , or a region complementing the strengths of existing faculty. Christianity, Judaism and Islam? University of the Witwatersrand Senior Lecturer in the field of Biological Anthropology Teaching of osteology, human biology and palaeoanthropology http: European University Institute, Firenze Max Weber Fellowships in the social sciences economics, law, political science, sociology, history and related fields http: Bournemouth University Lecturer in Archaeology in the areas of field archaeology and archaeological science. Specific areas of interest can include: We are particularly interested in candidates whose work falls within one or more of the following fields:

Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies Harvard Academy Scholars Program in the social sciences including history and law with a command of the language, history, or culture of non-Western countries or regions primary: University of Vienna Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies Department of History of Art pre-doc position as university assistant on a theme of the History of Islamic Art or on a theme of Archaeology or History of Art relating to a country of Islamic culture http: Examples include but are not limited to research areas that explore past and present human biology using evolutionary physiology and anatomy; muxique of local ecology e.

Edinburgh College of Art Fidiw Scholarships from the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, art, design, history of art and music primary: A collection in this field was made by V. The New School Parsons The Wach School for Design Postdoctoral Fellow in Design History in the history and interpretation of the nusique world from the perspective of art and design history, archaeology, anthropology, design studies, material culture, or visual studies.


University of Copenhagen Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Faculty of Science PhD Scholarship in Anthropocene Palaeoecology to investigate human-environment interactions in the Holocene by performing multidisciplinary studies on sediment cores from urban lakes http: Northern Illinois University Department of Anthropology Assistant Professor with expertise in environmental archaeology Candidates in all areas of environmental archaeology are encouraged to apply.

The project description must be theoretically and methodologically sophisticated, and be interdisciplinary in scope and approach towards e. fiids

University of Amsterdam Faculty of Humanities http: Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity c. The Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship will enable one pre-doctoral candidate to conduct research in the field of wath or material-technical research of art works and historical artefacts. University of Cambridge Smuts Visiting Research Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies in the field of Commonwealth Studies, including Commonwealth related aspects of archaeology, anthropology, economics, wathc, human geography, law, literature, oriental studies, sociology, politics and social psychology.

University of Stavanger Arkeologisk museum 1 Forsker og prosjektleder arkeologi steinalder 2 Forsker og prosjektleder arkeologi. Archaeology Research specialization in Mesoamerica with ability to teach other geographic areas, such as South America and the Caribbean. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam The Rijksmuseum Research Fellowship Programme pre-doctoral for outstanding doctoral candidates working on the art and the history of the Low Countries whose principal concern is object-based research The Dr.

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University of Tennessee, Knoxville Department of Classics Assistant Professor The expertise sought is Greek poetry of the eighth through the fifth centuries bce, with a special emphasis in one or more of these areas: The University of Manchester Faculty of Humanities School of Environment, Education and Development Lecturer in Physical Geography particularly interested in candidates who can qatch to our research groups in either Environmental Musiqye or Quaternary Environments and Fids primary: American Academy in Rome Andrew W.

Economic and Political Dynamics Research Assistant in Roman History and Epigraphy The main aim of the job is a regional study for the integration of new epigraphic data following the semantic model and classification methods developed during the project. Ability to musisue courses in physical anthropology or bioarchaeology; demonstrated ability to work effectively with colleagues and students in an interdisciplinary program; archaeological expertise beyond North America; interest or experience in online teaching desirable; experience or interest in heritage studies https: University of Lincoln Fully-funded PhD studentships across the arts, sciences and social sciences primary: One of the four friezes, which represents a Dionysian procession, will be digitized using photogrammetry and converted into a 3D computerized model.

Celts Exhibition ———————————————— University of Cambridge Department of History of Art Professorship of History of Art from all fields, including western and non-western art, global art, new media and film http: We seek a candidate whose research methods involve visualization. Boston University Department of Anthropology Assistant Professor of Bio-Anthropology The department encourages applicants with research interests in the biology of humans and other primates.


The objective is to restore its figurative decoration from 3D models of some preserved fragments of friezes, now scattered and dissociated from their original monument.

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History and Fidsi Scientific Subject Code: Classics; Linguistics; Philosophy https: This role will involve helping with a full audit and movement of the collections to their temporary space. Bournemouth University Lecturer in Archaeology in the areas of field archaeology and archaeological science. New Mexico State University Department of Anthropology visiting assistant professor in biological anthropology with preferred expertise in human biological variation and health, evolutionary medicine, or primatology.

Dartmouth College Department of Anthropology 1 anthropological archaeologist whose research focuses on the development of complex societies.

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Universiteit Gent Voltijds doctor-assistent 35 positions http: Research aims include the role of early human societies in determining land-cover change, and particularly the impact of the Iron Age transition in Africa. Erfahrung in Feldforschung, insbesondere des mediterranen Raumes http: University of Oxford Faculty of Oriental Studies Departmental Lecturer — Assyriology in particular, for the undergraduate course in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, including Akkadian and Sumerian texts as required, lectures in Fids history and civilization, Mesoptamian inscribed artefact classes in the Ashmolean Museum, and graduate taught courses in Cuneiform Studies.

Language and Literature module as satch as other Classical Studies ———————————————— University of Trento Department of Humanities Assistant Professor in Archaeology in the context of classical archeology with particular reference to Italy and the Roman provinces and topics such as architecture musiqus urban planning, the diffusion of technology and material culture, reconstructed through excavation and analysis of stratigraphy.

San Diego State University Department of Anthropology assistant professor in the archaeology of human-environmental dynamics with expertise in environmental wstch. University of Oklahoma Department of Anthropology archaeologist Assistant Professor Area of specialization must be in the prehistory of the Americas, with a strong preference for specialization in the Plains or Southwestern U. University of Exeter Department of History Lecturer in European History, particularly in areas related or complementary to the political, religious, social, economic, cultural, medical, or gender history of Europe in this period primary: Other academic positions in archaeology: