When she is given a magical telescope that enables her to see everything, Gellie starts to believe that she is not important to her parents anymore and begins to use the telescope in spreading gossips about everyone she sees. When she joins a health camp together with her friends who also loves to eat junk food, a group of mysterious zombies invade their camp site and destroy all the vegetables planted in the garden. The, all of a sudden, so did the car. She is the daughter of Sylvia Sanchez, a veteran actress, and Arturo Atayde, a businessman. Lucy is a materialistic girl who loves to get what she wants even if she cannot afford it. Will he be able to face the consequences of his actions? Elyza is a bratty girl who is set to learn the value of respecting house helpers.

His uncle is the late game show host Pepe Pimentel. It is eventually revealed that the shoes were possessed by the spirit of a dancer, who wants to help the teenager. During his childhood years, he usually went to the Quiapo Church with his grandmother to seek guidance from the Black Nazarene. Member feedback about Love Spell: Pimentel is married to a businesswoman. He is later punished, which is being turned into a rat himself. Xyriel Manabat , Jodi Sta.

Montes gained widespread recognition with her first significant role and breakthrough playing the mean and spoiled Clara del Valle in the remake of Mara Clara —11following which she made her film debut in the family drama Way Back Home She decides to permanently leave her world to stay with Rico in his world.

Will he ask forgiveness from his family before time runs out? Bechay decided to join the dancing competition with her magic shoes. In the end, he realized that loving one’s self outbalanced all other loves. American half-Pinoy, half-Greek wrestling superstar Dave Batista will be coming back ny October but instead of what has been featured about him before, this time, we’ll get to know about his relatives and his Filipina flul.

She was later revealed to be cursed with the hair. Replay of episode 56 Cast: Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Leny and Lena Jessy Mendiola bpyfie, are twins who have opposite attitudes.

It is a story about Rico, who finds a miniature castle that can transport him to a world of fairy tales where Princess Leyla lives. In the stage name, the surname is Lim. Member feedback about in Philippine television: What will Iris do to make everything right? They endiing one time when she saw Karina giving money to street children. She is also named as Campaign Asia-Pacific’s most popular endorser of The neighbors in Inday’s house inspects about her appearance and the two genies that help her.


The turtle was revealed as magical and gave Kikay the power to save all mankind and sea creatures.

List of Wansapanataym episodes

His uncle is the late game show host Pepe Pimentel. Member feedback about Sharlene San Pedro: Init featured the replay of My App Boyfie which was abruptly aired from April 13, to April 24, every Monday to Friday at 9: But 16 years later, Mimi broke her promise only because she eepisode so much taller than Paul.

Popoy Jairus Aquino is a weak and sickly child who dislikes eating vegetables.

Through a magic eyeglass, Jessie sees that Irene’s heart is in the form of a witch, a reflection of her character. When they received a magic chocolate with a genie, they wished to have more chocolate.

Member feedback about Star Drama Presents: Give Love on Christmas is a Philippine daytime drama anthology series produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television. Her grandma told her a story about Ang Suy-yod: As she continues to be self-centered, Pinay becomes greedier when she is given a magical feather that makes the sizes of the things around her a lot bigger. Init featured the replay of My App Boyfie which was abruptly aired from April 13, to April 24, every Monday to Friday at The second season likewise had 12 distinct stories but had 15 episodes, because three of the stories Inday sa Balitaw, Bampy, and Si Pardina at mga Duwende had two parts each.

However, her new-found beauty will cause her loved ones despair as Maisa will become vain, arrogant, and insensitive, especially to her family.

My App #Boyfie: Part 1

Terry’s voice becomes that of a rat’s and Isay’s right foot turns into a left one. Pia, epsiode vain narcissist works boyvie a car sales agent, while Upeng is an ugly woman but kind and has a sweet voice was struck by lightning on the same place eending switched their bodies.

An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of animals. However, in November Orquia’s jy was removed in the final cast list. Espie Maymay Entrata pretends to be a fortune teller after she’s getting into an accident when her life has been change until she has psychic abilities like her father; Pidiong Jojit Lorenzo when she finds out she has a third eye that she’s given the ability to talk to the dead people and even her dead father.


Because of her bad habit, Haring Kidlat decides to punish Tina and attacks her with lightning bolts, which gave her the power to absorb electricity. This series is based on the comic strip Buhawi Jack by Rod Santiago. However, after being blessed with a magical spoon that has the power to prepare incredibly delicious dishes, Sandy suddenly becomes vengeful to their competitors and uses her newfound ‘power’ against them.

All along, Endiny thought that her child with Zuma was dead. Mayumi wanted to be beautiful so that she will not be teased by others. Minnie is the elder sister of the young genius named Edison and the special friend of Benson.

He xpp to the library and he found out that all the students that weren’t able to return the books that they borrowed went missing too. A tale of an extraordinary talented weather girl named Hannah. When she discovered the secret of the woman who was cursed to become a jy named Dahlia, Yayo promised that she will keep the secret if she will be cured from her asthma. Philip and Alice are two friends who are the kids of old flames. Bessy gets chased by garbage everywhere she goes and gets the ability to mimic its traits.

Lena was only mean when she was jealous of her sister especially when their father Andre Tiangco died when he saved Leny from a truck.

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As she struggles her way through teenage life, Jenny decides to join a talent contest where she can use her magic powers thinking that it will be one episoxe to gain popularity. An episode that will teach kids and families on important lesson about keeping promises. A teenage guy suffers a car accident and gets his left leg fractured, leaving him miserable, but he will soon experience an extraordinary event that will change everything about him.