Join Date Oct Posts 2. What if a movie were made of one of the individual stories that occur within the Silmarillion Beren and Luthien being a good example? It just can’t work as a film s. So unless people start creating a special exemption just for Disney, anything after Disney will just have to be in copyright forever, or until the company goes bust. We find truth in fantastic stories. Beren and Luthien top the list, but their story is only a small slice of the timeline. Do you want to see a Silmarillion movie?

A film based on The Silmarillion would be interesting to see, but I would be prepared to be disappointed. Other Worlds Explore more fantastical content from our network of Christian fantasy creators. I honestly don’t have a quarrel with The Hobbit films, but they do leave a bit to be desired still. As much as I would adore having more Tolkien on screen or looser copyright rules, I understand wanting to protect something from one’s parent. But hey, if you really want it, I guess there’s no harm in trying, right? Let’s say they some how get the rights to the book, If you wanted to be faifthful to the source material it is so different in tone and scale to LOTR and The Hobbit it would alienate many casual fans and cost a fortune to bring to life, its rather sketchy on description and dialogue, features heavy religious symbolism, murder and betrayal and almost all the material that links it to LOTR and The Hobbit was missed out in the films, an adaptaion would probably end up being a blockbuster loosely inspired by the book rather than adapting it, personally I have no desire to see the story of Beren and Luthien turned into a bloated action blockbuster, Tolkien spent the better part of sixty years working on the story, it’s unlikely he’d be overly fond of someone adapting it. Web browsing can be safer with HTTPS connection, so we suggest that it should be obtained for this site.

Yes, I’m in their “coolest master’s program ever” and it is indeed true!

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The chart above shows the difference between the size before and after optimization. But then again, not all of them would be made, either. I checked online real quick and I guess aspects of The Children Of Hurin are discussed in the Silmarillion, so maybe Childern of Hurin and the parts of it that are elaborated siomarillion in the Silmarillion could get turned into a movie.


All novels Search Add a novel. It is strongly recommended that the host server should be changed or the hosting provider should be requested to give a different separate IP address for this domain. Silmarillion Film Project – an adaptation unfettered by reality: Even though the book itself is roughly a third of the length of LotR, it has a much wider scope.

Hollywood and its buddies must keep their grubby claws off the Tolkien goodies! This is a first-come, first-served thing at this point, meaning that we will schedule the server locations for the classes in the order that requests to sponsor come in except we want to avoid being on the same server too often.

There are a couple of other grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Join Date Sep Posts 2, Mark CarverFeb So in the end, we will be both mythbard the Lord of the Rings and also thinking about the adaptation of the story that the Turbine folks have done which I think is brilliant. Help fans find you. I even went back and watched the animated versions.

I enjoyed watching the three films based on The Lord of the Rings, silmaillion they were true to the book, and I liked parts of the three films based on The Hobbit. Posts Likes I enjoy answering questions! I will broadcast the class sessions on the SignumU Twitch fiom, and the discussion will be highly interactive; everyone attending will be able to participate in the discussion.

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SilmFilm Season 2 Session 1: But would I like to see those stories come to life, absolutely! So, if you’ve ever wanted to study the Lord of the Rings in depth and would be interested in joining me on this long and fun journey of lore, join me on twitch. Lorehaven We find truth in fantastic stories. Just you, your kinnies and Corey. What if a movie were made of one of silmwrillion individual stories that occur within the Silmarillion Beren and Luthien being a good example?

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For those whose time zones make this inconvenient my apologies to the good people of Europe! I can’t fit all my Tortoise Stone Bearers in my sig anymore. Your kin leader or a designee will open each session and introduce Narnion. Stephen BurnettFeb May 23, But hey, if you really want it, I guess there’s no harm in trying, right? Feed your pets before going on vacation. Zilmarillion form’s session has expired.


I was sorta disappointed with the Hobbit. We will go visit places in the game connected with the part of the text we were just discussing, and we will examine both the visual representation and the related quest and story lines.

For the book-discussion portion of class, my character won’t be doing much, though you are welcome to join me in our lecture hall location TBA.

Originally Posted by Musechka. If you are interested in sponsoring a class session or have questions about it, please email me at trish. I look forward to seeing you at the course! Do you think if Professor Tolkien’s fans make requests to his son, Christopher, will he agree to sell the rights of his father’s other works?

I don’t want Tolkien and Jackson to be synonymous. Apparently Tolkien took inspiration from the Finnish Kalevala poem, the effed up parts about Kullervo. I think the Silmarillion could be made into a good movie, but I think it would be hard, and I don’t think Peter Jackson is the one to do it.

I can think of any number of my favorite fantasies and science fiction that would make better movies, if they were put on screen. The most efficient way is to compress content using GZIP which reduces data amount travelling through the network between server and browser. This is such a brilliant thing! Search for a book to add a reference.

May 21, Look for the incorrigible ginger hobbit Maevenn and say hi! Network requests diagram silmfilm. If you’re interested in thinking through how the Silmarillion would play out on screen, you might enjoy the Silmarillion Film Project, hosted by Corey Olsen the Tolkien professor and Mythgard Academy. The tale of Beren and Luthien is perhaps the finest part of the book, but may only be granted a few scenes in a film.

And post modern audiences prefer mindless escapism to the catharsis of high tragedies. Join Date Oct Posts 2. Can I still join?